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As of July 30th, 2019 Warrior Dash has announced they are ceasing operations. Please see this post for details, including several other OCRs who are stepping up and offering free races for affected Warrior Dash racers.

Warrior Dash is the world's largest running series and is held on challenging and rugged terrains across the world. Participants bound over fire, trudge through mud and scale over 12 obstacles during this fierce 5K. From couch potatoes to novice runners to extreme athletes, Warrior Dash truly is an event for all athletic abilities.

The inspiration behind Warrior Dash was to create the most bad-ass day possible. It is a day where participants can challenge themselves, be active and get muddy. Participants tackle the course and then celebrate their accomplishments with beer, food and live music.

Warrior Dash is an alternative to the classic 5K and provides an incomparable experience for participants and spectators. The unique combination of athleticism, live music, turkey legs and beer keeps Warriors coming back for more.

Warrior Dash is partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The St. Jude Warriors program encourages Warrior Dash racers to fundraise for St. Jude. With the help of 2012 participants Warrior Dash has raised over 2 million dollars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Red Frog Events prides itself on creating the Active Entertainment Industry, which is a combination of fitness, entertainment and event management. As a leader in the industry, we strive to make each Warrior Dash more unique and challenging than the last. Innovation is continuously brewing back at Red Frog Events office where the whole team is dreaming up new obstacles and twists for Warrior Dash. In the end, we are in the business of having fun!

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Jul 27, 2013 by Kath

My fiancé and I did our first dash today. I thought it was great! Mud, swamps, fire, rope climbing, scaling, lots of hill climbing. The obstacles were great and not that difficult. The hardest part for me was walking/ running uphill. The turkey legs and beer were a great reward for a great race!!!

Jun 18, 2013 by Ami

I had a blast at Warrior Dash Illinois. Check in took less than 5 minutes, the area was clean. They even had the port-o-potty's cleaned on a regular basis, so those were clean, too!! It was pretty challenging. It was my first obstacle race, and I will definitely be doing this one again next year. My only complaint is that the food was a bit pricey for what you get. The burgers don't come with fries, which was disappointing. Also, the t-shirts run pretty big, so if you are normally a medium, you need to make sure to request a small. I was able to switch my shirt without a problem. The staff was super friendly, and it was an all around great time!!

Time Chips Not Matched Properly

Jun 18, 2013 by Meg

First time competing in the Warrior Dash on Saturday in Channahon, IL. Disappointed in the accuracy of the results, Ran a time under 30 mins. but when the results can back it showed that I had ran a time of over 1 hour, and the results also showed that I had run on Sunday when I had raced on Saturday. My friend had the same problem with her results! I believe that the timing chips were not matched properly with the number bib. After spending $85 to run the race I expected accurate results.

Jun 07, 2013 by Sarah

This was the second Warrior Dash for me. It was fantastic! Loved the location. A ski resort was the perfect place and all the obstacles with the exception of the chains, were super fun! I hope they have it there next year. I'm not sure what some of the people are saying about waiting in line for a long time. Our Dash was at 1:30 and we didn't have excessive wait times. It was great that they had a pond that we could wash off at in the end.

Check in is your best obstacle

Jun 05, 2013 by Full Code Runner

This was my first WD, so I have no point of comparison, having said that, I have been in mosh pits that were more organized. The parking was not horrible, but when you arrive the lines for check in were daunting to say the least. Luckily I did see the 8 x 11 inch sign that informed you that males and females were separate lines, a directive my husband and I followed, only to have my husband told after standing in line for 60 minutes, that his packet would be in the line with mine! They then told him to go to information booth and then to return to their line! At this time, our wave was 3 minutes away! After he finally got his packet, there was no timer chip in it, but too late to get one. The obstacles were not consistent with the ones pictured online except for the giant wall. No water obstacle and the mud crawl was basically clay. People were literally stuck, unable to move and had to be pulled free. Other participants had to help because the staffer were busy spraying water in the pit , in an effort I hope to thin down the clay.
I did not even realize that staffers attending the obstacles was something to expect until I read the other reviews, as I saw only about 5 total during the course and they mainly were at the water stations.
After you get through the pit, the area for hosing off was a madhouse, they ran out of water THREE times in the 45 minutes we spent trying to get at least clean enough to get into a car. Finally a guy with a fire hose just started spraying the crowd. If you were lucky enough to catch the hose , there was no egress from the hose area except to fight back through the other hundreds of mud covered people. There was nowhere to even wash your hands. After that you had another wait to pick up the gear you had checked.
It seems like the organizers really just mailed it in, perhaps feeling after the event has gained so much popularity they just don't have to try anymore.
Without assurance from RedFrog that next year's race will have addressed these issues, I will not return.

NC WDash was terrible

Jun 04, 2013 by Walrissimo

I can basically only echo the complaints that are already here, but the bad starting area layout (where the packet lines were so long everyone from the parking lot and racers finishing had to cut through the unmoving lines) to the unbelievably bad check-in disorganization that took well over an hour to get to the front, and THEN you learn that the A-D, E-G, etc. signs are bogus and that the only thing they care about is guys right, gals left. The staff at that tent were very slow, uninterested, and really looked more like they were suffering a community service sentence than wanting to help. The packets you get include a bib, timer, hat, shirt and a cape that was a Nat Guard commercial. All pieces of this were not pre-assembled. The race itself was uncreative, as the majority of the obstacles were A-framed walls in variation. NO water obstacles at all, and the only mud was the last obstacle! I agree with the others that one of the few things that wasn't an A-wall was the cars, and that was pathetic too. I thought it was extremely lame to just throw in mud at the end so it looked like we ran a mud race. Top that off with a complete failure of cleaning off and we have an exceptionally bad race. This was my first and only Warrior Dash.

Jun 04, 2013 by Bigyellow69

Sounds like my experience was the same as everyone else's. Check in time took 1.5 hours and was very chaotic! I was suppose to be in the 12 wave but didn't get to start until 1:30 despite getting there early. The mud pit was so thick to try to crawl through it was down right dangerous. Forget about trying to get sprayed off at the end. I stood in line while others pushed their way through and by the time I got close to the water, the truck ran out of water. I was so frustrated that I start pushing back and yelling at people and there could very well have been a riot break out. This was so poorly organized that I really have very little desire to do another one.

Jun 03, 2013 by Sally Wilson

My son ran his first Warrior Dash and LOVED it. He wasn't able to move his legs the next day due to the huge hills (it IS a ski resort). He and his friends had a blast and the course was amazing. I volunteered for the event and was impressed after seeing the winds carry trash all around on Saturday, I returned Sunday morning and they had cleaned the entire area. Very well done, lines could be long on Saturday, but it seemed they got it all done quickly and efficiently!! Hope they return to Butler again REAL soon!!! Parking off site was the big downside, but the 15 or so shuttle busses kept it moving very well.

Jun 03, 2013 by Local

Well, not much to add other than to pile on and vent my frustrations about the 2013 Warrior Dash in Huntersville. Much different experience than last year, which was a good and well-organized event with only a few warts.

Compressing it into one day was a disaster. The packet pickup was crazy, no one knew which line to get into (hint to organizers - post the signs for the lines way up high so you can see them before you get right to the desk and find out that you were in the wrong line).

The course itself was disappointing compared to last year, obstacles were easier and less interesting. While it was good that water stations were set up on a hot day, the first one had a 5 minute wait with only one or two people working it.

And please, provide a reasonable means to get a little cleaned off after the race (this was a problem last year too).

Organizational Disaster

Jun 03, 2013 by Marshall Pursley

This is my 6th OCR and 2nd Warrior Dash. I have never written a bad review... But this year the Warrior Dash was definitely NOT smooth--compared to last year. We planned to arrive 1:15 minutes before our wave time. This should have easily left us 30-40 minutes to just hang around and take pics. That was NOT the case this year. It took us at least 15 minutes to park. The attendants were sluggish at best and not helpful in keeping the traffic moving. So I must admit I was irritated before I got out of the car...
So I 'm trying to shake off my parking frustration, when I arrive at registration with my signed waiver already in hand... OMG!!! The lines were ABSOLUTELY insane! What happened??? Last year was a breeze. This year the line itself (for men) was at least an hour and a half long! After waiting 30 minutes, I realized I wasn't even halfway to the front and my wave time was in the next 30 minutes. So I went to the front of the line to ask the guys up there what wave time they had (thinking the might have pity on me and let me in). To my dismay, there were many guys at the front of the line who were already 30 and 60 minutes PAST their start time. REALYY???? If this was my first OCR I would never do another. But since I have done 5 others which went smoothly, I must say this one was a logistical disaster.
After completing the course, we waited 30 minutes to be hosed off by a man on top of a truck with a fire hose... in that thirty minutes we were randomly hit by water for a total of maybe 5 seconds. So we decided the heck with it and headed for the changing tents, half mud-covered. That's when we asked WHERE the changing tents were. There weren't any... You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.
I will have to have some assurance all of this will be fixed before I show up again, too.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.8 5.0 197 197 I wouldn't even call this "Milwaukee" 2019 as it was an hour away. However, it was 100% ON A SKI HILL. It wasn't so much an obstacle run as it was just running a 5k up and down sk