Breaking News: Robert Killian Jr. Now Offering Coaching Through LeaderBoard

By |August 30th, 2016|

Spartan Race World Champion Robert Killian Jr joined Mud Run Guide in an exclusive video to break news about a new partnership with LeaderBoard. Starting on September 5th, Killian will be offering his own world class coaching through the LeaderBoard program. He will be joining his Spartan Pro-Team athlete Brakken Kraker who already coaches a group of athletes on the platform.

Statement from Joe De Sena Regarding Asheville Spartan

By |August 12th, 2016|

Over the weekend, Spartan Race had some controversy with one of the elite athletes, Robert Killian. Killian while attempting the Rig obstacle had his foot brush the ground but the officials did not see it happen however others observed the action and lack of penalty and the Internet started buzzing.

Opinion: Are Pro Team Athletes Doing Enough for the Sport?

By |August 11th, 2016|

Pro teamers race hard and inspire us all with their performances but what if their presence at an event meant much more to building a brand and making the race experience that much more memorable for those out there participating?

Last Week in OCR: Mud, Swamps, and More

By |July 18th, 2016|

It was another stellar race weekend, and Hills, Heat and the major Elite were out in full force. We had another Canadian BattleFrog terrain use triumph, some much-loved smaller races like CTG and Mud Endeavor bringing in some impressive numbers - but the weekend belonged to Spartan Race, with three races in two locations and a true battle of the big names. The entire top twenty in Palmerton, PA. looked like a veritable who's who of OCR!

  • Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Episode 6

Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge Episode 6 Preview

By |July 12th, 2016|

Mud Run Guide has an exclusive first look at the sixth episode of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge this morning with a look at Ryan Wood's team on course. Who will prevail and move onto the finals? Be sure to check out the last qualifier episode before the championships at 9pm eastern time on NBC.

  • monterey Spartan race

Race Recap: Monterey Spartan Race Super

By |June 8th, 2016|

This past weekend marked the 2nd race in the NBC Spartan Series, the Spartan Super in Monterey, California. As such, it drew a huge crowd to this otherwise sleepy coastal town, and this included a completely stacked elite field. I don't normally pay too much attention to the elite runners; in many ways they are almost a different species from the rest of us and I'm usually on the course before their race is over. This time around, a little later start time of 10 AM afforded me the opportunity to watch the end of the elite races and it couldn't have been a more exciting finish!

Interview with Spartan World Champion: Robert Killian Jr.

By |October 6th, 2015|

After Saturday’s Spartan Race World Championship at the beautiful Squaw Valley, the OCR world was happily surprised to crown Robert Killian Jr their new Champion. Many followers were most likely scratching their heads wondering who this “new guy” is and where the hell did he come from??

Last Week in OCR: Spartan Race World Championships

By |October 5th, 2015|

The story of the weekend was the crowning of the new Spartan Race World Champion Robert Killian. While most of the obstacle racing world had their eyes on Lake Tahoe around the rest of the country a number of other races were taking place with new challenges and obstacles for competitors who couldn't make the trip to Squaw Valley.

Who Is Spartan Race World Champion Robert Killian?

By |October 5th, 2015|

Check out our full coverage of the 2015 Spartan Race World Championship here. 2015 Spartan Race Men’s World Championship 1st place: Robert Killian 2:25:56 – $15,000 + Custom-made Spartan Rig, $12,000 value Who Is This Guy? Many folks around the world of OCR found Saturday's results at Spartan Race World Championship 2015 in Lake Tahoe a little [...]

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