With many Obstacle Course Racers (OCRs) canceled for Spring and Summer, our race seasons are starting to look sparse.  However, races have opened back up in the Midwest portion of the USA and have already started occurring.  This means it might be time for you to head to the “flyover states” and experience something different.

If I’m going to travel, I like to pack in as much into my trip as possible and if you are reading this article, I assume you are a race fanatic like myself.  With the recent postponement of Platinum Rig 24-hour championship scheduled for August 1-2, 2020 in New York pushed back to 2021, that freed up another weekend for me.

Conquer The Gauntlet – Obstacle Course Race

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Posted by Conquer The Gauntlet on Monday, August 12, 2019

Conquer The Gauntlet Promo video by Stoke Shed

This means I am free to run some more of my favorite local/regional events and I think you should join me.  For your summer trip may I suggest the first two Conquer The Gauntlet events of 2020 and doubling them up with other events

Midwest Double Down Option 1:

August 1st: Conquer The Gauntlet Iowa: Sign Up Here

August 2nd: KC Timber Challenge: Family Timber Challenge: Sign Up Here


Don't miss the Stoke Shed video recap from Kansas' first post quarantine OCR

Wild Women Timber Challenge video recap by Stoke Shed

Des Moines (the closest major city to CTG Iowa) is only 3 hours from Kansas City.  Making this a great weekend trip that provides two OCR events for the cost of one travel experience.  CTG Iowa has an elite option, open option, multi-lap option (Continuum) and an adjacent kid’s course.  KC Timber Challenge is a 2-mile run through Kansas City’s only permanent OCR venue.  This version of the course allows for kids 5+ to run the course meaning not only you can race two days in a row, but your kids can also double down.

Midwest Double Down Option 2:

August 22nd: Conquer The Gauntlet Wichita: Sign Up Here

August 22nd-23rd: Toughest Mudder Virtual: Sign Up Here

Don't miss the Stoke Shed video recap from Conquer The Gauntlet Wichita

CTG Wichita video recap by Stoke Shed

While you can run virtual Toughest anywhere, a bunch of the CTG regulars and I are staying in Wichita Saturday night and running the 12 hour Toughest Mudder Virtual from a hotel.  Race in the morning, rest in the afternoon and fun run in the evening.  It should be an epic time, get all the details by responding to the event page (CTG-Toughest Virtual Facebook event page).

NORAM Age Group gold medalist Jenny Overstreet flying down KC Timber Challenge‘s zip line in her MudGear race jersey and socks.

Many of you may be hesitant to sign up but races are occurring in the Midwest.  Oklahoma had their first event May 30 (Dauntless Primal Assault), Iowa had their first event June 13th (The Ridge Run) and Kansas had their first event June 28th (KC Timber Challenge: Wild Women’s Timber Challenge).

Of note, these double downs are not officially partnered events, its just some OCR fans racing, traveling and racing again. 

The athlete with the most CTG Master's wins, Doug Snyder, jumping across the Smooth Criminal obstacle (photo by Stoke Shed )

Doubling up events can be a challenge so take a quick read of this Mud Run Guide article: Doubling Down: Preparing and Performing at Back to Back Races.  I hope to see many of you in the Midwest this August for two epic weekends on pushing your limits, experiencing something new and most of all, having a ton of fun.


Doug Snyder and Randi Lackey pictures provided by Stoke Shed

Jenny Overstreet picture is an official race photo from KC Timber Challenge

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