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Ronin Training

26207 Maple Valley Black Diamond Rd SE Suite C
Maple Valley,WA98038United States


Just because you can do (or are training to do) pull ups doesn't mean you know how to climb. We train the whole body and practice the skills to apply that strength in functional and fun movements. Closer to a martial arts studio studying the Art of Movement than the typical gym, we practice running, jumping, climbing, lifting, crawling, jumping, etc. We have trained several contestants who have competed in American Ninja Warrior in our weekly classes, special Ninja Warrior seminars, and through Personal Training.

We have a modular and adapatable gym where we can simulate many of the challenges found in ninja Warrior. Specific obstacles we have in the gym are:

-Salmon Ladder
-Cliff Hanger,
-Sloped, Inverted and Vertical Walls of many different heights to practice the Warped Wall and other wall climbs
-Bouldering Wall
-Rope Climbs/ Swings
-Ring Swings
-Lache Bars at different distance intervals
-Quad Steps
-Spider Climb
-Balance and precision jumping obstacles of all types
-Variety of Grips that interchange on an overhanging wall to work on grip angles/strength
-and more…with the variety of equipment and obstacles we have in the gym we can simulate most obstacles

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