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Tough Mudder Announces Toughest Mudder Race Schedule

A couple months ago Tough Mudder announced a new offering to their lineup of races. The latest addition to the Tough Mudder family is Toughest Mudder and is set to be a stepping stone for those looking to race World's Toughest Mudder. Toughest Mudder is an eight-hour night obstacle race that bridges the gap between the traditional Tough Mudder race and the grueling 24-hour World's Toughest Mudder.

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Race Recap: 2016 Tri-State Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder Tri State made its return to the Mecca of the event. Raceway Park hosted the weekend event this past weekend taking advantage of the surrounding woods as well as the enormous dirt track with manmade hills/jumps for the motor cross bikes and trucks. The hills/jumps while small in size were challenging as there were so many scattered providing the only vertical climbing on this otherwise flat course. Depending on which day you ran, you most likely had 2 very different experiences. If you were fortunate enough to run both days, you will not forget the weekend spent at Raceway Park in New Jersey.

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I Am OCR: Juan Carlos Obando

My name is Juan Carlos Obando, I am 42 years old from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I am an OCR. I started doing OCR more than 5 years ago but got more serious about my sport about 3 years ago. Like many of us in the OCR community I have had many struggles, and many ups & downs, but my love for competing, my love for training is what lifted me every time.

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Race Recap: Strong Viking Brother Edition

For a brief moment I hesitated in writing this recap. This had nothing to do with the event itself, but more my disappointing results. I ran both days at Strong Viking, Odin race wave Saturday and a later 19km wave on Sunday. Or at least, I tried…

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How to Find Your OCR World Championship Photos

This year's OCR World Championships was once again THE event of the year for the sport of obstacle racing. With athletes from 43 countries descending upon the Blue Mountains of Canada, Adrian Bijanada and team did not disappoint - pulling together a phenomenal event with high scores in every possible category (venue, course, obstacles, awards, etc).

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Civilian Military Combine Rises From the Ashes

In the obstacle course racing industry when a race organization announces it is redesigning, restructuring, or reassessing the chances that the industry will see that group again is slim based on historical events. However, this fall, Civilian Military Combine reemerged from the ashes like a Pheonix rising on the southernmost tip of Brooklyn, New York.

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First Ever RYNGE Endurance Event Recap

Earlier this year I received an invitation from Don Devaney to participate in a beta test of his new endurance event, the RYNGE. I was promised an event that would challenge physical fitness, problem-solving skills, mental grit and teamwork. The event was described to me as a cross between live action role playing and an endurance race, with the participants writing their own story during the event.

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Big Trouble in (Little) China – Agoge 003

There are many different events out there, and sometimes things don't go according to plan. If Agoge 003 was a glitch that suffered from bad decision making on the ground or an overabundance of ego, then Spartan Race and the Agoge directors need to own up to that, work to make it right, and ensure that future events don't follow a similar path.

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2016 World’s Toughest Mudder Final(?) Rules

Now that we’re within a month of WTM, we get to see the final set of rules! There was a lot of speculation behind these rules for this year's event. Tough Mudder recently sent out the updated rules for 2016 and the community starting chatting. When we sign up for crazy events like this, we’re allowing the HQ to define the parameters for our efforts to count, so it’s important to understand exactly what these rules are so we can do as well as possible on event day.

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IOCRU – International Obstacle Course Racing Union – Unveiled at OCR World Championships

Athletes who raced last weekend at the OCR World Championships in Ontario, Canada all received a personalized card, patch, and postcard in their packets this year. The card was from the newly formed International Obstacle Course Racing Union (IOCRU). This Union was created by Adrian Bijanada, Amelia Boone, and Carrie Connors. The IOCRU was created with the purpose of serving the global community of OCR athletes, promoting and developing the sport of OCR, and fostering relationships between athletes, supporters, sponsors, fans, and race organizers according to the organization's website.

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