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BattleFrog’s Legacy: What Did We Learn?

BattleFrog kicked off their season also in SoCal a week before Spartan at an unknown venue off the beaten path, straddling the Mexican border in a relatively sketchy-looking neighborhood. As a racer on the grounds, the estimate of 350 participants seemed a little generous. Those who made the trip enjoyed a well-designed, fun, & challenging course.

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BattleFrog Cincinnati: The Finale

I believe that any OCR held at the King’s Domain site just north of Cincinnati has the potential to be an epic event. It has everything an obstacle race should include; lots of woods, a mix of dirt and rocky trails, crazy steep inclines, and obstacles, oh so many awesome obstacles. BattleFrog utilized this course to put on what many believe, myself included, the toughest regular OCR ever put on in August of 2015.

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Race Recap: Rugged Maniac – Atlanta

Rugged Maniac took the path of some of the other big name events and used the International Horsepark in Conyers, GA for their location. Unlike the other events Rugged Maniac sticks to their distance. This was an actual 5K loaded with some really great obstacles. Besides having some really good obstacles, I will get to those in a minute. Rugged Maniac set up a great festival area with things for adults and kids; and adult kids. They even allow teams to set up tents to be able to hang out it. If you are planning on doing a Rugged Maniac, be smart and plan it as an all-day event. The party is worth it.

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Breaking News: BattleFrog Series Suspends Season, Restructures As Media-Focused Company

This morning news that BattleFrog Series had something big brewing. Early in the day, Mud Run Guide caught wind of a major restructuring of the organization. For a brief time this morning all the social media accounts seemed to have disappeared and all signs were showing that BattleFrog Series would join the OCR graveyard. This has quickly become the story of the day for the industry, as it stands now the twitter account, website, and Facebook page are still up and running. The Instagram page has been taken down. Since the initial rumors hit the obstacle racing world Mud Run Guide has spoken with CEO Ramiro Ortiz as well as received an official statement from BattleFrog Series.

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OCRTUBE: Nashville Spartan Race

Spartan Race recently headed to Fort Cambell in Nashville. Arnel Banawa of OCRTUBE was there to capture all the action putting together one of his best videos yet! This Spartan Race Sprint offered a unique twist of running through buildings, carrying guns, and a muddy muddy course for participants. Check out the latest video recap from Banawa.

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LAST WEEK IN OCR – August 22nd Edition

It is always so lovely to be in the swing of the season and see the OCR calendar come to life all over the world. In Australia, the bucket-list worthy True Grit had an amazing weekend, while in Canada, the XMan Race brought in impressive numbers. Dirty Dozen weekend in England, Warrior Race in South Africa...the entire planet appears to have been getting muddy this week!

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Faces at the Races — Mike Weaver

I grew up very active in sports and played a little over a year of college football. OCR gives me that opportunity to still feel competitive. OCR also allows me to push myself further than I have in any sport I have ever played and I love pushing myself to see how far I can truly go.

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Race Recap: BattleFrog Riverside County

A few months after their first foray into Southern California, BattleFrog returned this weekend to put on a race at Lake Elsinore in Riverside County. I have been to several events now at the Lake Elsinore venue (Survivor Mud Run x2 and the Terrain Race earlier this year), and I make no excuse for the fact that it's one of my least favorite race venues - it's a very flat property with sandy trails and almost no shade, and in the last couple of years the drought has meant no access to the rapidly dwindling lake.

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New England Spahtens Podcast: Featuring BoneFrog Founder Brian Carney

Brian Carney founder of BoneFrog Challenge is the guest on this week's episode of the New England Spahtens Podcast. Carney is the former NAVY SEAL who founded the BoneFrog Challenge in 2012. The race series which has made a big expansion this year started in western Massachusetts. Paul Jones of New England Spahtens talks to Carney about his labor of love and why BoneFrog is such a unique event.

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Savage Race – Inside The Obstacle – Tree Hugger

Savage Race continues to make news today with the release of a new video highlighting the new obstacle Tree Hugger. The one and only Matty T brings viewers through this challenging new obstacle that will have you hugging wood for dear life as your cross through the obstacle without touching the ground.

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