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Former BattleFrog Employee Finds New Purpose in Ecuador

When most people get laid off from a job they love it can be devastating, heartbreaking, and leave a person bitter and cynical. When Allan Ajoy was let go from BattleFrog Series over a month ago the OCR community responded with shock and sadness as he was a much-loved member of the BattleFrog Series team. Ajoy quickly found a new purpose in life in his homeland of Ecuador.

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  • American Grit Episode 7

American Grit Episode 7 Recap

American Grit Episode 7 starts off at the compound. Tony reflects on being the only one left on Team Tee. Cam and Haze talk about Cam's professional wrestling. There is a delivery at the door.  Four compasses. The competitors realize that the need to learn how to use them quickly some have the experience, some don't. Teams have a feeling they are in for a surprise, and they are when Cena comes storms in at 3:30 AM.

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Civilian Military Combine On Fox & Friends

This morning Obstacle Course Racing made a muddy splash on the popular cable morning show Fox & Friends as Civilian Military Combine graced the airwaves. The revamped organization showcased some of the obstacles and "The Pit" area during several segments this morning in New York City.

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  • EricJenkinsBFX

BFX: The New Home for Multi-Lap Legionnaires?

I recently attended BattleFrog Kansas City and much to my surprise I saw a familiar face on the starting line. Team Cellucor Athlete Eric Jenkins the 100x+ Tough Mudder Century veteran was there standing next to me getting ready for his first BattleFrog. “Are you lost?” I said, “Shouldn’t you have a Tough Mudder this weekend?” He responded with a “No, I actually only have one Tough Mudder on my schedule this year....but I have seven BFX events.”

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His and Her Race Recap: Tough Mudder Philly 2016

This was a great course! The light rain made for a perfect storm of both challenge and fun. In 2016, Tough Mudder has thrown more team-building obstacles into the course. In a non-timed event, the teamwork element allowed many mudders including myself, a chance to hang around obstacles and help others out. I am already excited for my next Tough Mudder event!

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Dr. Redtights Tip #6: Define Your Own Success

We live in a world that focuses on being “the best of the best.” We regularly applaud the person who gets first, while looking at the second place finisher with disgrace. We think that they must have done something wrong that kept them from being on top. In fact, they did something amazing to be second! I think that the mindset of “second is the first loser” and the associated culture is destructive and counter-productive, even for people who regularly appear on the top of the podium. Here’s the start of why I think so.

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  • imater3

iMater: Cultivating the Next OCR Generation

As a parent, we have so many hurdles to face in order to keep our kids healthy and active. They are torn between what the media pushes and what we try to instill in them as being the best path for their futures. And then we send them off to school for the better part of the day where outside influences are everywhere – telling our children what they need to do or be or wear in order to be cool, and we have to trust that the teachers are guiding them in the right direction when we are not there to protect them.

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Race Recap: Mud Guts and Glory Spring 2016

To anyone familiar with this race venue, many images immediately appear in the mind of the competitor. Oregonia Ohio is the home to Kings Domain; a 120-acre park which would normally host conferences, weddings, and leisurely hiking. Today it was to host the venue known to many: Mud Guts and Glory.

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  • Jacob Kohler 1

Faces at the Races — Jacob Kohler

I’m a naturally competitive person and I’ve also always loved climbing and monkeying around on things. After doing a couple races, I found that the community is great and I have a natural ability with obstacles that I really enjoy. I love what I do and that’s important. This week on Faces at the Races we profile Jacob Kohler.

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The Cooldown:04 Mountain bikers and runners unite!

The Cooldown:04 is all about endurance and OCR from the people involved on both sides. Each week we bring you news and stories from around the obstacle racing world and beyond. This week we bring you behind the scenes at a Colorado event that bonded friendly foes on the trail. Then jump into a case for unplugging from technology after a recent conversation. We congratulate a race director for bringing back a unique event in Arizona. Finally, we bring you tips to help improve your downhill running after a skinned knee bloody weekend on the trails.

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