BROCR Review Season 2 Kicks Off at Abominable Snow Race

It's been awhile... let's get season 2 started! In this Episode of The #‎BROCR Review we head to Lake in the Hills for The Abominable Snow Race. This was the first event featuring about 1300 people, 3.5 miles of ice, 25 obstacles, great beer from Crystal Lake Brewing, and one cool Yeti. We talk about [...]

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Race Recap – Polar Hero, Ottawa, Ontario

Winter racing has a few extra challenges compared with moderate temperature events. You have to plan how many layers are required based on an estimated time outdoors in the cold. You have to watch the weather to determine departure times so you can arrive at the venue in plenty of time to park and pick up your race kit and you have to hope that there are no road closures, accidents or rambling deer along the way to slow you down. Today, we were fortunate and made the 2 hour journey north with no incidents and with ample time to prepare and meet our fellow racers.

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Trainer Tuesday: Can We All Be Coaches?

It’s “Trainer Tuesday” and all last night I continued to think about how each and every one of us can be “Trainers/Coaches.” Most reading this piece love to train, race, stay fit, and are crazy passionate about the awesome sport we call OCR. So with this piece today, I’m not going to give you any quick tips on how to improve your running or how to conquer your next obstacle.

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OCR Warrior – A Step Back Look From the Champion

Are you coming down to Atlas Race in San Antonio this weekend? Probably not, I hear they’re going to go under soon. They have a short course competition after the main race. I’ll be there!

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Civilian Military Combine (CMC) Returns!

CIVILIAN MILITARY COMBINE (CMC) ANNOUNCES NEW STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP AND NEW VICE PRESIDENT OF EVENT OPERATIONS INNOVATIVE BUSINESS MODEL GIVES VENUES MORE CONTROL AS PARTNERS New York, NY (Monday, February 8, 2016) Civilian Military Combine, LLC, best known as CMC, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Circle TPR and TeamWork Event Specialists. CMC [...]

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Warrior Race, South Africa – Race Recap

South Africa’s OCR season for 2016 has now officially begun with the start of the Warrior Races! The first Warrior Race was this weekend with almost 7000 participants. We have had a few earlier events, but those were mostly attended by Elite athletes and those in the know, and were more warm ups than true [...]

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OCR Warrior – Best of the Best Men’s Finals

After 4 thrilling Knockout Rounds, our top 4 men qualifiers take on the OCR Warrior Finals course - including Dragon's Back, a Warped Wall, the nefarious Skull Valley and a 14' rope climb to the finish! Who will take home the trophy and claim the title of the Best of the Best from the 2015 [...]

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Faces at the Races – Jack Bauer

I ran Division I track/cross-country at the University of New Hampshire but quit after being burnt out from years of 60+ mile weeks. I didn’t run a race for almost 2 years before getting the urge to compete again. I signed up for my first obstacle course race a couple years ago and was instantly hooked. At 6’1”, 185 lbs, I was always that runner who liked lifting, so OCR fits perfectly with my build. OCR has also allowed me to pursue my two biggest passions: fitness and traveling. I visited 24 states in 2015, and most of them were made possible because there are races all over the country.

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BattleFrog Series Los Angeles Race Recap

It's official, West Coast Loves BattleFrog. This past weekend, BattleFrog held it's third event of the year in Chino Hills California at Prado Regional Park. The Venue was mostly flat with a variety of terrain from running in the grass, dirt trails, and a swampy section that I can only describe as Yoda's back yard [...]

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SoCal Spartan Weekend – A Study in Contrasts

Spartan Race kicked off its 2016 season in Southern California last weekend with back to back races at Vail Lake in Temecula. Immediately obvious on arriving at the venue was the distressing lack of water in the lake; with a drop of at least 10-15’ of depth since our last visit back in September, it was clear that the long California drought is far from over. This also left exposed a vast mud plain that was once the lake bottom and would play a role in the race.

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