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Trainer Tuesday: “Rope-Less” Rope Climb Training: How To Do It

Picture this. You’ve just surpassed the 3-mile marker. Forearms and finger tips are cramping from 300 yards of unforgiving bucket carries. The bottoms of your feet feel heavy, your thighs are burning and just above the grassless hill you see it… The rope climb.

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Last Week in OCR: Terrain, BoneFrogs and Harmony

The summer continues to roll on with obstacle races across the globe taking place every weekend. This past weekend OCR was everywhere from the Spartan Race European Championships, Terrain Races in Flagstaff, Arizona to BoneFrog Challenge in South Carolina. Rugged Maniac made a stop outside of Kansas City while Tough Mudder was outside of the Big Apple, with both a full course and a Tough Mudder half. With over 40 obstacle races and mud runs taking place this weekend around the globe, that is a lot of muddy, wet, and challenging obstacles to overcome.

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OCRTUBE: BoneFrog Challenge South Carolina

BoneFrog Challenge headed to South Carolina over the weekend. Arnel Banawa was there for OCRTUBE to capture all the action at the race. BoneFrog is one of the hidden gems of OCR and Banawa brings the action to those of us who couldn't be there. With 109 degrees and over 30 obstacles over rolling hills, BoneFrog was definitely welcomed to South Carolina and embraced by all who attended. Check out OCRTUBE's latest race recap video.

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SPARTAN STRONG w/Evan Dollard Episode 2

Evan Dollard is back with the second episode of Spartan Strong leading up to the release of the new book SpartanFit by Joe De Sena. This week Evan is working out with Quentin Pullen and Josh Graves to tackle a beachside "warrior workout." Later he takes on Thousand Steps Beach.

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Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge – Interview with The Comeback Kids’ Beni Gifford

Obstacle course racer Beni Gifford gives us some background on his team's Season 1 win of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, how he picked his teammates, the fights that nearly tore the team apart, and what it felt like to win $50,000

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Faces at the Races — Richard Rachal

After our third kid, Emily (my killer awesome wife) starting working out hard in the most inconvenient times (early morning and late night) to lose the baby weight. She proved to me that it can be done and that health is important. The “I need to change” moment occurred in my parents’ kitchen. My dad squeezed my shoulder and said, “That extra weight looks good on you Rick. Makes you look like a man.” I wear my weight well, and he was sincere. I looked stronger, but it was just a layer of fat. It was the first time that someone, excluding Emily, acknowledged the “extra weight.”

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Inside the Episode: Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Finale

Last night the Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge season finale aired on NBC pitting the six top teams from the qualifying rounds against each other in the two-hour finale. The teams squared off to see who would take home the $250,000 prize purse. The finals brought in a few new obstacles to challenge the competitors including a 16-foot wall and the dreaded tire swing.

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Apex Training on LeaderBoard: One Month Later

A few months ago, I did an interview here on MRG about a new coaching platform we were getting ready to launch. It generated a good deal of interest from the OCR community, so I wanted to stop by and give people an update on our launch group.

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Opinion: Are We Pushing Too Hard?: The Open Waves

Besides the elites, which I covered in last article, there are always stories of open wave competitors getting injured. The two “high profile” examples are the viral stories of that person that got some rare eye disease from one of the mud pits and the women that is suing the sponsors of Spartan for her falling off a volunteers shoulders, it naturally raises the question of how safe this sport is?

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Inside Platinum Rig

"This is going to be a short day" said Dominic "PlatinumRig Dom" Maurice the founder of Platinum Rig as we left his house, outside of Montreal, Canada, at 7am to head to the Platinum Rig headquarters for what would turn into a thirteen plus hour workday. Over the next few days, this statement would prove to be true. Since it's beginnings in 2011 Platinum Rig is a name that has become famous in the obstacle racing world has been non-stop for it’s founder. For five days I got to live and work along side Dom.

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