Turn Back Now.

Seriously, mud runs and the sport of OCR is absolutely not for you – unless you enjoy the outdorrs, sloppy, muddy, challenging fun with your friends, meeting new (and possibly very warped) people, and getting hooked on a healthy, fit, fun, and awesome new sport.

Don't let it be said we didn't warn you!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, welcome to the world of Obstacle Course Races (OCR) and Mud Runs! OCR is the fastest-growing sport in the history of organized sports – from the original events crawling out of the mud in 2010, the last 5 years have seen exponential growth to nearly 6.5 million participants worldwide in 2015. By comparison, marathons and triathlons worldwide participation is nearly the same, topping out at 7 million racers. Triathlon has been a sport since 1977 (38 years) and marathon has been around since the days of Phillipedes – or over 2000 years ago.

Getting Started

Got a question? We're sure you have plenty! First off, you should familiarize yourself with our list of Frequently Asked Questions and hopefully that will put your mind at ease.

Don't think you can do it? Well, guess what? You can, Here's a little Op-Ed piece reminding you that your excuses are invalid: You have absolutely no excuse not to participate in OCRs or Mud Runs

What's Next?

Gear and training are always the two biggest sources of consternation when it comes to planning for a mud run, and we've got you all taken care of!
Speaking of training, Did you know that co-founder Brett Stewart and Editor-in-Chief Margaret Schlachter wrote two of the best-selling books on the sport of OCR? You can get Brett's free training program right here and check out Margaret's book right here.

Get Equipped for Success

OCR Gear is our partner for all things gear-wise, and they live up to their name of “hand-picked obstacle racing gear!” Everything they stock has been used & tested by us, from shoes, to gloves, to the best training and racing apparel. As part of the MRG family, make sure you use MRG10 for 10% off your entire order!

Speaking of shoes; Icebug is the Official Footwear Partner of Mud Run Guide, and we've done the research on what model is right for you. Check out our top 3 Icebug model review here, and pick up a pair for yourself!

Follow Our 6-Step Program

12 step programs are for quitters, our 6-step version is all you need to know to get started in mud runs: 6 Steps to Becoming an Obstacle Racer: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?

Now What?

Check out the column to the right: “Races Near Me” for an auto-magical list of events that are coming to a venue near you… or at least where your computer/mobile device thinks you are right now.
You can even browse events by map, date, major citieslocation or use our new Race Finder

Want some advice on the best races for beginners? Guess what… yup: The Best Mud Runs for Beginners

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Get Muddy & HAVE FUN!

Resources a-Palooza!

Mud Run Guide is here for you every step of the way – and we've got the bullet list below to prove it! From choosing the right races to gear, training, social networks (we even have a members-only Facebook group you can join) on top of our main Facebook pages for Mud Run Guide and Mud + Adventure.