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Race Interview – ThunderDash

October 13th, 2015|0 Comments

I003n a secret location north of San Antonio, there is an annual 5K Mob Run and a very unique one at that. It’s set up in an active rock quarry, meaning that every year’s course can be completely different from the year before. There are some permanent obstacles, but each year the race directors look for new ways to challenge the competitors. I was able to ask the race directors, Laura and Kevin Tift, some questions about ThunderDash.
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Last Week in OCR: Warrior Dash World Championships

Last weekend was the second stop of the championship season with Warrior Dash World Championships in Tennessee. While most of the industry was focused on Warrior Dash, additional Spartan Races and a Savage Race were taking place in the US as well as a host of regional an local races.
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Will Elite OCR Athletes Become Specialists?

OCR World Championships announced this week that the 2016 race would feature championship races for three different distances – short (3-5 miles), medium (8-10 miles), & long (12-15 miles). Years from now, that announcement could effectively mark the beginning of specialization in obstacle racing.
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Gear Informational – OCR Shoe Basics

September 16th, 2015|0 Comments

This week, Matt changes it up a little bit. We are going from what you are going to be doing during a race, to what how you should prepare for one. Anyone new to Obstacle Racing has asked the question, "What shoes should I get?"

Obstacle Tutorial – Traverse Wall

This week, Matt "The Mudder" Willis goes over three techniques to cross the Traverse wall, for the beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. Please like the video if you enjoyed it, and if you want to see more instructional videos for other obstacles or other content in general, please comment below, so we can make it happen!

OCR Warrior: Ep 50 Evan Dollard vs. Hobie Call – Men’s KC Finals

It all comes down to this - the Men's Finals at OCR Warrior Kansas City! American Ninja Warrior superstar Evan Dollard butts heads with OCR legend, Hobie Call. Can Evan's ninja training help him overcome one of the best ever - the Godfather of obstacle course racing? Find out NOW on OCR Warrior!
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