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Origins of OCR Warrior

September 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Over the last few months I’ve been fielding a lot of questions regarding OCR Warrior, what it is, how it ties into the other shows airing on TV from American Ninja Warrior to BattleFrog College Championship, and the new show in casting for Spartan Race as well as what my plans are for the future with the collapse of Atlas Race. In order to answer those, let’s go back to how OCR Warrior got its start.
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Last Week in OCR: The Hardest OCR Ever!

Another busy weekend in the world of OCR. Many took to social media over the weekend proclaiming that one race was possibly the hardest regular season OCR ever. That race was BattleFrog at the Mud, Guts, and Glory course over the weekend. As well high praises graced the web after the Spartan Races in both Asheville and Boston.
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NBC Orders ‘Spartan Race’ Series: Short Course OCR Takes Center Stage

Last week, NBC announced it would be ordering a new show tentatively called "Spartan Race" and it would be produced by American Ninja Warrior producers A. Smith & Co. Productions. This marks the latest in a series of programming continually pushing OCR into the mainstream media. The announcement was picked up around the internet with mainstream websites such as MSN, USA Today, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter and more.
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Ninja Warrior Training with “Mighty Kacy” Catanzaro & Brent Steffensen

August 30th, 2015|0 Comments

American Ninja Warrior Superstars Mighty Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Steffensen take Mud Run Guide's Brett Stewart on a tour of their "secret" training grounds, Alpha Warrior in San Antonio, TX. We test out the Salmon Ladder, Devil's Steps, Spider Wall, Warped Wall and more!

Ninja Warrior Training: The Unstable Bridge

Here is the first episode of the OCR Video Blog from Matt "The Mudder" Willis. This week, we are covering a legendary obstacle from the American Ninja Warrior franchise: The Unstable Bridge. Learn the technique needed to fly through this obstacle and hear the crowd shouting "Beat that wall!" (Warped wall tutorial video is coming soon!) 

OCR Warrior – Ep. 48 – Evan Dollard vs. Mark McGarry – KO Round #2

American Ninja Warrior superstar Evan Dollard breezed through Knockout Round #1, now he's set to face Mark McGarry in KO Round #2. McGarry battled back from a slow start to defeat Scott Wierzycki in Round #1 - can he keep up with his winning ways?

OCR Warrior: Ep. 47 – Hobie Call vs. Nathan Palmer – KO Round #2

In the first matchup of Knockout Round #2, the brazen young upstart Nathan "Napalm" Palmer takes on The Godfather of OCR, Hobie Call in a matchup to carve out a spot in the Finals. With the young buck Napalm advance, or does all the speed, skill, and stamina that has made Hobie an OCR superstar see him through to the championships? Find out now on OCR Warrior!
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