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Race Recap – Polar Hero, Ottawa, Ontario

February 10th, 2016|0 Comments

Winter racing has a few extra challenges compared with moderate temperature events. You have to plan how many layers are required based on an estimated time outdoors in the cold. You have to watch the weather to determine departure times so you can arrive at the venue in plenty of time to park and pick up your race kit and you have to hope that there are no road closures, accidents or rambling deer along the way to slow you down. Today, we were fortunate and made the 2 hour journey north with no incidents and with ample time to prepare and meet our fellow racers.

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OCR Warrior – A Step Back Look From the Champion

Are you coming down to Atlas Race in San Antonio this weekend? Probably not, I hear they’re going to go under soon. They have a short course competition after the main race. I’ll be there!

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Civilian Military Combine (CMC) Returns!


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OCR Warrior – Best of the Best Men’s Finals

February 8th, 2016|0 Comments

After 4 thrilling Knockout Rounds, our top 4 men qualifiers take on the OCR Warrior [...]

Ninja Competition Highlights – Power Park Fitness

Check out the highlights from the Ninja Competition hosted by American Ninja Warrior All-Star David Yarter at his training facility, Power Park Fitness. You many notice another familiar ANW face as well. Check out this video to see all the high flying action that was in store for the competitors.

Savage Race Inside the Obstacle: Colossus

The second in the series of Savage Race's Inside the Obstacle dropped today on social media. This week Matty T. of Savage Race bring us behind the scenes with a crowd favorite obstacle, Colossus. Colossus is one of the most intimidating looking obstacles from the bottom of the quarter pipe. Matty T. breaks it down and gives up some insight into the build on the obstacle as well as a few techniques to make it a success on race day.

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