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Race Recap: Nevarest Team Report of Jeep Warrior #3

April 29th, 2016|0 Comments

The Nevarest Team were at The Jeep Warrior Race in force! The race was hosted in Krugersdorp, about an hour away from the capital, Pretoria. We were a large crowd from Nevarest Team with Greg Avierinos, Michael Joubert, Michelle Meyer, Joshua de Jager, Kirsten Avierinos, Ruth Avierinos and Calen Hastie all competing. Greg, Michael, and Michelle did the Black Ops Elite, 15 km with 32 obstacles. This is the most difficult category with the biggest prize.

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Can I Set You up on a Blind Date?

Do you remember that girl who sat two seats in front of you during your Intro to Economics class during your sophomore year? You know, that awful 8:00am class that you barely passed because you happened to ditch on the day the professor basically gave out all of the answers for the upcoming final.

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Kevin Jones Joins BattleFrog as Chief Marketing Officer

BattleFrog®, the nation's fastest growing Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Series has hired Kevin Jones, founder of Crazy Mudder Muckers and one of the industry's most influential personalities as its Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, Mr. Jones will oversee all of BattleFrog's marketing initiatives with a focus on social media and web-based advertising supported by television and print.

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American Grit Episode 3 Recap

April 29th, 2016|0 Comments

We start with teams coming back to the compound and Team Noah learning about Brooke's departure. Noah's team is in shock that Brooke is gone. Ivette and Tony realize that they have to come together as they are now down two team members, and want to keep Team Tee's chances alive.

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The famed Scandanavian obstacle series TOUGHEST headed to the United Kingdom for the first time over the weekend. OCRTUBE's Arnel Banawa took the trek across the pond to cover all the action including insights from OCR World Champion Jon Albon. The course offered over 40 obstacles on the 8K course set on rolling hills of the United Kingdom. Watch this heart pounding fast action video recap from OCRTUBE.

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American Grit Episode 2 Recap

On the second episode of American Grit we find out that Kjoy ended the first evolution [...]

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