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Race Recap: Spartan Race Citizens Bank Stadium Sprint

October 17th, 2017|0 Comments

The Citizens Bank Stadium Spartan Race Sprint, the forgotten stadium race of the East Coast. Citifield and Fenway being the wildly popular stars of the Stadium circuit, Citizens Bank Sprint are the Goldilocks of the stadium sprints. Offering not too hot but not too cold weather, a well-designed course, and the perfect amount of space on course to not feel like you’re standing in a line all day.

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Rule Changes for World's Toughest Mudder 2017

It has now come to the time that TMHQ has released the first set of rules for WTM 2017! In true TMHQ fashion, they always reserve the right to change anything and everything to their hearts content up until the day of competition. When we sign up for an OCR, we're asking to be surprised and challenged.

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An Open Letter to Tough Mudder HQ

Last Week Tough Mudder sent out a blog to their World's Toughest Mudder athletes changing the prize structure for the team events. Below is from Tough Mudder HQ and an open letter for professional obstacle racer Miguel Medina. 

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Spartan Race: Building bladder strength and stamina. Do YOU have what it takes?

Spartan Race is a magical experience. You truly get to channel your inner-warrior and put your limits to the test. I love Spartan Race for this and have done nearly 40 events with them.  But what if “putting your limits to the test” was also a test of your bladder strength? Is this acceptable?

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Race Recap: 2017 Dallas Tough Mudder

As I continue to do more obstacle course races, it’s very humbling to get to see them evolve, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst.  While I can say the Central Texas Tough Mudder was one I thought improved and was better than it was the year before - I can honestly say I was shocked to see the Dallas course take the opposite effect from last year.

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2017 OCR World Championships Live Show Replay

October 12th, 2017|0 Comments

Wednesday night marked the third night of the 2017 OCR World Championships live show. The show took place on Wednesday night outside Copper Blues restaurant in the village of Blue Mountain, Ontario. Margaret Schlachter of Mud Run Guide and Alexander Nicolas of Epic Hybrid Training anchored the coverage this evening.

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Episode Recap – Broken Skull Challenge Season 5 Episode 3

The first challenge was Rip Off with a new twist.  Warriors had to rip off both bands then also ring a bell.  This was a lot of good fights.

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2017 OCR World Championships Tuesday Night Live Show Replay

Tuesday night marked the second night of the 2017 OCR World Championships live show. The show took place on Tuesday night at the Firehall Pizza place in the village of Blue Mountain, Ontario. Margaret Schlachter of Mud Run Guide anchored the coverage this evening.

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OCR World Championships 15K Classic Distance Women to Watch

The 15K classic distance at the OCR World Championships is set to take place on Saturday. For many athletes, this is the race they spend the whole year training for, whether they are in the pro or age group divisions. This year over sixty-seven nations will be represented and competition is getting more intense each year.

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The Resolutioners Recap

For a bit of context, let's start out with a little bit about me. I finished off 2012 at the doctors, sick and obese in horrible health. I knew I needed to do something about it so I set a 2013 resolution to get healthy and loose some weight. Fast forward, I've lost almost 75lbs and had a child in 2015.

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