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Race Recap – Epic Series

November 28th, 2015|0 Comments

How do you define the Epic Series? Sometimes, you can define something by what it isn't; in the British comedy Blackadder, sidekick Baldrick once wrote a definition of "Dog: not a cat". The Epic Series is not a mud run, it is not a strongman competition, and it is not the Crossfit Games - but it has elements of all of the above. The brain child of Aaron Ward and Tim Fitzpatrick, The Epic Series originally derived from Crossfit, and has undergone numerous changes as it has evolved through seven events since its inaugural run in April of 2013. It is a "functional fitness challenge". The Epic Race is divided into two parts; the basic race that everyone does, and a bonus Elite competition that was itself split into Strength and Endurance divisions.

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Black Friday Savings with Mud Run Guide

This year avoid the long lines at the stores and malls today, instead check out all the saving for this year's Black Friday on Mud Run Guide. We have discounts for the obstacle course racer or mud runner in your family to make this holiday season extra special.

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Organization Spotlight: More Hearts Than Scars

There was frost all over everything the morning Justin Falls was preparing to conquer the South Carolina Spartan Beast – the final piece to getting his first Trifecta. But it wasn’t just his first – it was the first ANY quadriplegic had ever received. And he did not take that honor lightly.

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BattleFrog Series Miami Recap

November 25th, 2015|1 Comment

Our friends at did it again capturing the action at the recent BattleFrog Series event in Miami leading up to their series championships next month in Florida. Arnel Banawa, the creator of brings us all the action from BattleFrog in this recap video.

World’s Toughest Race Director/Mudder – Brady Archer

Brady Archer, World's Toughest Mudder Race Director to take hiatus after a wildly successful WTM2015 that saw Amelia Boone repeat as women's champion, Team Synergy with Ryan Atkins (WTM 2013 & 2014 Champion), Jon Albon (2014 & 2015 OCR World Championships Winner), Matt Murphy, and Eric Batty win the Team competition, and Chad Trammel triumph as WTM Male Champion in his World's Toughest Mudder debut.

OCRWC 2015 Flashback Video

On October 17, 2015, the best obstacle racers in the world came together to battle it out in Oregonia, OH, USA at the premiere event in OCR. The nearly 10 mile course was littered with obstacles of all shapes and sizes, some natural and many man-made; sure to test the mettle of even the most resolute and talented athlete.

BattleFrog Atlanta Recap Video

Our friends at headed to Atlanta over the weekend to the BattleFrog Series Race. Arnel Banawa, the creator of brings us all the action from BattleFrog in this recap video.

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