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Most Reviewed Events

5K Foam Fest Canada
Average rating: 4.72 / 5 from 642 reviews.

Warrior Dash
Average rating: 2.76 / 5 from 180 reviews.

Dirty Girl Mud Run
Average rating: 2.63 / 5 from 107 reviews.

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Highest Rated Events

(With Minimum of 3 reviews)

Mud Hero
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 15 reviews.

Big Nasty Mud Run
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 12 reviews.

Xtreme Muck Ruck
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 5 reviews.

Big Dog Brag
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 4 reviews.

Mud Mulisha
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 4 reviews.

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Latest Reviews

Terrain Mud Run
User rating: 5 / 5.

I do alot of obstacles races and this was by far one of the best, not to mention it was very affordable. Bad assistance medal to!

Rugged Maniac
User rating: 3 / 5.

This was my first run. I hurt my knee the first obstacle EMS was called after 20 minutes of waiting they never showed. It was definitely too hot to only have 2 water stations - they would only giv

Rugged Maniac
User rating: 4 / 5.

AWESOME FUN! But...this year the rings were right after crawling though the mud....the rings were muddy...our hands were muddy and it WAS NOT easy. Took me 7x to cross- I made it on the first try last

The Original Mud Run
User rating: 1 / 5.

1st - The price is outrageous for what is provided. Also their is no refunds if they change the date at last minute 2nd - The obstacles are very poor compared to other events that have the same price

The Original Mud Run
User rating: 1 / 5.

They swiched the date of race the day before the race to June 18th and refuseed to give refunds. I paid to run on may 28th not June 18th. So their for I should be offered a refund. Also for the price