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Most Reviewed Events

The 5K Foam Fest
Average rating: 4.71 / 5 from 1388 reviews.

Warrior Dash
Average rating: 2.82 / 5 from 192 reviews.

Dirty Girl Mud Run
Average rating: 2.56 / 5 from 118 reviews.

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Highest Rated Events

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Alpha Warrior
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 28 reviews.

Big Nasty Mud Run
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 12 reviews.

Frontline OCR
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 11 reviews.

Big Dog Brag
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 9 reviews.

Down N Dirty Mud Run
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 7 reviews.

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Latest Reviews

Badass Dash
User rating: 4 / 5.

Recreational division. The race was really good for the most part. My friend and I really enjoyed it. The worst part, in my opinion, was waiting so long(over an hour) in the very hot sun to star

Badass Dash
User rating: 3 / 5.

I have competed in many ORC events at the easy and tough levels. Sadly I found this event to be lacking in the required safety not only due to the unexpected heatwave but also due to poorly setup obs

Badass Dash
User rating: 4 / 5.

I had a lot of fun at this, my first Badass Dash. (rec division) The obstacles were fun, though for a few the word "obstacle" might be a bit strong. :) The heat certainly added to the difficulty

Badass Dash
User rating: 4 / 5.

First time doing it and loved it! I really liked that the obstacles were interesting and fun and that they were challenging and yet doable. They were spaced perfectly and I liked that the volunteers

Badass Dash
User rating: 1 / 5.

This was my first year attending the badass dash and it was most definitely my last. I was in the K9 division and we ran last on a ridiculously hot day. I found we weren't treated the same and most de