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Most Reviewed Events

5K Foam Fest Canada
Average rating: 4.69 / 5 from 803 reviews.

Warrior Dash
Average rating: 2.79 / 5 from 183 reviews.

Dirty Girl Mud Run
Average rating: 2.65 / 5 from 109 reviews.

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Highest Rated Events

(With Minimum of 3 reviews)

Big Nasty Mud Run
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 12 reviews.

Xtreme Muck Ruck
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 5 reviews.

Big Dog Brag
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 4 reviews.

Mud Mulisha
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 4 reviews.

Survival Race
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 3 reviews.

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Latest Reviews

Desafio Braves
User rating: 5 / 5.

The best ocr in Brazil! Always new obstacles in a beatyfull place!!

Terrain Mud Run
User rating: 3 / 5.

This was my first race. I did it to get my daughter out running this summer. We had a lot of fun. I've run 2 1/2 marathons, and a bunch of 5K's. This one seemed very unorganized, but it is my first

Muddy Brute Challenge
User rating: 5 / 5.

My team and I have run 4 muddy brutes in the past year and each time we run another, it's always better than the last. They keep improving each time. They always have something different to offer in e

Warrior Dash
User rating: 5 / 5.

My husband and I had so much fun. It is well organized and the obstacles were about the right level. I had trained by swimming laps, running up sledding hills repeatedly, and working on the number o

Rockin the Desert
User rating: 5 / 5.

. Rockin' the Desert Mud Run is awesome. While it wasn’t a 100% perfect down-home, family friendly mud run, it came close. Very close. Call it 98.2% perfect. And I must proudly admit to an apparent