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OCR Races & Mud Runs Review & Ranking List and Database

Below you will find hundreds of OCR races and mud runs, reviewed by participants just like you! Get authentic, first-hand feedback on events from across the globe. Don’t forget to leave a review for events you have done as well!

Most Reviewed Events

Warrior Dash
Average rating: 2.45 / 5 from 119 reviews.

Dirty Girl Mud Run
Average rating: 2.53 / 5 from 91 reviews.

Spartan Race
Average rating: 4.14 / 5 from 42 reviews.

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Highest Rated Events

(With Minimum of 3 reviews)

Alpha Warrior
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 28 reviews.

Big Nasty Mud Run
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 12 reviews.

Xtreme Muck Ruck
Average rating: 5 / 5 from 5 reviews.

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Latest Reviews

Badass Dash
User rating: 3 / 5.

NJ put on a nice race in 2013. In 2014 cancelled a week before the event, over a month later, no responses and no refunds. Total rip-off.

The Zombie Run
User rating: 1 / 5.

First of all they rescheduled the waves to start at 4 in the afternoon. In Texas. In the middle of July. Are you people stupid?!? But the part that takes the cake is they had NO water available at the

Circus Odelay Thrill Seeker Experience
User rating: 5 / 5.

Just signed up and am ready to be a designated thrillseeker!

Conquer the Gauntlet
User rating: 5 / 5.

I ran Conquer The Gauntlet this last weekend in Kansas City. I had an absolutely fantastic time! Amazing teamwork and sense of camaraderie. My favorite OCR so far! (compared to 2 Warrior Dashes, a Ruc

Conquer the Gauntlet
User rating: 5 / 5.

This was an awesome experience. This event was everything I hoped it would be. Do not miss this one folks! It is SOO worth it! I can't wait to run the next race and the one after that, so on and so on