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St. Louis Missouri MuckFest MS 2014
July 12, 2014

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St. Louis Missouri MuckFest MS 2014
July 12, 2014


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MuckFest MS

Federated Auto Parts Raceway
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1550 Herky-Horine Road, Pevely, MO, 63070, United States
Thousands of runners will gather at MuckFest MS events in 2014 to slip, slide, slosh, climb, crawl, jump and celebrate. MuckFest MS is presented in partnership with the National MS Society.

It’s a 5K run of pure athletic hilarity, featuring a one-of-a-kind course packed with 20+ outrageous obstacles surrounded by mud-filled pits, trenches and craters. MuckFest MS attracts thousands of women and men, young and old, athletic and not-so-athletic, who band together on teams for a mucky 5K in support of a world free of multiple sclerosis.

Teams are encouraged to invite friends and family to MuckFest MS events. There’s no charge for spectators and even the little ones get their own mucky play area called Lil’ Muckers. The course is arranged so that spectators can see not only the start and finish, but also several of the most muck-tacular obstacles. After teams cross the finish line, they take their mucky mud-soaked 'after' photo, hose off, and celebrate the day with a complimentary beer and treat in the MuckFestival area.

It’s not just about the fun and the slapstick shenanigans out on the course. There’s also a mission behind the muck: 100% of funds raised by participants benefit the National MS Society and the local chapters, which provides programs and services that help people address the challenges of living with MS and funds cutting-edge research into the cause, treatment and a cure for MS. Participants have raised over $16 million for the National MS Society.

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Individual CostUntil
$65April 30th, 2014
$105On-Site Registration

Registration fee does not include a processing fee for credit card handling, processing and insurance; and is subject to change. This processing fee will be added to your total charge at the completion of registration.
Course Description:
Rally friends to muck it in The Lou at MuckFest MS St. Louis.
You and your friends will run, swing, slosh, climb & laugh your way through a 5K course of incredible obstacles and muddy pits, trenches and craters. It's a spectacular and hilarious highlight reel in the making, as you run, slip, slide, climb, and slosh (and laugh and curse) your way through the muck and 15+ obstacles. A great workout and a great time with the best muckers anywhere. It takes most participants one to two and a half hours to complete the course.

Some of the obstacles you might encounter include:
Trip Pits - Three muddy ups and downs to get your heart pumping. This obstacle is the pits. (Sorry about that.)
Balance Beam - Unbalanced muckers can walk around it and shout out something dirty.
Walk on Water - It's a glorious feeling, but time your steps carefully or you'll Gene Kelly your way into the drink. A mucker favorite!
Spider Web (Under) - What's your hurry, my friend? Stretchy ropes and mud below, while muckers climb above.
Big Balls - When one big, swinging pair is not enough. How about 9 gigantic balls swinging over 4 mucky trenches? Top photo op for friends and family.
Tunnel of Love (Over) - When you throw a leg over it, there's a lot of friction -- that's all we're gonna say about it.
Slither - SSSSSSSSSo mucky! The dark tarp is there so that your friends don't laugh too hard watching you crawl, serpent-like, through the gooey muck.
Skootch - Hip-thrusting hilarity, this obstacle is banned in three states and officially frowned upon in six others.
MuckSlide Spa - Why spend a muck-load at a fancy-nancy spa when you have this muckslide and mudbath? Bring your own cucumber slices.
Tight Rope - A real stretch. Okay, we're just gonna say it, our vertically-challenged muckers find this one especially difficult...and wet.
Rat Run - Inspired by a sobriety test used in rural England in the 60s, this Rat Run requires focus and balance.
Fun to be a Fireman - A long pole and gravity. All you need to do is jump off and yell “Talley-ho” or whatever firemen yell.
Teeter Totter - A math lesson: Teeter (to move unsteadily) + Totter (to tremble or rock as if about to fall) = Irrational Fun!
The Thunderstorm - This is what basic training would be like if Alfred Hitchcock was the drill instructor.
Shake a Leg - This obstacle used to be called “Holy Smokes That Ropey Thing's Really High.” Boy, did our old copywriter suck.
The Spinner - This one will make you yearn for your leopard skin loincloth. Howling and beating your chest are expected, and applauded.
The Dragon Crawl - Whether you go over or under the logs, you're getting wet, my friend.
Muck Off - The sensation of leaping off into a deep pit of muddy water is one best shared with friends, screaming friends, that is.
Steeple Chase - According to our staff psychiatrist, it's quite normal to neigh and whinny while striding over these. Consult a physician if you start sticking your head in a bag to eat.
Oh Crap! - Inspired by what muckers shout when they see the slanted wall, tiny hand-grips and the muddy pit below.
Swing Set - What your elementary school forbade you to do, we encourage. Mucky glory awaits. This one is a great photo op for your legion of fans.
Tunnel of Love (Under) - You've straddled it on the outside, now it's time to go through it, you dirty so-and-so.
Spider Web (Over) - Heads up for our early runners: our giant arachnid Fred is really hungry in the morning.
Belly Crawl - Just like when you were a baby, except without the soiled drawers, oh wait...never mind.
Start Time:
10 a.m. -- Recreational Wave - Recreational Runners will be timed – and while their times will not be considered for the competitive awards, Recreational Runners will compete for bragging rights for things like who had the most epic spill, who took the longest to finish, or who looks the best in mud.

10:30 a.m. -- Recreational Wave
11:00 a.m. -- Recreational Wave
Aid Stations:
Yes, there will be two hydration and first aid stations along the course as well as medical personnel stationed at the MuckFestival Area.
What You Get:
  • MuckFest MS T-Shirt
  • Snack
  • 1 Free Beer
  • Race Bib
If a Mucker raises $200 or more, they will receive fundraising rewards that can be picked up at the t-shirt tent on the morning of the race
Prizes to teams who raise the most money
There’s no admission fee for spectators, so your friends and family are welcome and encouraged to come with you and your team. Believe us, you’ll want witnesses! For all events the MuckFestival area will afford spectators with great views of the obstacles for mucktacular photo opportunities.
The Start and Finish lines and several awesome obstacles encircle the MuckFestival area, so your friends and family can have a front row seat for all the spills and thrills, that’s if they don’t join you in the fun.
Some venues charge for parking
Post Party:
It’s a tailgate party with music, food and beer (or soda). Tear off the tab on your bib and stake out a place to eat, drink and be mucky with your team and your friends and family. Now it’s time to relax and figure out who had the most epic spill of the day.
100% of the fundraising dollars go to the National MS Society.

Participants must be over the age of 12 on the day of the event. Participants who are 12 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The ratio of guardian to minor-aged runners is 1 to 3. The free Lil' Muckers area is designed for kids ages 5 to 11.
Get ready for some unforgettable photo opportunities when you let the lil' muckers loose in our free mucky playground space at MuckFest MS. Just like the older muckers, the kids can slip and slide their way through some thoroughly mucky obstacles. We'll supply the muck and the water, but don’t forget a towel and a change of clothes to clean up the lil’ muckers after they’re done.
There is no charge for admittance to the Lil' Muckers area, but a parent or guardian will need to complete and sign a waiver and be present to supervise while the child is inside the Lil' Muckers area.

There is a hose off area and gear check area
Most obstacles have water less than 4 feet deep. Obstacles over 5 feet will have lifeguards.
If you don't feel comfortable taking on an obstacle, you are welcome to skip it.
There are separate tented changing areas for male and female muckers for after the race
The Top 3 Reasons to Join or Start a Team

1. It’s funner on a team. Yeah, we know it’s “more fun.” But really, hands down, the best way to experience the non-stop spills and thrills of MuckFest MS is with your very own team.

2. Unlike flash mobs, it only takes two people to start a MuckFest MS team. Whether it’s a friend, family member or even that mud-curious guy in the next cubicle, you only need one other mucker to start a team. You’re welcome!

3. Oh, the rewards. As if being on a team isn’t reward enough, we have mucktacular team rewards and on-event surprises and competitions for teams. If you’re not on a team, you’re out of muck.
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