Obstacle Course Races canceled or postponed due to coronavirus COVID-19

The obstacle course industry is taking precautions and working with local governments and agencies to determine the best course of action on how to keep their staff and participants safe. Below are races that have provided updates and statements. The nationwide series are listed first, then local/regional races are listed below those, in alphabetical order.

Updated: 7/5/2020

National OCR Series Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates


OCR World Championships

Canceled: OCR World Championships

Spartan Race

Spartan has announced a modified schedule for 2020, this schedule is still subject to change.  Spartan

For more on canceled races:  this page for full details.

Canada Spartan

Original DateRaceStatus
May 9, 2020Montreal SprintPostponed – October 31, 2020
May 30-31, 2020Red Deer Super & SprintPostponed – October 3-4, 2020
June 20-21, 2020Toronto Super, Sprint, & TrailCanceled
July 25-25, 2020Ottawa Super & SprintPostponed – September 19-20, 2020
August 15-16, 2020Rocky Mountain Ultra, Beast, & SprintCanceled
September 19-20, 2020Whistler Super, Sprint, & TrailCanceled

Dirty Dash:

Races through September are canceled: Dirty Dash

Kids Obstacle Challenge:

Season Canceled: Kids Obstacle Challenge

Muckfest MS:

Season Canceled: Muckfest

Muddy Angel (Europe):

Events have gone virtual: Muddy Angel

Mud Factor:

Tri-Cities: Canceled

Spokane: Canceled

Wichita: Canceled

Sacramento: Rescheduled to 9/20/2020

Austin, TX: Rescheduled to 9/13/2020

Mud Girl:

All races through the Pennsylvania event have been postponed. The events in Milwaukie, Minneapolis, and Colorado Springs are not accepting new registrations and are under review. All information: MudGirl

Mud Hero:

2020 season postponed: All events rescheduled for 2021. Details: Mud Hero

Muddy Dash:

The season has been postponed.

Information: Muddy Dash

Muddy Princess:

San Antonio – new date 17 October 2020
Gulf Coast – new date 18 October 2020
West Palm Beach – new date 15 November 2020
Punta Gorda – new date 22 November 2020
Ocala – new date 8 November 2020
Phoenix – new date 22 November 2020
Austin – Rescheduled to 9/13/2020
Nashville South – Moved to 2021
Atlanta – Moved to 2021
Santa Rosa – Moved to 2021

Buffalo-  Moved to August 30 2020.

Portland- Canceled

Dates: Muddy Princess

Rugged Maniac:

Events through Long Island (September 9, 2020)  are now postponed or canceled.  Calgary is canceled. Races that are canceled will be converted to virtual challenges.

More information: Rugged Maniac

Savage Race:

Current Status of all events postponed due to Covid-19:
Florida Spring 2020, your new date is November 14th or 15th, 2020.
Georgia Spring 2020, your new date is September 26th, 2020.
Central Texas 2020, your new date is October 10th, 2020 (Dallas, TX event).
Maryland Spring 2020, your new date is September 12th, 2020.
Charlotte 2020, your new date is December 5th, 2020.
Ohio 2020, your new date is August 29th, 2020.
Boston 2020, your new date is July 10th, 2021.

Details: Savage Race

Stadium Blitz:

Season scheduled to resume in October.  Details: Stadium Blitz

Terrain Race:

The entire season is now listed as postponed.

The Great Inflatable Race:

All 2020 events have been canceled.

Tough Mudder:

Tough Mudder Tri-Cities Canceled: Tough Mudder Cancellation

Tough Mudder Chicago Canceled: Tough Mudder Chicago

Tough Mudder Colorado Canceled: Tough Mudder Colorado

Tough Mudder Toronto Canceled: Tough Mudder Toronto

Tough Mudder Virginia Canceled: Tough Mudder Virginia


5K Foam Fest

All 2020 events have been postponed to 2021. Registrations for 2020 have been moved to their 2021 dates. Information: 5K Foam Fest Update


Atlanta, GABouckaert Farms 10045 Cedar Grove Road, Fairburn, GA 30213March 21
Catamount MtnCatamount Mountain Resort 78 Catamount Road, Hillsdale , New York 12529Aug 15
Virginia BeachVirginia Beach Sportsplex2181 Landstown Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456August 16
NEW JERSEY is moving to October 17
CHARLOTTE is moving to November 14
TALLADEGA is moving to December 5
DALLAS is  moving to our first event of 2021 (between mid Jan and mid March)

Conquer the Gauntlet

DFW- May 2nd has been postponed until Oct 17th OKC- June 20th has been postponed until Sept 12th Oklahoma race KC- June 11th has been canceled Aug 1 will be our first event and all other are scheduled as planned Sept 12th Tulsa event has been changed to Oklahoma.



Local/Regional OCR Series Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

5K The Hardway

Postponed: New Date October 17. 2020

Alpine Adventure Challenge:

Canceled: Alpine Adventure 5K

Arkalon Assault

Postponed: New Date August 1, 2020

Arrowhead Obstacle Trail Run

Canceled: Arrowhead Obstacle Trail Run

Badass Dash:

Canceled: Badass Dash

Barbarian Challenge:

Postponed: August 22, 2020

Barden Mudfest

Postponed: New date October 31, 2020

Beach Ballistic Blast

Canceled: Beach Ballistic Blast

Belton Texas ASCO Spartacus Dash 2020

Postponed: New date October 10, 2020

Big Dog Brag

Postponed: Date TBD

Big Dawg Dare

Canceled: Big Dawg Dare

Big Red Challenge

Canceled: Big Red Challenge

Bison Race

Postponed: New date August 7-9

Black Swamp Dash:

Rescheduled: New date September 13, 2020

Blaster Race

Canceled: Blaster Race

Bog Commander

Postponed: Date TBD

Bootcamp Challenge

Canceled: Bootcamp Challenge

Born Survivor

Converted to Virtual

Breakout Run

Postponed to 2021.

Brewser Adventure 5

Canceled: Brewser

Camp Pendelton Marine Corps Mud Run

Canceled: Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Mud Run

Caveman Run:

Moved to August 9, 2020.

Celtic Warrior Challenge:

Moved to October 10, 2020


Postponed to 2021.

Chase the Wolf

Postponed: August 1, 2020

City Challenge Race

Hoboken: TBD Pending approval from NJ Governor

Course Extreme:

Rescheduled to 9/20/2020

Crusher Race

Canceled: Crusher Race

Deadend Race Montreal

Postponed to 2021

Defenders of Liberty Mud Run

Postponed:  September 19, 2020

Deleware Mud Run

Canceled: Delaware Mud Run

Delmare Mud Warrior

Canceled: Delmare Mud Warrior

Dirty Dozen 5K

Postponed: October 31, 2020

Dorian's Challenge

Canceled: Dorians Challenge

Dorset Mud Run

Postponed: Date TBD

Dragon OCR

Postponed: Date TBD

Emerald Coast Mud Run

Postponed: September 12, 2020

Epic Series OCR

Fresno moved- October 10, 2020

Grants Pass moved – November 7, 2020

San Jose- Postponed

ERX Extreme 5K –

New date: August 23. 2020

Filthy 5K

Canceled: The Filthy 5K

Fin Fun Mud Run

Postponed: June 2021

Flew the Coop Mud Run

Postponed: Date TBD

Forest Mud Run

Postponed: July 19, 2020


Canceled Now Virtual: Details: Frankenmudder

Frontline OCR

Postponed: October 31, 2020

Gaylord Gauntlet

Postponed: August 15, 2020

Gelt Gladiator

Canceled: Gelt Gladiator

Git'er Done Mud Run

Canceled: Git'er Done Mud Run

Gladiator Assault Challenge

Postponed- September 19-20 2020

Goliath Gauntlet

Postponed- New Date October 24, 2020


June Event: Moved to October 8, 2020

Great Harvest Obstacle Challenge Race

Canceled: Great Harvest Obstacle Challenge

Greenwood Delaware Delmarva Dirt Dash 2020

Canceled: Delmarva Dirt Dash

Gritty Chix

Canceled: Gritty Chix

Gun Stock Trail Fest 

Postponed: September 20, 2020

Gut Check 5K

Rescheduled; July 25, 2020

Hero Mud Run

Canceled: Hero Mud Run

Hollis Mud Run

Postponed: July 18, 2020

Horseshow Bend Obstacle Course Race:

Rescheduled: September 26, 2020

Hurricane Mud Run:

Rescheduled: September 20, 2020

Indian Mud Run:

Postponed: August 22, 2020

Jail Break Challenge:

Postponed: October 31, 2020

Kalamazoo Michigan Kalamazoo Mud Run 2020

Canceled: Kalamazoo Mud Run

Little Mud Runner

Postponed: New Date TBD

Lords Gym Mud Run


MacTuff Kids

Postponed: Date TBD

Mad Marsh

Canceled: Mad Marsh

Marine Corps League Marine Mud Run

Canceled: Marine Corps League Mud Run

Marine Mud Run

Canceled: Marine Mud Run

Medieval Rush

Postponed: August 1, 2020

Memorial Beach Challenge:

Canceled: Memorial Beach Challenge

Minnewashta Mud Run

Canceled: Minnewashta Mud Run

Mint Springs Adventure

Canceled: Mint Springs Adventure

Muck For Good

Postponed until 2021

Mud Endeavor Under the Lights


Mud Factor

See website for current details: Mud Factor

Mud Hero

May 31 event in Ottawa moved to July 12, 2020

Ontario 10K Championships- Canceled

Muddy Dog Challenge:

All events before Manchester in September are canceled. Muddy Dog Challenge

Muddy Duck Dash

Canceled: Muddy Duck Dash

Ninja United Obstacle 5K

Canceled: Ninja's United 5K

Panther Run:

Postponed: Date TBD

Pigtrail Mud Run

Postponed: New Date September 19, 2020

Race for a Reason

Canceled: Race for a Reason

Red Dirt Mud Run

Postponed: October 3, 2020

Renegade Rage

Canceled: Renegade Rage

Ruck A Muck

Canceled: Ruck A Muck

Ruff Mudder

Postponed: New date 2021

Rough Runner

Postponed: Date TBD

Run the Hook

Moving to Virtual Event: Run the Hook

Run the Jail Break

Postponed: September 19, 2020

Tackle the Tar

Canceled: Tackle the Tar

Tactical Titan:

Rescheduled: August 29, 2020

Tame the Terrain

Canceled: Tame The Terrain

Texas Warrior Challenge

Postponed: New Date August 1, 2020

The Bear Crawl OCR

Canceled: The Bear Crawl OCR

The Great American Race St. Louis

Rescheduled: September 13, 2020

The Little Welly

Postponed: All registration rolled to 2021. The Little Welly

The Muck of Kells

Canceled: The Muck of Kells

The Titan Run

Canceled: Titan Run

Total Warrior:

Moved to 2021: Total Warrior 2021

Tough Viking:

Postponed: Date TBD

Tuff Scramblers:

Postponed to 2021.

Ultimate Tower

Canceled: Virtual Option Open. Details: Ultimate Tower

Vail Colorado GoPro Mountain Games Mountain Mud Run 2020-

Postponed: August 22nd, 2020

Wabash Valley Prison Break

Postponed: June 27, 2020

Warrior Adrenaline:

Postponed: September 26, 2020

Wason Pond Pounder:

Postponed: October 3, 2020

Wicklow Ireland Hell and Back

Postponed: October 3-4, 2020

Wichita Gladiator Dash

Postponed- Date TBD

Woo Challenge:

Canceled: WOO Challenge

Worlds Highest OCR

Postponed: Moved to 2021

Your First Mud Run:

Canceled: June 6 2020 event is canceled. Registrations will be transferred to the event in 2021.

Zulu Challenge:

Rescheduled: September 19, 2020

If you've received an update that you don't see listed here, or are in charge of a race and want to list an update, please email it to mail@mudrunguide.com