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The Story
The Bone Frog Challenge was created by Navy SEALs to challenge, build and inspire participants to become better athletes and recognize that they can do anything they set their minds to, while enjoying the camaraderie and teamwork usually reserved for active duty Navy SEALs.

The Course
With at least 36 military-style obstacles on courses that range from 9-12 miles, the course will test everyone and leave no one unscathed. We attempt to place an obstacle about every ¼ mile, so your running ability alone will not carry the day. You must be functionally fit to succeed here. You will get muddy. You will get beat up. You will be exhausted. But you will finish. Did we mention sand? You will get to know what it means to be “wet and sandy” just like we were at BUDS. As Navy SEALs, we know what tough is – and we don’t mean Harvard.

Team or Individual
Our event will foster camaraderie, period. Form a team ahead of time or link up with others when you get here. This is a great way to challenge your friends and create lasting bonds.

Family Event
As Navy SEALs we have been forced to spend a great deal of time away from our families. As a result, whenever we can, we include the entire family in all that we do. The Bone Frog Challenge event weekend offers fun and activities for all ages for only $10 for the whole day! Let the kids come watch you race and then let them loose in our Mini Bone Frog Challenge Kids Area where they can play in the mud and on scaled down obstacles.

Upcoming Bone Frog Challenge Events

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  • September 23, 2017
    Buffalo New York Bone Frog Challenge 2017
    Kissing Bridge Ski Area, Glenwood, NY, United States
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  • October 14, 2017
    Atlanta Georgia Bone Frog Challenge 2017
    Highland Park Resort, Cedartown, GA, United States
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  • November 18, 2017
    Charlotte North Carolina Bone Frog Challenge 2017
    Porter Farms, Concord, NC, United States
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  • February 17, 2018
    Orlando Florida BoneFrog Challenge 2018
    Rock Springs Run State Reserve, Sorrento, FL, United States
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  • March 24, 2018
    Talladega Alabama BoneFrog Challenge 2018
    Talladega Superspeedway, Lincoln, AL, United States
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  • April 29, 2018
    Virginia Beach Virginia BoneFrog Challenge 2018
    Virginia Beach Sportsplex, Virginia Beach, VA, United States
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  • May 19, 2018
    Maryland New England BoneFrog Challenge 2018
    Berkshire East Ski Resort, Charlemont, MA, United States
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Bone Frog Challenge Berkshire East 2017

May 29, 2017 by Ken Flood

So, my first Bone Frog. Done oodles of Spartans, couple Battlefrogs (RIP), etc.. The Course = nice and tough-check, imaginative obstacles-check, big friggin mountain-check...WHAT, Norm Koch designed it.. honey I may be home a little later than I thought tonite.

First the positives:
- This was HARD, 40 obstacles on a psychotic 3 ascent/descent course. It will test your grip and reach muscles far harder than even a Killington Beast.
- The obstacles have very few "gimmies", and some are really complex where you need to stop and plan your attack, seriously.
- Penalties are posted at each obstacle, and they vary from burpees to jumping jacks, etc..Thumbs up.
- They managed to find space for some open trail running which was nice. And it was cool running past a solar farm, and close up to a giant wind turbine.
- Water stops were plentiful, though they should just have water bottles set up and volunteers handing out cups instead of trying to fill them one at a time.
- Parking was right at the gate, and the base area had a good amount of room, food, vendors and porta-potties.

- The registration line was poorly done. Was 1 line for all, took FOREVER. They need to set up like Spartan, multiple lines.
- Shower area was a few hoses and only 5 wood pallets to stand on, and no changing tents !
- There were long lines for Sway Bars and Slide for Life, needed more than 3 lanes on the Bars, but a pass on Slide as we were all glad for the break at that point.
- Not consistent enforcement of the 1-attempt rule. On some of the easier obstacles people were just doing them over and over, wasting everyone's time.
- I know the Dirty Name is a signature obstacle, but this is a really dangerous one. They need to put a net underneath, you hit that top log wrong and you can break your sternum or shoulder. Fall off and break your neck.

But all in all, the negatives are minor'ish quibbles. The race was hard as hell, good photos, made some new friends :), cool medal, and the burgers were REALLY good. I will be doing another Bone Frog next year.

Bone Frog Challenge Tier 1

May 03, 2017 by Chad

First off forget the AROO AROO AROO Spartans...there is a new breed of warrior in town, HOOOOOYAH Bone Frog SEALS! What a blast, what a venue! You will get every bit of your monies worth and then some. I'm retired Navy so of course I was all in to see what some fellow sailors had achieved in getting into the OCR world and decided to go big...why not go big or go home so I chose to do the Tier 1 Elite challenge (Endurance, their newest race was not out at the time). Hells Yeah if you want sweet glorious masochistic soreness and sprinkle in some pain then look no further! If you want to push your body then look no further! I'm not going to give you play by play details about the race or this or that. Its is up to you to get your butt to a Bone Frog and experience it for your own and make your own story book about it! I will be doing it again for sure but taking on the Elite Endurance next go round. So "Get After It"!

Mar 27, 2017 by Paul E. Brown Jr.

My daughter and I love doing OCRs together. We have completed 5 Warrior Dashes, 2 Tough Mudders, a Spartan Military Sprint (another scheduled for this year), a Savage Race (another already scheduled), a Rugged Maniac, a Terrain Race (10k), a BattleFrog (RIP) & other various local races. We are not elites but rather a team that likes to challenge ourselves while having a great time. We have been trying to hit each of the majors/mid-majors so when Bonefrog came to Talladega, we jumped at the chance to do it. We signed up for the 8+ mile Challenge and it ended up being close to 9 and I have to say this was one of my favorite races yet! It started off with the best Motivational Starter in the business, Coach Pain. We had him for the first time at our BattleFrog event last year and was stoked when we found out BoneFrog got him for this race among others. I know some people dismiss the importance of the start line but it is one of the things I really judge races on after the obstacles. Once Coach Pain got us all hyped up and going the course itself was different than any other OCR I have done. Their goal was to test you and push you to the limit and mission accomplished. I never felt in danger but was pushed to my limit. They used everything around such as the grandstands (Wreck Bag carry up and down the grandstands almost pushed me to the limit but the sense of accomplishment once I finished was unbelievable) I also love the fact that the penalties were not the same throughout the course. The obstacles had penalties but they varied on each one. One could be 30 burpees while the other could be 25 push ups, etc. That made for a much better experience IMHO (My daughter said the same thing.) Also the fact that they incorporated emotion in it with 31 heroes and the Memorial wall was also a great thing. I can not say enough about this one. I am considering Atlanta in October and if they come back to Dega next year I KNOW we will be back!

bonefrog challenge berkshire east

Nov 05, 2016 by Lance Zaleski

I have to start by saying I did not do my homework when it came to the Bonefrog challenge, Berkshire East. With that, I mean, this was literally the first obstacle course race that I have every run. To say the least I was in over my head, but have been indoctrinated into the never quit mindset and without that I never would have finished this course. Being prior service I have learned that your body can do whatever your mind allows it to do and that alone is the only reason I finished this course. To say I got my ass kicked is an understatement, from obstacle # 2, water crossing to the stairway to Valhalla, to Hells Gate, it was a constant ass kicking roller coaster. From the event coordinators to the polite and respectful staff and volunteers, you cant beat the comradery of this event. If you walked away from this event feeling alone, or defeated, you never opened your eyes, to the mountain full of people suffering along with you. I was proud to finish this course, proud that my son walked across the finish line with me and most of all proud to support the warriors that defend our rights and allow us to participate in events like this and live a life of choices. I finished, yes my ass was dragging, but my pride was intact, not only am I coming back for more, but I'm bringing more warriors with me. hooyah!!

Bonefrog Carolina 2016 Tier-1

Jul 28, 2016 by Jim Young

13+ miles (think its actually 14+) most miserable experience Ive had in along time, I loved every minute of it. Tested physically & mentally.
Tough hills, the mud was like molasses.Obstacle were top notch. The 109 degree heat was an obstacle as well. I would suggest more water stations. The medals are nice design, the Tier-1 Finisher shirt is the best looking shirt out there. This a great OCR event. I will do this one again.

May 23, 2016 by William Beck

All my races to this point have been easy local races. This was brutal. Fun, challenging, packed a lot of different terrain into a race held at one place. For me the the obstacles were manageable, not easy but could do them. If there was a down side, water stations were empty towards the end. I went in the 11AM wave. Going back next year.

Bone Frog Challenge - The true best of the best!

Nov 09, 2015 by JB

I have run just about every race out there to date. I have run from Zombies and Ninjas... Defeated the Devil's Tri-Fecta... Been shocked while being Tough... and kept my band twice on the OCR World level and everything in between! But I have never run a race that has meant more to me than the Bone Frog Challenges. I had run the Massachusetts version twice before, but had missed last year's Tri-State and was very anxious to check out what those SEAL's could do with flatter terrain. They did not disappoint!

This was truly no one's race. What I mean is that if you were a runner, the switchbacks in the beginning would not let you get into a rhythm. But, the distance in the beginning with sporadic obstacles did not let the power athletes get into a groove as well. In other words, the SEALs did to us what was done to them in training, they took us out of our comfort zone! Bastards!!!

The great usage of the motorcross track, new angles on old favorites (Oh, wanna carry some heavy stuff, ok... Do it under wires, up and down a sandy hill and let's do it all again in the opposite direction!!!) Just when you felt all good and warmed up, (it was a tad chilly that morning), after a lovely little run in the woods, they dunked you in a short water crossing. And then a fun romp thru a swamp!

Shortly after, you were hitting A Frames, Vertical Cargo Nets and a fun little game where your fate was truly laid out in the cards, annnnd another longer dunk in the water. Did I mention it was a tad chilly? And then after making sure we were nice and sandy, they had the nerve to hit us with a memory quiz! Jerks...

On the home stretch is where the SEALs nasty genius became very apparent. You were hit back to back to back with obstacles that truly pushed you. Your agility, your grip, your stamina, your grip, your legs, your grip, your upper body annnnnd, your grip were tested time and time again! But as you approach Bone Frog Challenge's signature obstacle, "Black Ops", all your fatigue is forgotten. No matter how exhausted you may be, the sight of the Finish Line and Old Glory in all her Majesty injects you with Nitro! As you work your way across those rising monkey bars, you see a Navy SEAL cheering you on and reaching out to give you a hand over those last few feet... Absolutely AMAZING!!!

As you cross the Finish Line, a young warrior puts your medal across your neck and congratulates you. What a great time!

My 2016 race season is already being planned out and at the top of my calendar it says, "WHEREVER Bone Frog Challenge goes!" I suggest you do the same...

Nov 07, 2015 by Jill

I ran the Bone Frog on Oct 24th and cannot say enough on how much it rocked! I've always considered myself a Spartan and did the Battle Frog here earlier this year but my search is over. Bone Frog is the best OCR I've seen and has definitely raised the new bar for OCR's. The obstacles were top notch and the staff is second to none. They delivered more REAL obstacles than all the rest combined and that's what we're all here for you right? I agree with some of the other comments that changing tents and water stations could have been better but when comparing the 50+ OCR's I've done in the past its no contest that Bone Frog has humungus potential. Keep it up SEALs. Yes have a devoted racer that is here to stay! Next time I'm bringing an army!

Nov 06, 2015 by John

I've done several different OCR's, but this was my first BoneFrog. The course was done well, especially considering the terrain and venue available. Good use of the dirt track for some elevation (hard to come by in that part of Jersey). The obstacles were well done. There were some nice twists to obstacles that I thought I knew (like carrying an ammo box, only to have to drag it under a barbed-wire crawl at the half-way point of the obstacle).

Only two suggestions for race organizers for future events: A changing tent/privacy area would have been most welcome. As it was pretty chilly and wet and the race left participants a bit "soiled" it would have been nice to have a place to at least change to keep the dirt out of personal vehicles. And maybe keep some private parts from being seen by everyone else in the parking lot.

Number 2 would be have spread out the obstacles at the end of the event a bit more. I loved it all, but my arms felt as if they were going to fall off due to the overwhelming upper-body obstacles at the end. The beginning was remarkably obstacle clear (only about 3 in the first two miles although this did spread out the participants a bit).

Go big or go home!

Nov 06, 2015 by Mike

After getting myself back into shape I wanted to challenge myself to the hardest race out there.... I found it in the Bone Frog! With all of the elevation changes and obstacles, it challenged me more than I ever have been before. Awesome race run by Heroes! Next spring can't get here soon enough.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.7 5.0 56 56 So, my first Bone Frog. Done oodles of Spartans, couple Battlefrogs (RIP), etc.. The Course = nice and tough-check, imaginative obstacles-check, big friggin mountain-check...WHAT