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As of July 28th, 2014, Dirty Girl is no longer owned by 100LLC, and has been acquired by Human Movement Management. Those events listed below will still go on as scheduled. For more news on the events surrounding Dirty Girl, please see this article!

Dirty Girl is a 5k mud run for women of all ages and athletic abilities. Don't worry, it's not a 'race' in the traditional sense. It is an untimed obstacle course designed to push you slightly out of your comfort zone, but only as far as you are comfortable going. Forming teams is encouraged, and so is helping your fellow Dirty Girls get through to the finish. At a Dirty Girl Mud Run you'll find excitement, laughter, and camaraderie—as well as lots of music and even some adult beverages. It's a day you'll never forget.

Having the dirtiest time of your life isn't all you'll be doing out there. Dirty Girl supports breast cancer charity organizations in each of our event markets with a cash donation that we intend to be used in your community. By participating in a Dirty Girl Mud Run you've already have made a difference by financially and physically making a stand against Breast Cancer.

Upcoming Dirty Girl Mud Run Events

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April 25, 2015
1500 Tara Boulevard, Hampton, GA, 30228, United States
May 2, 2015
1000 Montage Mountain Rd, Scranton, PA, 18505, United States
May 17, 2015
2181 Landstown Road, Virginia Beach, VA, 23456, United States
May 30, 2015
Kersey Valley Rd, Archdale, NC, 27263, United States
June 6, 2015
8001 S. Grant City Road, Knightstown, IN, 46148, United States
June 13, 2015
290 Story Road, Export, PA, 15632, United States
June 27, 2015
5333 Prairie Stone Pkwy, Hoffman Estates, IL, 60192, United States
July 11, 2015
133 East Mountain Road, Killington, VT, 05751, United States
August 1, 2015
28186 Kettle River Blvd, Wyoming, MN, 55092, United States
August 8, 2015
126-01 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY, 11368, United States
August 15, 2015
1000 Northview Rd, Waukesha, WI, 53118, United States
August 22, 2015
23730 Frederick Rd, Clarksburg, MD, 20871, United States
August 29, 2015
3323 Harloff Rd, Batavia, NY, 14020, United States
September 12, 2015
209 Ten Mile Circle, Copper Mountain, CO, 80443, United States

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Dirty Girl Mud Run Reviews

Average rating: 2.56 / 5 from 93 reviews.

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So Much Fun

Aug 22, 2014 by Tracey

My daughter and I went and had a great time! Event went off without a hitch. So much fun. Shower station was fine. Didn't bother me that there was a little wait or that it was out in the open. It's a MUD RUN. Get over it!

Aug 20, 2014 by Jackie

This was the third year I participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run and I have to say, I was quite disappointed in how prices seem to keep raising, yet things keep getting taken away. In the past years, for participating in the race, there is a free beer ticket given, which is pretty standard with most 5K+ races that I have participated in. This year, no beer tickets given. Yes, that isn't a huge deal, but it is something that was always a nice perk to participating in a race. However, a bigger issue I have that was new this year was that the hose off station was completely out in the open. In the past, they always had a tent around the hose off station so women could undress and get cleaned off with a bit more privacy. This year, that was not an option apparently. Had to wait over an hour and a half in line, where other girls were skipping which made the wait even longer, and there were men everywhere and security guards just sitting in a golf cart only 20 feet away from the hose off station just hanging out and watching. That is unacceptable. For prices constantly rising, I would think they would improve things every year, but they are getting more and more stingy and greedy. Even parking... the first year, parking was free. Last year, they raised in to $5. This year, $10. That's absurd. All they care about is their profit off this race. Very little even gets donated to cancer charities, I believe its only 2.5% which I learned just recently. And for all of this, I will not be registering again this coming year and will advise others not to as well. There are plenty other 5K races and mud runs that will take care of the participants better as well as be a bit more generous to the charities they are involved in.

Aug 17, 2014 by DS

Not sure who in their right mind made the stupid decision that women should take showers out in the wide open. We stood in line for 1.5 hours baking in the sun to strip down outside like cattle heading to he slater house. NO PRIVACY FROM THE PUBLIC!!! Dirty Girl Mud Run just lost a team which consisted on 11 participants. Course was ok, too much mud not enough water. Slide was poor, too many branches in wooded area. Not enough drinking stations.

Aug 04, 2014 by Sue

The overall course was great, and had a lot of fun. This year they did not have a "Washing" tent, but only a changing tent. The washing area was outside, in full view of everyone who wandered over to the area. Secerity should have told the "Pervert guys" to get out of the area...of course the secerity guys where men, and where watching as well. This is NOT acceptable!!! Even putting up tarps around an area would have made a huge difference. Would have recieved 4 to 5 stars if this was the case. instead drove home covered in mud because I didn't need perverts looking at me clean the mud off.

Jul 30, 2014 by Sam Sam
Event Name: DGMD Rescued 

BEFORE you bash DGMR, know THIS: The OLD event management company (100 LLC) canceled the Charleston, WV race. There is now a NEW company (Human Movement Management) that took over the remaining events and are working TIRELESSLY to save them!! HMM, IS NOT... repeat IS NOT the company that was in charge of the Charleston, WV run. Good luck to HMM!

Jul 24, 2014 by Mrs. Roark

Cancled.Stole 200,000 dollars from hard working women, cancer survivors etc. Your town is next to be canceled.


Jul 24, 2014 by Wendy Polley

Stay Away

Jul 23, 2014 by Bob Berbowski

Do not give this company any money. They will take your money, cancel the event and you have no recourse. Just Google them before you send $

Organizers Steal money from Participants / Little Goes to Charity

Jul 23, 2014 by Bob Bird

Dirty Girl drops the ball, cancels event - denies refunds - only 3% of fees go to charity! Let's start over with a similar idea and honest organizers this time!

Poor Business Ethics!

Jul 23, 2014 by Pissed off in WV!

First they change our date. Then, the week of our race they cancel because they cannot afford to pay the fees in their contract for the venue. Add insult to injury, they are refusing to give us a refund. So they collect registration fees from over 2K women and keep them even though they cancelled due to no reason of the participants. Furthermore, when they posted that information to their Facebook page, after a 800+ negative comments from angry women, they delete it so the comments don't show and repost the SAME status yet again! Do they think our comments and anger are going to magically disappear?

If I were you, there is no way I would invest money in this event! They cancel for any reason and you are out of your money. You think it's going to a good cause, but beware...........only TWO percent, yes 2%, goes to charity!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm sure they'll delete this just like they did their Facebook comments. LOL


Jul 23, 2014 by Elizabeth

Our Mud Run for Saturday 7/26 has been cancelled due to FINANCIAL PROBLEMS WITH THE DIRT GIRL COMPANY. THEY WILL NOT BE GIVING REFUNDS TO OVER 2300 PAYED PARTICIPANTS. The registration waiver states there is a strict no refund policy, but the event is cancelled due to the company's problems. That should be illegal!!! I understand not giving refunds due to weather or the participants getting ill or backing out, but this is UNJUST. My husband's contracting company was sponsoring our team, so we are personally out 6 entrance fees (nearly $600), plus $100 for personalized T-Shirts! $700 for an event we can't even do! This makes me sick!!! DO NOT DO THIS EVENT, they will keep your money! THE FUTURE OF THE COMPANY IS IN QUESTION AND THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY.

Jul 23, 2014 by Laura Harvey
Event Name: Dirty girl mud run Charleston, WV 

What is going on? You have to give answers to people.... We have worked very hard to get Sponsors and T-shirts for this event taking time off work. This is all about GIVING and you are making it hard now for people to be willing to GIVE.... Us PEOPLE that have went through so much dealing with Cancer deserve a message, a BIG WHY...... Thank You... I'm a Cancer Survivor and LOOKING into doing some that would be well deserving and something that 10 of my friends was willing to do with me... Answers please....

Jul 23, 2014 by Disapponted mud runner

If I could give this a negtive rating I would. Event was cancelled and they are not giving refunds! They don't hold up their end of the bargain, and refuse to give my money back. What a scam.

Poorly Done

Jul 22, 2014 by Sara Marcello

I have done many mud runs in the past and will do many in the future.... Just not any Dirty Girl races. I paid $75 to run this race thinking the proceeds went to breast cancer research. I motivated a lot of friends and coworkers to run with me, but I was embarrassed before the race even began. The obstacles were cheap or overly easy. At times I was insulted by the ease of the course. It was as if they were saying that girls couldn't handle anything else.... Seriously, a large tank filled with water and a flimsy pool ladder?!? I spent more time on the course avoiding debris and helping people with unsafe obstacles than I did running or even enjoying the race. The after party or pre party was not what the web site promised. The vendors (I say the plural generously) were less than helpful. At one point it looked like it was a ghost town set up.
I will continue to do obstacle and mud runs.... However, I will save my money for races that do not insult my ability as a woman, are better organized, and provide the bang for the high buck!


Jul 21, 2014 by Briana

This was my second year at Dirty Girl and won't be my last. HOWEVER, the shower (if you can even call it that) setup this year was a monstrosity. We weren't under a tent as we were last year. We were out in the open, in our undies hosing mud off of ourselves. This is all fine and well except for the fact that there were men, sipping their beers, hanging over the fence, watching us! It was not very well thought out this year. The lines to get through some of the obstacles were so long that we had to skip some so we didn't lose our stamina. Very disappointing considering there are all of 5 obstacles throughout the 5K. I'm really hoping that next year, Dirty Girl steps up to the plate, has some new obstacles, some new ideas on how to shorten lines and figures out how to keep the ladies' dignity in tact by possibly closing off the shower area better.

A Blast!

Even though it was a bit of hike, it was well worth it! So much better than last year. I ran with a team of 14, everyone had fun and is ready to do it again. Only complaint...... the shower situation. It was very bad. I am hoping you make some major improvements for next time.

As with many not happy with the change of venue at first, we had a great night away from our hubbies and kids. This was our 2nd dirty girl and I will say that the venue was 100 times better then last year. The rocks weren't great but nothing we couldn't handle and I have to admit much better then the race last year. We didn't have to run through Horse poop and it was a lot muddier and warmer! I'm taking the kids back this fall for the Zombie Run and corn maze! We had a blast!

Very disappointed in the "mud" so many rocks and other debris. The wash station was a joke. The length of time to get to it was ridiculous and needed better thought. Staff and volunteers need to man all the obsticals. Let's get real. Climbing a wall or ropes covered in mud is an accident waiting to happen. And let's not talk about the location switch. Then not to mention only a small amount of the money actually goes to the charity. 1.5% that's a joke. They can do better!!

First time doing such an event and it was awesome. A few rocks and gravel never hurt anyone too much, and it made me feel like a kid again. Can't wait for next year.

My first mud run and I had a great time!! The only thing bad was the rocks in the mud. It was extremely rough in the hands and knees. Also I suggest doing something different for the wash off station. Found out there was a man taking pics of the girls washing off, he was kicked out of the venue but he still had pics of girls without their permission. Other than that it was an awesome experience.

Jun 03, 2014 by marsha armstrong

First mud run for me, didn't know what to expect really.Had a great time with friends there. I agree with a few other reviews when it comes to the rocks in the mud (got cut up a few places) and would've liked someone there to help with the big obstacles, but found help from others. Didn't like the long wait to get cleaned up -perhaps two stations there would've come in handy, but dealt with it like a big girl and chalked it up to the experience. Would do it again!!!!!!!!!Thanks so much.

Jun 02, 2014 by Wendy

Was my first mud run and had a blast. The suggestions I have for future Dirty Girl mud runs, no gavel,rocks in the mud....makes a mess of your hands and knees, space obstacles out a little more, have volunteers at every obstacle, especially the ones where you're climbing up and down. Too big of a risk of falling and injuries with wet muddy shoes.

So Much Fun!

Despite the change in venue after we had paid, me and my girlfriends were determined to have a good time. Yes, we had to stay in a hotel for the night since we had signed up for an early wave, but the extra money was so worth the time I got to spend with my girlfriend away from husbands and kids. I would have tried to space out the obstacles more evenly at the beginning of the course. I felt like I was running the 5K before there were even any obstacles to go over. The mud did have quite a bit of gravel in it which took it's toll on my elbows and knees and I think there could have been more volunteers spaced better through out the course. Over all, I thought the event was awesome minus few little hiccips. But you are going to have those at all races. I can't wait to sign up for next year.

Our first mud run and we had a blast. Can't wait for next year. We plan on having a huge group. Thanks for the memories and all you do.

I had to knock a couple stars off for the the registration of this event. Like many others, I registered and paid for the event based on the fact that they stated it was in Raleigh. Later they switched the location to 90 miles further away from Raleigh which made a 3.5 hour trip one way to get to the event when it would have been a quick under 2 hour trip for us. It prevented a lot of our friends from signing up after that. We ended up getting a hotel room the night before since our wave was 9 AM. Outside of the extra costs and travel time we had a blast at the event itself. The only thing they could list about the course is all the gravel and rocks hidden in the mud. We came out with cuts, scrapes and bruises due to the gravel. A few of the obstacles were pretty dangerous (8 ft wall covered in mud) which was okay for us but there were no event volunteers standing by in case someone fell. Would recommend staff at each obstacle. Would run again but I will wait to register until the exact location is determined and I'll wear more protective gear on hands and knees.

My first mud run and I had a blast! My friends and I laughed the entire time and are already recruiting other friends for next year!!

First Dirty Girl Run and had an absolute blast!


May 19, 2014 by M Berry

Mud was SO THICK and deep. Past participants said this was an awful venue. Routed through what were obviously corn fields and the mud literally smelled like manure. TOUGH TOUGH time.

Apr 22, 2014 by Bobbi

I had lots of fun at last years event and signed up 5 of my friends only to find the venue wasnt realy Raleigh, It was in Greensboro. I felt totally deceived and embarrassed that I asked my friends to join me. Its a long way from Raleigh , especially dirty and wet, I would have found another run, They should offer refunds due to deceit. none of us will go again,,,

Better than Last Year

Apr 13, 2014 by Brandi Taylor

This race was held at least an hour outside Atlanta, but we have come to expect this location change from DG, so it was not a shock and the location was Lake Lanier which is beautiful. Parking was lacking, we walked at least a mile each way to and from our vehicle and check-in took longer than expected as well, but the course itself was fantastic. The natural terrain with the obstacles made this a much better course than the one in Bham last year. There was a ton of mud and being able to dip in the lake to rinse off before hitting the hoses was nice as well. The only thing lacking this year was the wash area. The hoses were outside the changing tents, right on the lake, so there were several boats hanging around waiting for the women to take off their clothes to clean. No one completely undressed while hosing off because of the extra eyes from the lake, this was the only downfall compared to the previous year's DG. I always recommend this race to women who want to get into OCR, but are nervous or anxious about doing it with bunch of men. It is a great race for a first timer, and is worth coming back again for the women only principle.

Apr 11, 2014 by Trudy Bean

One of the best mud runs I've been too...if you have not done a mud run before but always wanted to do it....this is for you!!! Grab a group of friends and have fun!!!

Mar 25, 2014 by Trish

Misleading about being for charity. They gave less than 3% of their profits to the charity. They used to say 2.5 percent but I do not think they even say a percentage now.. They said they hope to give $500,000 last year, but gave less than that in THREE years. Just do not think all the money you pay is going to "the good cause".

Mar 24, 2014 by Sabrina

I though the natural earth obstacles were way better than the actual man made obstacles . Another race that's good to be a persons "first race". I'd do it again because of the cause.

Good for a first run

Mar 19, 2014 by Brandi Taylor

My first mud run with 2 friends. It was all good until the end, the final slide had been running out of air and the puddle wasn't deep enough, I was the last person to slide down, my friends didn't get to do it as they didn't fix it and I killed my tailbone in the 'puddle'! The 'mud' was nothing more than ice cold water and some bark shavings thrown in. The real mud was on the course itself as it had rained the night before so we just splashed in the puddles to get dirty. Also no photographer or costume contest as promise on the web site. They were also outta XL shirts at check in by the time we ran at 11. We are doing it in ATL this year, hoping for a much better experience if they want us to keep coming back.

For Every Woman

Mar 11, 2014 by Samantha Swanner

My girlfriends and I had a blast at Dirty Girl last year and are all signed up to go again this year! There really are women of all fitness levels participating in Dirty Girl, all cheering each other on, from cancer survivors and families to friends and coworkers. A positive atmosphere with plenty of laughs...let go for a day at Dirty Girl! You can look on the website to see if your location has a venue set or not (what all the negative reviews seem to be about)...a great run, really well organized and FUN!

Great Fun!!

Feb 26, 2014 by Courtney

This was a great fun run! I created a team and three of my girlfriends participated with me. It can be competitive if you want it to but mostly it's just a fantastic time! One of my friends was even inspired to start working out more seriously. The event was well organized and had a wonderful atmosphere! It's so much fun! I laughed so hard my abs were sore! I highly recommend this run! The other people who gave reviews were mad about the location but they have directions to the site on their web page. You just have to look it up before you sign up. Be responsible people.

Dirty Business - Pick Another Run

Feb 06, 2014 by MommyMountaineer

Let's start with the basics - this race is nowhere near Raleigh. It's an hour and half to two hours from Raleigh, which their organizers continue to insist is in Raleigh (as above) because it meets their ridiculous 90 mile perimeter condition. When a large group of registrees objected to the venue selection, they insisted that this year's venue was still in Raleigh and was so great it was worth a 3-hour round trip drive, $30 in gas, and driving 90 miles home without a real shower after the event. Lucky us - they offered us 'free' parking to an event we had already paid $60 to attend. After exposing their bait-and-switch scam and poor customer service to a local TV news channel, the BBB, and multiple social media venues, they offered a large group of us refunds. But they are still refusing to give everyone a refund after changing the venue to one 90 miles away. Look at a map next time, people. When you make a mistake, fix it and don't try to placate us with 'free' parking.

Bait & Switch

Feb 05, 2014 by Alexandra Duhon

The location was listed as TBD, but called the Raleigh run. On the location page, the Google Imagery pin was set for an address near the center of Raleigh. A month after I registered, they announced the address.........which is 88 miles away from the center of Raleigh. They said no refunds. They justified it by saying the FAQ section states the location could be 60-90 miles away. Many people cause an uproar. Plenty of complaints were posted to the FB page, but were deleted and people were blocked. The local news station did a report on it. I filed a complaint with the BBB and am now told I will be receiving a refund. There are several complaints about this happening in other locations........and now I see similar complaints here. I wish I read all of this ahead of time. The efforts to get a refund have been more challenging than the mud run!

VERY disappointed! After registering about 2,000 for Raleigh by Feb, (for May event) they announced the "Raleigh Mud Run" will be held near Greensboro, 90 miles away. Half way to Charlotte, where they held one last year. Is it too much to ask for them to not combine the costs for both? Articles state their goal was to contribute $250,000 to Bright Pink last year, and charitable contributions for cancer are wonderful, but many have been under the impression this was a non profit, or that much of the money was going for that.. Registrations range from $65 to $100, so at the 2.5% I previously saw they said they donate, that's $1.62 to $2.50 our of your fee! An article said 350,000 runners/yr, some get discounts, some are free, but that's $26,250,000 at an average $75 fee. And they're too cheap to keep the Raleigh Run in or near Raleigh? They've lost many, a large group is not going, we're off to check out others. I can understand "No refunds" for you just changing your mind, but not when they change the city, the date, and add 3 hours or more in travel time. I see they've done this before, in other places, read on.

Feb 05, 2014 by Kay

Our team had a great time, much thanks to the group of women that we had! It was held in March and was about 38 degrees, which was certainly not so good. Some "mud" obstacles were totally dry, I heard it related to the weather? But we got soaked in the muddy water at the bottom of the slide, so I'm not sure why the other "mud" obstacles weren't set up. Rather expensive, many were under the impression a lot was going cancer research, when it's only like 2%, or $1.80 of your registration. Don't think there should be charges for parking at this rate either. Hoses behind sheets for cleanup afterwards, and at that temperature? I drove home partially changed, partially muddy.

Great event and SO FUN

Jan 23, 2014 by Tonya

I ran this for the second time in San Antonio and even though this year it was so cold (36 degreed) we still had a blast. The event is really well organized and they had heaters to help keep people warm but the cold didn't seem to bother anyone. I just thought it was a thoughtful touch.

I will say one thing, this is not a race. It's a fun run that is perfect for a team and groups of girls who just want a muddy, challenging obstacle course but not competitive run. Can't wait for year 3!

Jan 17, 2014 by Elizabeth

So disappointed this race was cancelled. Was looking forward to enjoying a muddy day with my daughter in law and fitness friends...


Nov 21, 2013 by Lea Marie

I had a Great time at the race. I felt like the race could have been a little longer and a little bit more challenging. I signed up with a team of 40 woman for the New York location. When the race date was approaching they told us they changed the venue to New Jersey! New Jersey!!!! It took myself and my group 2 1/2 hours away to do the race. Not happy!


Nov 11, 2013 by Lupe Garcia

Why was the event cancelled? I was so looking forward to the event, my daughter, daughter in law and sister were going to due this and as i was going to register today i could not find the event in El Paso and now i see its CANCELLED WHY???? So disapointed

Misleading False advertising

Oct 30, 2013 by Brenda

This location advertised for Ventura. Acton is 75 miles away. I saw in their FAQ that actual locations could be 60-90 miles away from marketed location. But why would anyone read that FAQ when they would have no reason to. If I see a race advertised for Ventura, then I believe it is in Ventura so I would not look under FAQ to see if they are lying. Sounds like it is a pretty crappy event (maybe even literally) so it will be a financial loss but maybe it is best.

Oct 27, 2013 by Natacha

Less Mud. More Sand and Gravel

This was my first 5k. I run occasionally, but not this course was not difficult at all. Because of the sheer number of participants, it's difficult to race or run quickly (many people are walking). The biggest disappointment, however, was the 'mud'. I actually sustained a pretty large road rash/scrape along my thigh because one of the obstacles forced me to slide along the ground. The swelling and the pain is quite tremendous. When I reported the incident to a "volunteer" I wasn't even directed to a First Aid station. All in all, I think the concept is great, but for a $100 I was very disappointed by the experience.


Oct 18, 2013 by Jessica

Very disappointed to see that they have already cancelled this race, saying that is was due to "registration trends". This is Seattle, do you know how many people would run this race? It's in may for crying out loud, and it's only October. I find it worrisome that you would cancel already due to something like that. $$$

Sep 16, 2013 by Judi
Event Name: Dirty Girl Colorado 

I find it reprehensible that the event was cancelled in Colorado because of a natural disaster and no refunds were given. This shows lack of compassion and sensitivity to an area of the country that has seen devastating losses. The area in Colorado where the race was to be held has been identified as a Federal Distaster area. Shame on you Dirty Girl organizers! I only checked one star becauses I couldn't select zero.

Good and bad

Sep 05, 2013 by Kelly L.

Somewhat well organized and a nice venue. That is kinda where it stops. I was on the 8am wave and while they stated that the obstacle would indicate difficulty, they did not. I did amazingly well considering I severly sprained my ankle in the first 10 minutes of the run. I continued and was able to complete a significant amount of the run and did all of the "black" obstacles. There was no first aid on the course and no one was present at the wall climb. When I finally had to stop because I wasn't able to walk it took 20 minutes for someone to get flagged down and come to help me. I get there are dangers and risk involved but anyone with common sense would think to station first aid and event staff at regular intervals.

Aug 26, 2013 by Sarah

Event is well organized, but not many participants actually run in the 5k which disappointed me. Obstacles were also not too challenging. This may be a better fit for someone just getting into fitness/athletic activities.

Mud run

Aug 23, 2013 by Tonya

Im sure it will be a good time, but disappointed that I paid $100 to enter and the next day noticed a groupon deal for $35. When I emailed them, they just said NO REFUND!!! SAD!! I had a few more friends wanting to join my group and after that, they didnt join!


Aug 19, 2013 by Betty

This was my first Dirty girl mud run. Me and my girlfriends had a blast! Very well organized.
The only thing I thought could be changed in the future is to have the whole obstacle course opened up for the viewers to watch throughout, so they could run along side and take pics if they wanted. The location we were at, the start and finish of the run was out in the open for family/friends not participating to see, but that was it. All of the other muddy obstacles were through the woods and out in a field, which was closed off for everyone but the dirty girls. I think it would be so much better if family and friends can watch all those obstacle courses as well. Just a suggestion!
Other than that, it was a blast and we are already talking about signing up next year!

Aug 19, 2013 by Kiltie

My first Dirty Girl and it was awesome! I now understand why Milwaukee was extended to two days! There are so many girls there and the atmosphere is amazing!

The event coordinators did a great job at sending out e-mails with updates and reminders pre-race day. When we arrived, there were many signs pointing where to go and reminders of what was needed.

Check-in was a breeze, gave our ID's and received our bib numbers. Moved on to the next tent in line to grab out t-shirt and a few goodies. Then onto the next tent to get our bracelets verifying age (for that oh so yummy beer after). Our husbands were with us, so no need to check our gear but the system they had set up for it couldn't have been more clear or smoother. (Set up by bib number - a bag ID tag that matched the bib number was given to use and staff verified the matching numbers when you picked up your bag at the end)

They knew this was a Women's event and had 6 rows of bathrooms set up = never a line or wait!!

They had great announcers at the shoot and a Zumba warm up - it really got the girls excited to get on the course.

THE COURSE: there were 12 obstacles set up and they were all a lot of fun! I didn't see anyone skipping any, and the ones that were a tad more challenging, well, other Dirty Girls helped out! I, along with everyone else, was covered head to toe in mud by the time I was done and my cheeks hurt from laughing!

After the race, we all enjoyed our free beer and then headed back over to the finish line to cheer others on. We went to grab the rest of our goody package, including signature charm necklace and Epsom salt!

When we were ready to get the mud off, we went over to the rinse station to get un-modified. The line was long, but moved quickly. The rinse station was a closed off tent with a line of hoses. It's definitely a 2 person job to get the mud off.

Lastly, we checked out the merchandise tent and said good bye.

We are ready to sign up again for next year!

Aug 19, 2013 by Heidi Ferrise

only really big problem port a potties overflowing, could use a little more mud

Jul 16, 2013 by Ciotog

I wasn't pleased to receive the "$10 to park your car at the satellite lot" e-mail the day before the event. Not cool. We had already been advised we would park & shuttle, why the last minute notice on the fee? Choosing a satellite lot that has participants competing with local beach traffic all day was a poor choice. I was also disappointed in the Check-In process. It took me 50 minutes to get my bib. I think having the staff/volunteers do the data entry as you check in wastes too much time. Assign bibs in advance, print the list in alphabetical order and pick up your number - just like most other large scale events. I'm used to running trails, so safety wasn't a concern for me. I enjoyed the course, but not the manure smell of the mud. Kinda concerned about what I was slogging through. I won't be attending this event again. The people were nice, but the process left a lot to be desired. I run and volunteer at many events, so I've got experience on both sides of the race. Dirty Girl gets "poor" from me for race administration.


Jul 14, 2013 by Dee Ray

First and last Dirty Girl Mud Run! Unsafe, Unhealthy, Misleading information on website!
"Plenty of free parking"= NOT! Got an email the day before stating $10 payment was required in an off-site parking area 15 mins away! This has happened in multiple states, so it's not a mistake!
"expect safety throughout"=NOT! No safety staff/volunteers throughout the whole course! Unbelievable lack of concern for people's safety. The majority of the course was in the woods with NO help in sight for the injured!
"dirt and water only"- DEFINITELY NOT! Cow manure smell was VERY obvious! Regular dirt does not smell like that! Many people getting sick after. Disgusting!
So upset to learn that very little money raised goes to Breast Cancer Research. You would do better to send your money directly to cause.
From other reviews, I can see similar problems in most other state events, so it's obvious the bottom line of this company is that they are truly "FOR-PROFIT" only, and really nothing else.
On a positive note- The staff and volunteers-at check-in, bag check, rinsing station, etc were very helpful and nice.


Jul 03, 2013 by Stephanie
Event Name: Dirty Girl Mud Run Detroit 2013 

This was my first ever mud run and my friends and I had a blast!!

Location: was switched about 2 weeks before the event but luckily it was a good switch.

Parking: ample within 50-200 feet of the check-in area. Got the "$10 parking fee" email the night before so be prepared.

Course: Plenty of mud if you wanted it!! Lots of runners, lots and lots of walkers! Truly a beginner mud run. For any who might be too intimidated to try, don't be! You will have a great time!!

Check-In: easy breezy. Sometimes busy, sometimes not. Plan on standing in line just in case and you'll be ahead of schedule if you don't end up having to wait in line :)

Showers: was ok, maybe a few more hoses available.

Porta Johns: not enough for an all women event and some ran out of toilet paper by 10:00 AM. I'm sure they replenished them at some point but they should have a container of TP sitting nearby for someone to hand you some.

Food tent: only one and VERY slow

Shopping tent: lots of choices but sizes were limited. Only 3 people working in it so was a bit of a wait to catch someone.

Do it again next year?: DEFINITELY!!

Cons: disappointed in different discount codes that became available after we registered. Also a Groupon deal came out about 3 weeks prior for $35 per person. Now I know people will say "It's for a good cause so don't complain about the registration cost" but I've heard that only about $2 from each registration goes to charity so anything over that is money in the organizer's pocket and that's not cool. So don't be disillusioned that "a portion of the proceeds go to the Nat'l Breast Cancer Assc" that the portion is 30-60% of your cost.

That said, it was still a great girl-time event and I will do it again. And if I find one of the 50% off registration codes, I will donate what I save to Breast Cancer research myself so that I know how much they get from me :)

skirmish mud run , june 22

Jun 24, 2013 by michele heinbaugh

did the mud run june 22, at skirmish. overall, very fun! two cons: reached 1 mile marker water station- out of water... out of water? did you not expect us? pretty thirsty after the zumba in the sun.
con #2- end of 5k, coming to last obstacle---bam! huge backup. 45 minute wait to do last obstacle. wow. okay,a bonus con... con #3- one chicken pita, one strawberry lemonade, one funnel cake = $32!!! ba-bam!

VB Dirty Girl

Jun 18, 2013 by Dee H.

I had a blast by myself. I saw too many ladies cheating and going around the obstacles because they didn't want to get dirty - really? I was covered in mud. Many were not even dirty above the waist. WTH! Why bother doing it then. The obstacles were easy enough to do.

I see many complain about parking. Well, they let too many in one heat for afternoon is what I am guessing and not allowing people to park onsite after some leave. I had a 9:30am heat, arrived at 8am and even went into an earlier heat. No problems. Don't blast the place - I thought it was awesome. It is hard to find a good location in Virginia Beach without driving a ways or having parking issues. The issue with parking was that too many morning people hung around versus leaving to allow the afternoon heats to park at the event.

Also, as early as I was at the event, they were already out of small and medium shirts. Need to increase your supplies!

All in all - very cool for us ladies to do together.

Jun 08, 2013 by gina

My friends and I had a blast on the run however I was disappointed in how they set up the line to get your belongings after, it took forever!! I was also very surprised that there was only two food booths and one beer tent!!!!! I also think that spectators should have been able to go along the course to cheer there loved ones on and take pics..I will do it again next year, hopefully it will be set up better!!

May 30, 2013 by HoneyBadger41

these 'reviews' are comical....the comments on safety are important, worrisome, concerning, and valid...but those of you complaining about the locations...OMG...seriously? Entitled much? "OMG, I can't be inconvenienced like that...why didn't you make the venue closer to ME?"....ya'all sound like my self centered whiny 13 year old. a big giant yuck! psst...listen close, you are not the center of the universe...SO over moms like this.

Not New York

May 28, 2013 by Paula

This is 60 miles south of New York, New York, and you can't get there by train, subway, or bus and have to battle summer weekend flea market traffic.


May 27, 2013 by Heather

Concerned about a venue not being listed. This appears to have been a problem in the past and I refuse to sign up until a venue is secured.

Fun Time!!

May 20, 2013 by Cheri

So I read a lot of what was said and parts of it I agree with.

The venue in Indianapolis was actually pretty good. Most of the obsticles were very easy for any one to do. We seemed to have a great crew because there was a person at every obsticle and all of them had ample water and mud in them. There were only so many places that you coudl actually 'run' because the put the path on very uneven areas of the venue.

I did get annoyed at all the girls that expected the shower area to be individual showers with warm water. I had never been to one of these runs before, so I read up on the event and some reviews. I realized that I had 3 options. Not run or get dirty, stay dirty for the hour ride home and shower at home, or suck it up and use the hose.

I sucked it up and used the hose. Nobody cares what you look like, and while the water is cold, you get over it pretty quickly if you stop screaming and just get it done. The only thing that ticked me off were the girls that were actually taking pictures. I think that it would have been much nicer if they would have sectioned off the 'shower' area from the changing area with at least a tent wall. I showered with no problems with my sports bra and undies on.

I also thought ahead and brought more then one towel and a few trash bags to put must stuff onto. They did at least have the place going down hill, so that the shower water didnt run into the 'changing' area.

The only part that irked me was that the later heat people didnt get to partake in the free stuff. The Paul Mitchell free braids area was closed up by the time I was done, and the free beer was running out when I got there too.

All in all, it was great fun - I hope to do it next year.

A Mostly Fun Day, But Trust Your Intuition Re: Safety

May 08, 2013 by Glori Harvard

A friend posted a link to the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Boston on Facebook, but I was unavailable that date. I checked the website and found the PA dates were close to my family, so invited my sister, a cousin, and local friend to join me. It was my first mud run and I thought it would be a great venue to get some experience before pushing myself in a Spartan Sprint later this summer. Why not? It's not timed, women only, and for a good cause.

Some observations: Our team realized early on that though it's called a "run", you can't run. The terrain was very rocky, there were roots everywhere, and it was just not safe to run. I learned quickly to step cautiously into unknown areas. Some of the mud puddles were shallow, others were to your knees and I could feel rocks and roots as I was wading through.

The second thing I learned about mud racing is to trust your intuition. We got to the Dirty Dancing Slide obstacle and the climb up was not bad. My cousin and sister went down first. I noticed they flew off the bottom of the slide and into what looked like an area that should have had 2 feet of water and mud, but was more like 2 inches. They basically landed on asphalt. I looked at my friend at the top and said, "Maybe we should have went around this one.". We slid down and she promptly broke her leg in multiple places. Luckily, the EMTs arrived quickly and they were able to get her to the hospital. My family was watching others while waiting for us to get to that point of the race and saw at least 1 other woman who was also injured there. We expected some bumps and bruises, but no breaks! Both my sister and cousin have bruises the size of softballs on their rear ends from their impact. I guess I just lucked out.

I know many of these races count on local volunteers to assist, but they need some kind of training prior to the race so they can better assist the patrons. My father was with my friend's husband when they got the call there was an emergency, but none of the workers they spoke to knew where "the slide" was located. He did make it to us before she was taken by ambulence, but it was close.

Another suggestion would be to use filtered loam in the obstacles you need to crawl through. It would be difficult to sift the dirt on the trails, but in the contained areas, it would make a much more pleasant experience for those crawling on hands and knees through it. The mud we crawled through was filled with gravel and though we laughed trying to get through the tubes, it was painful. I can't imagine it would cost that much more to get filtered dirt in those few areas considering the cost of registration and the number of people attending.

Overall, it was a good experience. My cousin is a marathon runner and said she would probably not do a mud run again, but had fun because we were together. I am scheduled to do several other runs over the summer, though may avoid any slides! I would consider doing Dirty Girl again, but would try a different venue.

Good Location/Event, Poor "shower/clean up" Stations

May 06, 2013 by Jen L.

This was my first year participating, and from what I heard from friends who did last year's they made a lot of improvements, more obstacles and more mud, but the crowds cheering on participants was a bit lacking.. Having the race at the Toyota Pavilion is a great location, plenty of port-a-potties, food stands and beverages, could use a few water stations (especially after the really muddy obstacles) to at least rinse your face off.. the slide was dangerous, fun, but I am lucky I didn't strain my neck the way I flew off of it.. maybe it is a little too steep/wet going into the mud pit at the bottom. There was no way to slow yourself or stop at the bottom and many girls, myself included were momentarily air-born and landed pretty hard in the muddy/gravel mixture flat on our backs. Of course you assume risk responsibility when you sign up but considering they market to all women, (with the option to skip obstacles) I think that one was just a little rough. We were a large group in the 10:00 heat and we got all our "swag" and made our way around the event area pretty easily, although it was a bit disorganized. The worst part of the whole thing was the clean up/shower area, which was anything but.. the line was ridiculously long to get into a gigantic tent with a line of low pressure hoses with ICE COLD water, barely enough to rinse off if you could even stand the temperature of the water.. the mud was warmer than the rinse off.. maybe an area for women who wish to be a bit more modest would be nice for future events too.. not everyone was very comfortable with stripping down to their birthday suits with hundreds of other random women you don't know. we managed with our towels to maintain some modesty while changing enough to just get out of there without taking the whole mud pit home with us. Most of our group drove over an hour to get here and had a great time, I was one of the locals who had less of a drive, and luckily we managed pretty well with parking since we were in an earlier heat. From reading other reviews it sounds like we lucked out with one of the better event locations, we will definitely be doing it again next year and adding more dirty girls to our group. My out of area teammates agreed it was worth the drive..

Location Change

May 06, 2013 by First and Last Time Dirty Girl

I signed up for this and it was advertised as being in Columbus with no small print saying it could potentially be a certain distance away once location was decided. Now it's in Clarksville which is 1.5 hours from Columbus and I can't do it because I have an infant at home I can't be away from for over 3 hours. This is unacceptable. Never will I do this race and Ill be discouraging anyone considering their race schedules from doing it.


May 02, 2013 by Michelle Meekins

The venue of the event has changed from Pittsburgh to Fayette Fairgrounds. That is over 2 hours away. I WANT A REFUND!!!

Fun Event - Needs Better Planning

May 01, 2013 by First TIme Dirty Girl

The course and the obstacles I'd give 5 stars, but the poor planning brought this down to 3. The site of the run is home to many large festivals in Va Beach without the traffic snarls this one caused. I suspect the let way too many people register. We ended up parking in a church lot and called the pastor for permission to park there, then walking the mile+ rest of the way since they'd run out of parking. No problems walking in, but very unsafe walking back out.

The course itself was a lot of fun and well laid out. It never felt crowded and there were only 2 very short (under 30 seconds) delays for obstacles at the inflatables you had to climb. They balanced out people climbing vs people sliding for safety concerns. I did this with a friend, and it is definitely a lot of fun to do with someone. I am extremely afraid of heights, but was able to do each obstacle - even the ones I had originally planned to go around. I'd say the majority of participants walked the course. We rna, and there were definitely other runners out there, too.

For the folks complaining about how much (or, rather, little) goes to charity - the Dirty Girl website states they are a for profit company. A lot of companies do not support charities at all, and DG is raising their donation from $250K last year to $1.5Mil this year. From the entry fees, they have to rent the locations, have the obstacles, maintain them, pay their employees, give us swag and give away entries to survivors, plus various other costs i can't begin to comprehend not being a race organizer. This is an event to get out, have fun with your girlfriends and do a little good. If you want more money going to charity, maybe next year skip the run, take your $75 and donate is directly to a breast cancer charity. As for me, I'll be back, but in an earlier wave. And I'll plan to get there uber early to get parking.

Apr 29, 2013 by Upset Girl

This venue states Columbus, do you change a venue at the last minute. WANT A REFUND!!!!!

A simple easy obstacle course

Apr 28, 2013 by Veronica

Venue overall was better than last year. Beautiful terrain and views throughout the course. Obstacles overall were also better. A little more challenging and fun. The people, both staff and participants were very friendly and helpful. However the crowd was MUCH smaller and the whole thing was very anticlimactic at the end. I never saw food vendors and did not have the option of getting water at the end. The after party was nonexistent because everyone wanted to change clothes because the weather wasn't great. This meant that everyone had to walk away from the finish line and back up to the start area, which was a good clip away. No one was hanging around the finish line to cheer everyone, like last year. Please consider giving more than $2 of my $75 fee ( plus $10 parking ) to the charity you selected. I had an overall good experience and will be joining you again next year.

Apr 28, 2013 by Angela Little

I loved it!!! Lake Lanier was beautiful!! The parking was easy, the check in was easy and everything went smooth. We enjoyed ourselves and the course. I will do it again next year if at all possible!!!

Information needed

Apr 28, 2013 by Chris Parks

I haven't made the run yet but, I am concerned that there is still no location listed. In reading reviews it sounds like this has been a problem at other runs. Anyone who is running in KC in June know where it will be located? Only less than one star so far for poor organization.

Location of race not what I paid for

Apr 28, 2013 by Ali George

It made me give it at least 1 star where it doesn't deserve ANY!! I paid for this race to be in COLUMBUS, OH not nearly 2 hours away closer to Cincinnati. I want a refund based on the fact that you guys misleadingly advertise this to be in Columbus and it is not. This is unacceptable.

Fun BUT..........

Apr 28, 2013 by Mary

First of all, my friends and I had a great time. However, we have a lot of "buts"!! The whole event was extemely unorganized. Parking was a nightmare. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to travel 1 mile on West Neck Road toward the event, and then was told there was no more parking. So I was redirected to a horse field where I had to pay $10 to park and then walk a mile to the event!!! The water in the changing tent ran out and so I stood in line forever to use a hose outside. The only porta-potties were near the start of the race. NONE near the food/beverage area. Another idea, maybe some healthier food vendors? Also, perhaps too many participants were allowed to register and not enough space to accommodate them?

Not too bad

Apr 27, 2013 by Vanessa

This 5k wasn't too bad for my first run. It reminded me of basic training with a little bit more mud. There was a lot of enthusiasm from the runners and the MC. He did a good job pumping us up, my husband thought he was a little over the top on some of the stuff he said, though. I was disappointed that right as I got in the hose down/ changing room they ran out of water. The parking sucked too. I paid $100 for this race and the parking was supposed to included. My husband was directed into a parking area and charged $10! Also, more medics or staff were needed on site, a woman required a medic at the third obstacle and it took them forever to go to her bc no one was around! All in all, the race was fun, the lack of planning was horrible. I hope next years is better!!!

Apr 27, 2013 by Mark

Location was very hard to get to. Many runners had to park up to two miles away and walk in and back. Portapotties were far away from the party area. Not enough event staff present to answer questions. Limited food vendors meant very long lines for food or drink. Ran out of drinking water at race end area. No water to clean up with. Very badly run event. Noblemen pouring beer were the only bright spot.

Fun Race. but....

Apr 22, 2013 by Amy

The race was fun and challenging for me. Compared to other 5Ks in the area though, it was quite disappointing overall. We arrived at 7:10AM to find they were already out of the shirt sizes we needed. This was only 10 minutes after registration was opened, and there were at most 30 people who arrived before us. During the race, most of the obstacles had NO STAFF present. In fact there was very little staff overall. It seemed that a staff person should at least be present at each obstacle in case of injury, or in the case we saw, someone got stuck in the net over one of the mud pits and started to panic a bit. She was alone, and our group stayed to make sure she was ok before we went back on the trail. It was scary to think that someone is supposed to give a particular signal if they needed help or had an emergency, but most of the time, there was no one to see the signal. My group was in the 8:30 wave, and we had the course to ourselves most of the time. The other big disappointment was at the completion of the race. It ended in a different location than it started and was very anticlimactic. There was no one cheering, or even there to see the finishers other than the one MC and the photographer. Also, in my experience at the end of a 5K you are given a goodie bag, as well as the opportunity to have a drink of water. We only had the option of beer, and one of our racers lost her beer ticket somewhere in the mud, and was denied her beer as well. We searched all over for the "sponsor tent" that was mentioned in the write ups to no avail, and also for the food tent we were supposed to bring cash for...also missing. In sum, we paid a high registration fee for what was overall a lacking 5K experience. The race itself was great, but you also pay for the experience, and that was severely lacking this time. We are very disappointed!
It would have also been nice to have a recognition for the Breast Cancer Survivors in the group. Those ladies were in the battle of their lives before coming to the Dirty Girl and should have been honored in some way....especially since less than $2.00 per person went to the Brest Cancer Foundation you named as your charity.

Apr 22, 2013 by Jaime Byrd

Had an awesome time!! The only thing disapointing was the shower/change tent and the "after party" at the end. Will defentaly be doing it again next year!!!! And upon reading others reviews i am greatful there was no manure lol.

Seattle Mud Run 2013

Apr 18, 2013 by Kathie Cook

Does anyone know where the Seattle event is being held? I've been registered for a couple of months and it still says TBA.
Also, are we really going to have to run through manure???

Response: The website has been updated with the location.

Apr 12, 2013 by Kristie

I had an awesome time and can not wait till next year. I bet we will get triple the people, because everyone I tell says they want to do it next year. I just wish you had it in a 10k! It was that much fun!

Absolutely nasty

Apr 12, 2013 by Danielle

I wish we were told we would be running through manure!
We felt sick the whole time (a few of us sick for two days later)
Poorly organized. No swag. So disappointed.
Waste of money!

Response: Official Organizer Response: Here at the Dirty Girl Mud Run our goal is to put on an incredibly fun and encouraging event for women of all athletic abilities. We take all of our participant feedback into consideration when planning our future events and so we truly appreciate your input. Participant safety is our number one concern and we can assure you that our we take all the necessary steps to ensure that our participants have the best experience possible starting from the time they sign up. We bring in all our own mud for our mud pits and water pits which is a dirt and water combination only and we do not dig mud or dirt from the land itself. We hope to see you at an upcoming event in the future so you can see what the Dirty Girl experience is all about :)

Apr 05, 2013 by Joycce Bolton

Why does the health dept allow this to go through manure? Doesn't this organization DG care about cancer patients' health??

Good Cause?

Mar 26, 2013 by Donna

I really wouldn't consider it a good cause when only 2.5% of your $70.00-$100.00 fee went to Breast Cancer Research. Do you girls realize that's only $1.75 on a $70.00 registration? This is for profit so why do they ask for volunteers? Do make it seem like a charity event! Also do you realize the harmful bacteria in manure? Maybe it's a good thing they only had two mud pits!

Response: From the Dirty Girl website: \"Here at Dirty Girl, our mission is to inspire women to step outside of their comfort zone and to create meaningful partnerships our participants benefit from. Our partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is truly symbiotic and is one that we believe in.
In 2012, Dirty Girl provided the National Breast Cancer Foundation with over $250,000 in monetary and in-kind support. In 2013, our goal is to deliver over $500,000 in support to NBCF. In addition, Dirty Girl will continue providing cancer survivors free registration at each event.\"

Mar 25, 2013 by Laura T

Anyone become violently ill after the Austin mud run? My daughter and I ran the event together, spent the evening eating at home and out at a well known, high end restaurant with 5 other family members. We all ate the same things.
My daughter and I were sick all night and the next day. No other family members were ill. We are assuming it had to be bacteria in the muddy water. Anyone else?

Mar 25, 2013 by Lauren

Horrible! I was so excited about this event. We were told right before we started there were 13 obstetrical courses and there were maybe 6. All but TWO of the the "mud pits" were dry dirt and dry manure. Aside from the large piles of horse manure everywhere this was not the "dirty" girl mud run I had anticipated considering all the pictures I've seen on the Dirty Girl FB page. It was 50 degrees out, far from "freezing" and am extremely disappointed that for $70 I got to go through 2 mud pits.

Mar 25, 2013 by Kellie

I agree with Elizabeth. My team was in the 11:30 slot, and when we arrived at 10:00 half the "swag" was already gone, though it was part of the fee we paid. I was equally disappointed that three out of the five mud pits were dry sand and manure pits. I understand it was cold, but we knew when we signed up that it was a "rain or shine" event. The farm was beautiful and the obstacles were fun, but to pay $85 for a "mud" run that only had two pits was very disappointing.

Mar 23, 2013 by Elizabeth Slocum

I give it 5 stars because of MY GIRLFRIENDS I did it with, but the course had 2 places to get muddy. They changed the course last minute for whatever reason; I assume weather (it was cold). I don't know how that changed the course, but it was a far cry from all that muddy. I wasn't looking for a hard core physical challenge, but running through sand and cow manure was not the "Dirty Girl" I was expecting. I loved my time with my girlfriends, but that's about it! Good cause! Crappy race!

Feb 13, 2013 by DonnaLouWho

It was fun...not hard at all!! But I seriously think they should forget about the 5k part of it, it seemed dragged out for just a few obstacles. I think it would be a lot ...A Lot... A LOT of fun if all the obstacles were real close to each other in a field so that we could hear music all the time, fun music, and hear the screams and laughter of everybody. just saying!!!


Feb 12, 2013 by Jen

Had a great time with a great group of women!!!

Feb 11, 2013 by Martine

Jen Hep, the run is done at Montage Mountain near the stage.

If you're fit and looking for a challenge - this is not it! Way too easy. If you're looking to hang with your girlfriends and bond - then this is just right.

Jan 28, 2013 by Jennifer Hep

Anyone got the skinny on WHERE in the Scranton area this is taking place?? I registered and got my email confirmation, but that is it. Where do we stay? Anyone?

Jan 21, 2013 by Shell

How much does it cost to go watch? Can't find this info anywhere!

Same day as an established event!

Jan 16, 2013 by Courtney Crabtree

This event is scheduled for the same day that a locally organized and established event - The Charleston Run, Row, Ride - is scheduled. Charleston is an awesome small city which needs things like this, but we don't have enough people to do both events in one weekend! I wish the organizers had checked with what was going on in town before they picked the date!!!!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.5 5.0 95 95 My daughter and I went and had a great time! Event went off without a hitch. So much fun. Shower station was fine. Didn't bother me that there was a little wait or that it was