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With over 30 obstacles in a 5K challenging you with everything from wind, height, sliding, climbing, and yes, mud. It’s an experience to remember with friends. Build a team and come become a Mud Titan!

Charity: The Youth Alliance #52-2306324. The Youth Alliance (TYA) deliver powerful messages of hope and encouragement to students in cities across America. “We believe your community’s greatest assets are not in its buildings, but in the students themselves.”

TYA offers numerous presentations for student populations, including anti-bullying programs. We are extremely active in central FL. Last year alone, TYA was in 100 plus schools in Pasco, Hillsborough, Polk, and Pinelas counties.

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  • October 07, 2017
    Plant City Florida Mud Titan 8 2017
    Roberts Ranch, Plant City, FL, United States
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Amazing local race with a national feel

Apr 17, 2017 by Jason Williams

This race instantly shot up to become one of my favorites! It reminded me of what I miss so much with the loss of BattleFrog. They were able to have a super challenging course for the elites while still making it fun for everybody else. Watching people struggle to keep their bands and seeing people they were competing against cheer them on shows what OCR is all about. Seeing the top females keep fighting over and over was gut wrenching and inspiring all at the same time. Events like this that beat you down and show you who you really are when adversity strikes is the reason I do these races. No penalty loops or burpees to get around obstacles. Just do them! What a great local race with a national feel! Can't wait for the next one. If I HAD to be picky about any part of the race, I would say get rid of the burpee box jump obstacle. Any time there's an obstacle where you have to count a certain number of exercises, things can get shady. Other than that, it was amazing!!!

Apr 13, 2017 by Monique Rodriguez

Great location. I really enjoyed the trails and the obstacles on this race. This was a lot of fun, thank you!

Elite women...don't waist your time with this

Apr 12, 2017 by Mark Coleman

This course looks tempting and the photos are alluring, but if you're an elite female who likes to race fairly, likes consistency, and wants to have a decent shot at qualifying for worlds...this is not your race. I watched every step of this event from start to finish, and the lack of professionalism and obstacle-marshall wherewithal was ridiculous. The first part of the race was in the woods, and I wasn't able to observe it. But in a world championships qualifier, you can't have 20 x box jump stations with a push - up in between with only 1 or 2 volunteers marshaling the elites. Then the warp-wall: I watched as only 4 female elites completed their mid-level wall-scale(there was a higher for elite males and lower for open division) Unfortunately, as time passed many of the open division males attempted,
and slid down the mid-level wall, making it super-slick for the elite females who were stacking up waiting their turn. The open division males/females should not be allowed to attempt the elite female warp wall because they had their own wall to complete. Then, onto a hanging obstacle with ball grips. A couple elite females struggled with this as I watched another elite female attempt it once, then sneak by without having her band clipped. The volunteers were also asking athletes what their colored band meant, because they were unsure if it needed to be clipped. WHAT?? This is a World Championship qualifier right? Finally the two elite females (who were 2 or only 4 elite femles who still had their bands) made it through this obstacle and eventually onto the last two obstacles.
As I talked to the volunteer there she informed me that there were no elite females who had passed this obstacle...but went around to try the last super-human rig before the finish line. The race director told me something opposite even though he was t there to witness it. Fair enough, but there were still two more elite females who were still on course, which meant they could win if they passed these last two obstacles..right? Wrong. I overheard the announcer saying they were going to do the elite awards, so I ran over and told them there were two elite females still on course with their bands intact. He stopped the awards, came over to the 2nd to the last obstacle, and tried to pressure the last female elite to quit(the other elite female had given up at this point). He said the timers needed to leave, then left and went on with the awards as the last elite female continued to attempt to pass the obstacle. Unless stated in the rules, there is no time limit on obstacles, and this is not a Spartan burped-fest. She eventually gave up, and was never included in the results: really crappy. However, Mud Titan posted a "brag-statement" saying two elite females(Ashley and Rachel) made it to the 2nd to last obstacle but didn't finish. Both these excellent athletes did make it this far...but it's not the whole story. I personally witnessed 4 elite females make it this far with their bands (and saw a 5th one cheat and keep her band) They also gave out awards to the elite females who finished the fastest, even if they skipped obstacles and had their bands clipped. While this may seem like a rant, any self-respecting OCR athlete can see that this is not the way to run a World Championship Qualifier, and that this is the 2nd year in a row no elite females have finished (this isn't confirmed but was told to me). Mud Titan brags about their World Championship Slots...but they need to put or shut up if they are to be taken seriously. Elite athletes spend significant $$ to come and race (as do the open athletes). It needs to be fair, properly marshalled, and rules need to be in place prior to race-start....and midify the obstacles to make them somewhat-possible for the ladies. Fix this race or stop bragging about it.

Challenging Elite Course with Fun!

Apr 11, 2017 by Peter Stellato

This was for sure a challenge in the mud but fun all around! This was my first race with MudTitan as an Elite and it won't be my last!! I did get an injury in my wrist but guess what, I knew it could happen going into an obstacle race. My adrenaline didn't stop me to finish! Great race again!!!!

Apr 10, 2017 by John Noble

This was my first 5K ever, regular or mud, I had such a great time, I have already registered for Mud Titan 8 in October.

Apr 10, 2017 by Jill P

This was my first Mud Run & my group & I had a blast! We are ready to do another!

Much better than other OCR's I've run

Apr 10, 2017 by Art Solis

I really enjoyed this run as it was actually a CHALLENGE to me doing the Elite Wave for time. Other races were a little too easy to be honest. Placed Top 10 and I'll be back for a higher spot soon.

Apr 10, 2017 by Robert ward

Great race to run with the kids definitely see improvement

The wall

Apr 10, 2017 by Ryan pla

This course was a real challenge for me. A lot of fun. My upper body was in shock afterwards. Found out I'm a little weak on the rope climbing. Can't wait to try again. That wall is a beast. Loved it.

My Absolute FAVORITE run

Apr 10, 2017 by Darrell Mullins

I have ran every Mudtitan except for the very 1st one. Every event gets better and better and Mudtitan really seems to step their game up every time. If you love actually having obstacles in your obstacle course run then this is definitely the event for you. This is also a very affordable event compared to some of the "name brand" events out there. Also the people incharge of the event are really good people and actually listen to the advise and concerns of the runners and are quick to respond and remedy any situation that may arise. And did I mention Great Pictures and fast too. I have attended every Mudtitan since I heard about them and I plan on attending every one in the future. GREAT JOB MUDTITAN!!!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.2 5.0 28 28 This race instantly shot up to become one of my favorites! It reminded me of what I miss so much with the loss of BattleFrog. They were able to have a super challenging course for