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The new Viking Obstacle Course is designed for racing and training -on your own or with guides. The course is available for corporate groups and teams who want a place to stay and train.

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A Hidden Gem

Jun 15, 2015 by Dan
Event Name: 2015-06/13 Albany NY Sunny Hill Spring Viking Obstacle 

DIFFICULTY = Intermediate

Parking was onsite and free. The walk was a little long (5 minutes) but if you didn’t feel like walking, there was a complimentary shuttle.

This was on a resort. If you ignore all of the resort features (boating, golfing, etc.), the actual festival consisted of 5 vendor tents and the eating area (it was pretty small). There was a DJ.

Bag check was free and unsecure. So unsecure that the staff moved our bags without telling us.

Finding the starting line might be impossible if someone didn’t tell me or the staff didn’t yell the wave time out. They had the “line” on the ground for the timing chip and an 8x11 sign in the grass that said START. The sign wasn’t high and it touched the grass (making it 8” high).

Great obstacle spacing and great terrain including grass, woods, dirt, rocks, mud, pavement, boulders, hills, water, and logs. I actually considered the terrain to be kind of flat (it appeared that it was on a mountain but it wasn’t). The variety kept it interesting and the giant boulders on the course were used as a path so you had to climb over them. I would normally give this an A rating but the path was not roped off with tape or rope. Instead, they used yellow arrows. We went off course twice during this race. They need to rope/tape it off or add more arrows.

35 obstacles total. Some were the usual (crawl, walls, spider webs) but some were new. They had the longest traverse wall I have ever done (integrated into it was a balance beam) as well as the longest balance beam I have ever done (integrated into this was a rope traverse). Upper body, balance, and obstacle height were factors. A lot of the obstacles were high up (you climbed up very high or you climbed down from a very high position). The harder obstacles were upper body based (monkey bars, rope climbs). A lot of the obstacles required balance (balance beams and logs to balance on were everywhere).

Best Obstacle = inclined ramp with rope descend
Worst Obstacle = boulder path

3 water stations (no food) in 5.5 miles. 2 stations had well water which tasted gross if you are not used to it.

There is a final obstacle, an arch (with the word VIKING made out of wood), a crowd, and a timer.

They had a hose, real showers on a platform, and a changing tent (it was a coed tent).

They provide a wooden medal, a dri-fit shirt, and a free lunch. Yes, I said a free lunch. You get to attend this picnic bbq area where you get all-you-can-eat burgers, hot dogs, potato chips, macaroni salad, coleslaw, baked beans, salad, ice cream, push up pops, beer, soda, coffee, and a fixings station. The best part is that spectators can attend it too (for free) and there is no spectators fee.

Viking Obstacle is a great hidden gem race. For a lower budget race (compared to Spartan and Tough Mudder), they really don’t appear that way. They are the complete opposite of “nickel and diming” races and go a step further with the free lunch. The layout is great and the obstacles are even better. If you get a chance to head up there, stay at a hotel near the resort (the resort rooms are a fortune). Definitely a must do race before you retire.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 DIFFICULTY = IntermediatePARKING = AParking was onsite and free. The walk was a little long (5 minutes) but if you didn’t feel like walking, there was a complimentary shutt