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Adrenaline junkies… get ready for the wildest, most fun race this side of insanity. BADASS Dash is the ultimate adventure and obstacle course challenge. The race series was created by three of the most unique individuals in the live event business, with a combined resume of over 75 years, specializing in sporting events and live action.

Each race consists of a 7k course with 45+ obstacles that will boast unconventional, but achievable obstacles that are truly BADASS. And although each race will have a minimum of 15-20 obstacles, not every race will have the same obstacles and you won’t know every obstacle that is on the course as the element of surprise is BADASS itself.

Whether you’ve raced a 5k, 10k, Mud Run, Trail Race, Adventure Race, Triathlon or any “Athlon” for that matter, the BADASS Dash will be unlike any race you’ve entered before. Whether you enter as an individual or come as a team, our goals for you remain the same:

  • To create the personal challenge of a lifetime…
  • To push you to your limit to see if you can conquer the extreme elements…
  • To make you overcome some of your wildest fears…
  • To earn the right to a self-proclaimed title of being a true BADASS!

A BADASS Dash Festival follows each race consisting of live entertainment, an expo area, food & beverages, prize giveaways, and an awards ceremony.

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  • September 23, 2017
    Kitchener Canada Badass Dash 2017
    Chicopee Ski Resort, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
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  • May 19, 2018
    Las Vegas Nevada Badass Dash 2018
    Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Badass Dash Reviews from the Community

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Need to police the Elite group cheaters

Jul 23, 2017 by Harold

My first Badass. I enjoyed all the obstacles. However, the Elite group is supposed to be held to a higher standard. I saw a lot of corner cutting with knees not hittng the ground on walking lunges, chest not hitting the ground on push ups, and incomplete pullups.

Age group awards and a t-shirt would have been nice.

As for obstacles, my only suggestion is that the uphill reverse cargo pull needs a constant flow of water on the mat. Overall, a good race and I'll be back next hear.

Jul 12, 2017 by Linda Pfeifer

This was my third Dash in Chicago and it was by far the most fun and challenging. I really liked the changes they made to the course and the addition of more obstacles. Can't wait until next year!


Jul 12, 2017 by Carol perez

No one told us that parking would cost 10.00 . We went to package pick up and nothing was mentioned about that fee! Would have been nice to know that!

Freaking Fantastic!

Jul 11, 2017 by Destiny Johnson

I could not have been more happy with this race!!!
All of the staff and racers were so supportive and up beat. There was a huge variety of obstacles that were creative and fun. I had so much fun and will definitely do this again!


Jul 11, 2017 by Dan

I thought it was a great course! I had some doubts about the location, but they did a great job using the outdoor space and it didn't feel like I was running on concrete the entire time. Fun obstacles and challenges and plenty of the typical ones. Who knew jumping in a sack was so difficult! Will definitely do again next year.

Fantastic race!

Jul 11, 2017 by MikeCro

What a fantastic experience! This race was challenging, evoked some fear, and allowed each racer to showcase their athleticism at their own pace. Every volunteer was very kind and supportive. The water stations were thoughtfully placed. The course was the most organized that I have ever experienced in a race. I was a part of the recreational division (along with hundreds of others) but did not have to wait any longer than 15 seconds to start an obstacle. I would suggest having a few volunteers at the picture op station for after the race (whether they are professionally taken or on participant's phones, it would be a wonderful addition). Another suggestion would be to organize bag check even more for smoother check out. Rather than put every bag together, I believe it would be helpful to section off bags "#1-50" and "#51-100" and so on, so that volunteers would have less to search through and would save some time. I would love to have a "badass" race shirt to remember this experience. You can definitely count me in for next year!

Such fun

Jul 11, 2017 by Jennifer Ostrowski

This race was so much fun. More challenging obstacles than 2 years ago, but it was worth it. I can't wait to do it again next year. My friend and I did the recreational dash and our kids did the mini kids and the kids dash. It was so much fun for all of us.

Wonderful Experience

Jul 11, 2017 by Emily

Our team had a wonderful time at our first Badass Dash! It sounds like it has improved from previous reviews. We arrived and check in was easy and quick. Drawstring bag came with arm sleeves which proved extremely useful during the race when you are army crawling and climbing. Race went both inside and outside of the Sears Center. Water available at each mile. The volunteers were encouraging and offered alternatives if you could not complete a task. After the race there were vendors and free beer! Only recommendation for the future would be to move the pool obstacle. Many of the wall climbing obstacles were immediately after and were quite slippery after everyone was wet. We'll be back next year!

Jul 08, 2017 by SRK

I've done approximately 10 obstacle races and I enjoyed not having to be covered in mud the whole time. This is more about running and obstacles which for an athlete seems to be appreciated. A few changes could have improved the race, but overall I thought it was well done and would definitely return. A couple suggestions is to have a water obstacle at the very end to rinse off from any dirt accumulated and have a changing area,

Badass in every way

Jun 12, 2017 by Kicker

In the past 12 months I have run 6 different OCR all from different promoters. I did the MN Badass Dash in downtown Minneapolis June 2017 and had a total blast. It was completely different from all the other races I have done which made it exciting. The venue, in the Vikings' stadium was worth the ticket price alone. Getting to play around on an NFL field and in the back alleys of the stadium was way cooler than I could have imagined. The obstacles and course was definitely designed to be a challenge if you pushed yourself to get a good time and really ran. While the most of the obstacles did not need as much technical skill as some of the bigger OCR brand names obstacles , the Badass Dash obstacles were definitely tiresome and really wore me out. Normally at the end of a "sprint" distance Spartan, I am still ready to go do a second round or do a 5 mile cool-down jog. But at the end of the Elite heat of the Badass Dash, I was exhausted and happy to sit my ass down. The staff of the event were awesome too and they were genuinely excited for the participates and encouraged us to push harder. I also really liked how the race was in the middle of a city and I did not have to drive 2 hours to the middle of nowhere to run the OCR. I like a muddy race as much as the next OCR fanatic, but I really enjoyed this urban race where the focus was on the athletic challenges and not just about getting covered in filth. Super clean bathrooms, thanks to the venue location in the US Bank Stadium (where the MN Vikings play), was an awesome perk too. Oh, and at the end of the day, I did the K9 heat too with my pup, and that was so damn cool. My dog loved it, I loved it, and the crowds cheering us on all seemed to really have fun watching the random assortment of canines (and their 'teammates') race through the obstacles. I hope this becomes a bigger part of the Badass Dash, because racing with my dog was definitely a highlight for me. For the people just getting their feet wet in the obstacle racing world, or for seasoned vets who want to test themselves in an entirely new way, the Badass Dash is highly recommended.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 3.0 5.0 24 24 My first Badass. I enjoyed all the obstacles. However, the Elite group is supposed to be held to a higher standard. I saw a lot of corner cutting with knees not hittng the groun