Ultra-OCR Man: New OCR Book for Charity

Ultra-OCR Man: From Special Forces Soldier to Record-Setting Professional Obstacle Course Racer is a non-fiction book that covers Mud Run Crew Member Evan Perperis' military service and his career as on OCR athlete.  

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Race Recap: Black Swamp Dash 2019

The Black Swamp Dash is the second event of the Ohio Grand Slam and features 3.3 miles of winding paths through open fields, dense, wooded trails, and muck covered swampland.

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OpEd: Are Finisher Shirts Finished?

As OCR evolves as a sport, what should the next generation of race swag look like?

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Community Members of the Week: June 15-21, 2019

It's Friday, and that means it's time to check in with our community members of the week.

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Voting Opens for 2019 OCR Humanitarian Awards

Mud Run Guide is proud to partner with For Those Who Would and the North American OCR Championships to sponsor the OCR Humanitarian Award to honor members of the OCR Community who improve the lives of others through their selflessness, courage, and compassion. 

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Race Recap: Spartan Sprint Tuxedo

For the Skinner family, training for Spartan Sprint Tuxedo was a family affair.

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Race Review: MuckFest Philadelphia

Does MuckFest live up to its own hype as a fun way to spend a day with a group of friends? I gathered a small team with varying levels of mud run experience to find out.

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Race Recap: Bonefrog Challenge, New Jersey

The Bonefrog Trident is earned by completing all three distances over a calendar year. See what it's like to attempt this feat in one day!

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Why Do Ultra-Sports Have So Little Prize Money?

Why do ultra-sports have so little prize money and how does that compare to Ultra-OCR?

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Getting Muddy in the Midwest: Spartan Ohio Beast 2019 Race Recap

On June 8th, 2019 Spartans gathered to take on the Spartan Beast (or Ultra) in Garrettsville, Ohio. For the second year, Spartans were welcomed to trek through 1,500 acres of backwoods, technical terrain, and miles of mud at the Southington Off-Road Park.

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