The Rugged VIP Experience

This year, Rugged Maniac introduced “The VIP Experience.” Here’s a run down of what you get and who should sign up for it.

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Race Recap: Colorado Springs Spartan Super

Spartan Race takes a new direction for this year's race in Colorado Springs. The course was relatively flat and fast- and filled with familiar obstacles.

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Race Review: Rugged Maniac OKC

Rugged Maniac returns to Oklahoma City, and Evan Perperis reviews the race, obstacles, and after-party.

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Playout: The Game Review

Some of you may be familiar with Playout: The OCR Game. What you may not realize that there is also a general fitness game based on bodyweight movements. 

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MudGear: Here For The Long Haul

While major brands dipped their toe in the OCR pool just long enough to bolster their profits, there’s one brand that’s been here since the beginning: MudGear.

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Race Recap: Black Swamp Dash 2021

Black Swamp Dash, a “mom-and-pop” obstacle course with world-championship level obstacles, is an Ohio local event that brings big-OCR-feelings to a small town.

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Race Review: Frontline OCR

Frontline OCR is back with three different categories of competitive races that use the same 6-mile, 30 obstacle course. This race is a must for your 2022 schedule.

By |June 24th, 2021|Race Recap|1 Comment

Race Review: CerusRuk

CerusFitness hosted Colorado's first in-person OCR event of the year on June 5th. CerusRuk combined OCR with the added challenge of carrying a ruk pack through a challenging course.

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Co-Branding with HYLETE

As you head back to the race course, are you ready to rep your favorite OCR Team or gym? Evan walks us through the process of creating your own branded gear with HYLETE.

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Spartan and Tough Mudder team up for a weekend of OCR in Central Florida

From December 11-12, Spartan and Tough Mudder will head to Central Florida to host an epic weekend of competition.

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