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The US OCR Championships kicked off its second day of racing this morning with a 15-kilometer grueling course through the Texas Hill Country. The racing kicked off at 9:00 am with the pro heats first to cross the starting line followed by the age group athletes.

The 15K course was truly an American obstacle race experience with obstacles from Green Beret Challenge, Conquer the Gauntlet, Terrain Race, Indian Mud Run, Savage Race and a flavoring of obstacles from the Obstacle Racing World Championships mixed in for good measure. Highlights of the day included a new and improved Skull Valley, a yoke carry from Green Beret Challenge, more than one Wreck Bag obstacle, and Urban Sky 2.0 to name a few. However, the showstopper was Indian Mud Run's Floating Walls, a massive two story structure before the finish line.

The course wove through YO Ranch Headquarters utilizing the natural elements of the ranch, including a frog pond and several quick scrambles. To top it all off Texas offered a bright and sunny day in the nineties adding an extra obstacle to the mix.

This race like the OCR World Championships was a mandatory completion race. Athletes were given a wristband at the beginning of the race and had to successfully complete each obstacle or forfeit their band (and a place on the podium). Below is a snapshot of the pros and the age group podium results.


Men's Pro Heat


Women's Pro Division


Men's 13 – 17 Age Group


Women's 13 – 17 Age Group


Men's 18 – 24 Age Group


Women's 18 – 24 Age Group


Men's 25 – 29 Age Group


Women's Age Group 24 – 29


Men's 30 – 34 Age Group


Women's 30 – 34 Age Group


Men 35 – 39 Age Group


Women's 35 – 39 Age Group


Men's 40 – 44 Age Group


Women's 40 – 44 Age Group


Men's 45 – 49 Age Group

Women's 45 – 49 Age Group


Men's 50 – 54 Age Group

Women's 50 – 54 Age Group

Men's 55 – 59 Age Group

Women's 55 – 59 Age Group

Men's 60+ Age Group


 Women's 60+ Age Group


Find all the Results Here

Full race results in each category will be available on the US OCR Championships website soon. At this point, we only have the podium results. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds for coverage throughout the weekend.


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