Today International Obstacle Sports Federation (OSF) announced the creation of USA Obstacle Course Racing. The OSF has recognized the USAOCR as the official governing body for the United States. In addition to the announcement of the creation of the USAOCR, it is also announced that the first OCR US National Championship (international distance) sanctioned by OSF will take place at the Spartan Race on April 30th at Amelia Earhard Park.

See the full press release and announcement below.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, March 8th, 2017: International Obstacle Sports Federation (OSF) formily known at the IORF (International Obstacle Racing Federation) announced today that USA Obstacle Course Racing (USAOCR), has been recognized as the national governing body for obstacle sports and related disciplines in the United States.

Mr. Robert Killian has been chosen to lead the initial efforts on behalf of USAOCR. Competitors in events sanctioned by USAOCR can qualify for championship races and can be selected to represent the United States on Team USA at international competitions. Mr. Killian announced, “The first OCR US National Championship will be held on April 30, 2017, at Amelia Earhart Park, in Hialeah, FL. After a rigorous vetting process, the winning bid to host the US International Distance OCR Championship has been awarded to Spartan Race, whose 3.4 mile course featuring 19 obstacles will set the stage for the event. Athletes selected at the US OCR Nationals for Team USA will represent the United States at the first OCR Pan American Championships, with details to be finalized later this year.”

Mr. Ian Adamson, President of OSF, said, “We are pleased to grant USAOCR full affiliation as the national governing body for Obstacle Sports in the United States. USAOCR joins 50 other national federations and can send teams to the OCR World Series, Continental Championships, World Championships and various multi- sport Games.”

Obstacle racing has seen phenomenal growth over a very short time. The sport has grown over the past seven years from relative obscurity to the #1 mass participation sport in the world, larger than Marathons, Half Marathons and Triathlons combined. Obstacle Races are held in a growing number of countries and are quickly becoming the world's most popular sport for elite athletes and weekend warriors alike.

According to data from Running USA, the American College on Exercise, and American College of Sports Medicine there are 8 million people participating in obstacle sports in the United States. These include obstacle course races and mud runs (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc.), functional fitness competitions (similar to CrossFit), obstacle competitions like American Ninja Warrior, and adventure racing.


USA Obstacle Course Racing: USAOCR is the national governing body of obstacle sports and related disciplines in the United States. USAOCR is based at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

International Obstacle Sports Federation: The OSF is the world governing body for obstacle sports and related disciplines. It is a not-for-profit independent international organization made up of volunteers to represent the needs of the athletes.

 This event is not to be confused with the independent US OCR Championships run by the team behind the OCR World Championships announced earlier this year, for Labor Day weekend in Texas. Mud Run Guide has reached out to Tim Sinnet, head of the media committee, for further details.

How has this national governing body been recognized?

USAOCR is recognized as a commission of USA Pentathlon, a recognized national federation of the US Olympic Committee. USAOCR is affiliated with the International Obstacle Sports Federation (OSF) by meeting the requirements of affiliation and recognition. OSF has been working on establishing the governance structure and systems required as specified by SportsAccord and the IOC.

What is Robert Killian’s role and what do you mean by lead? What is his role in the organization?

As with all new federations, all of the initial positions are appointed. It is my understanding that Robert Killian will be the acting President. He is still allowed to compete as an athlete. As mentioned on the website, nominations will be called for all positions for 2018 and voted on by members. It is highly encouraged that anyone who wants to get involved in OCR governance do so through the nominating process.

The release mentions international competitions can you elaborate?

There are currently plans to have an OCR Pan American Championship later in the fall. Those are all of the details I have at the moment.

Where can people find out more about it and sign up, qualify, or get involved?

I do not know many specifics of the US Championship Race beyond what is mentioned in the press release. I believe there is a group working on the website to prepare it for sign up/registration.* While on one hand we could have delayed the press release until those systems we up and running, we knew that the race date was fast approaching and we wanted to let the athletes know as soon as we could.

*According to the USAOCR website registration for the US National Championship will be available starting March 14, on the Spartan Race website. 

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