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New for 2017 – Coming Soon!

We take a sneak peek at the new models from Icebug in 2017 – look for a radically new upper in the Acceleritas with a stretchy, flexible mesh that will allow for much faster water ejection and some great new updates to the Zeal2 OLX… will we see similar upgrades to the RB9X version?

zeal2_m_olxacceleritas5_rb9x_poison_deep_ocean acclritas5_l_rb9x_sunset_tulip zeal2_w_olx

Looking for a ‘Bug review?

Icebug Zeal: OCR Weapon – Over, under, & through anything, these shoes are tough and stand up to an amazing amount of abuse. The water-resistant and mud-shedding upper helps shield your feet from moisture, while feeling almost like they were made of bulletproof kevlar while they take a beating during any adventure. – read more

Icebug Acceleritas & Mist – Quite possibly the most flexible shoe I’ve ever worn while simultaneously loaded with big ‘ol lugs that eat up all the mud, dirt, and loose rocks you can find out on the trail or during a mud run. – read more