New 2017 Icebug Models!

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The Oribi gets its name from an African antelope, known for its speed, grace, and agility. This brand new model for Icebug is both feather-light and feature-packed.

The seamless polyester mesh upper is light, non-absorbing and has a welded protective TPU mudgard. The lacing system with integrated laminated ribbons embraces the foot and keeps it in place, along with special laces that keep them from untying. The thin tongue has a sock-like construction, both keeping it in place and making the Oribi fit like a glove. The soft heel cup has a padded collar and firm heel grip. The midsole has an integrated Rock Shield to protect the foot in rocky terrain. The midsole also adds torsional stability and is designed to provide a kick in the last phase of the stride.

Medium cushioning and a 7mm drop provide just the right level of support. The tractor tire patterned outsole and the RB9X rubber compound will keep trail runners and everyday users going in all kinds of conditions and terrain.

Colors: Beryl/Cobalt (Men), Magenta/Neon Orange (Women)
Upper: Polyester Mesh; Welded TPU mudgar
Lining: Half lined
Insock: Molded EVA
Midsole: Lightweight EVA, rock plate ESS/YPU
Outsole: Rubber 9 Extreme (RB9X)
Torsion: Medium Flex
Drop: 7 mm
Cushioning: Medium
Last: Medium
Weight: 200 gr (US Ladies 7.5) – 230 gr (US Men’s 9)
Size: US Ladies 5.5-10.5 – US Men’s 8-13

Price: $149.95 – Save 10% w/code MRG10 at

MRG’s Advice: Don’t let this shoe fool you, it is an absolute technological marvel: Light, very responsive, weather-resistant yet breathable, and suitable for hard & fast running in any conditions – on road & off. While not as flexible or neutral as the Acceleritas, the Oribi has just enough cushioning to soften the ride over rough conditions without too much cushion to make you feel disconnected from the trails – or roads. The Oribi is surprisingly nimble on sidewalks and roads as an everyday running or a weekend racer, with the sticky RB9X rubber tread providing plenty of grip on the trails without tripping you up on the roads. Don’t sleep on great little features like the laces or breathable tongue, Icebug spent plenty of time in R&D to find the sweet spot for a trial/road runner/racer, and the Oribi absolutely smothers it.

MRG’s Oribi Review: Icebug Oribi – Trail & Road Racer

Sizing: For athletes with normal width feet who like their shoes snug, go with your normal size. If your feet tend to swell after 5 or so miles or are a little bit wide, go up 1/2 size.


Acceleritas5 is minimalism the Icebug way, a must-have for the thrill-seeking runner venturing into swimrun, obstacle race or beyond the beaten track!

The upper materials have been updated to a super soft and airy textile, so light and smooth it feels like being barefoot. The water pickup is minimal, the drainage is excellent and hence the wet weight is almost as low as when it’s dry. The midsole is very flexible and keeps the weight down. The height of the heel cup is slightly reduced in order to reduce pressure at the Achilles tendon. Terrain feel is remarkable thanks to the low profile of the sole.

The shoe promotes the natural movement of the foot, it’s like running in a pair of socks, but socks that provide thermal and impact protection and traction.

The outsole is designed with a pattern that is optimized to grip on hard as well as on soft surface, with an aggressive pattern where dirt is steered away to the sides in diagonal channels (it’s the same principal as in tractor tires). Acceleritas5 outsole is crowned with the jewel among sticky rubbers: RB9X. This innovative rubber compound provides incredible traction on both wet and dry surfaces, without compromising the durability.

Who is it for? Those venturing into swimrun, OCR, or off the beaten track looking for a minimalistic feel.

Colors: Magenta/Neon Orange (Women) – Cobalt/Neon Orange (Men)
Upper: Polyester mesh/TPU mudguard
Lining: Quick dry mesh/Micro Suede at heel counter
Insock: EVA racing insock glued to insole
Midsole: Compression molded Lightweight EVA
Outsole: Rubber 9 Extreme (RB9X)
Torsion: Easy Flex
Drop: 4 mm
Cushioning: Responsive
Last: Narrow
Weight: 175 gr (US Women’s 7.5) – 200 gr (US Men’s 9)
Sizes: US Women’s 5.5 – 10.5 – US Men’s 8-13

Price: $122.95 – Save 10% w/code MRG10 at

MRG’s Advice: Acceleritas are a low-drop (4mm), sparsely-cushioned, flexible racing flat with gnarly grip. They tend to run a little narrow for normal width feet, and very tight on wider feet. These are a great OCR or trail running shoe with plenty of traction on obstacles, wet rocks, or on trails.

Sizing: For athletes with normal width feet who like their shoes snug, go with your normal size. If your feet tend to swell after 5 or so miles or are a little bit wide, go up 1/2 size.

Stiff Out of the Box: Icebug uses high quality materials for long-lasting durability, and this can lead to a stiff feel directly out of the box, and maybe even some discomfort under your arch until they mold to your feet a bit. If your toes hit the end or your foot feels really squished side-to-side, they are the wrong size. If they are just a little stiff, give them a few miles to conform to your feet for a much more comfortable fit.

Our Acceleritas5 Review: 2017 Icebug Acceleritas5 First Test

2017 Zeal

This is the footwear benchmark for demanding terrain, providing unrivaled combination of low weight, ground control, support and traction. Upper material is Kevlar reinforced, making it strong and smooth without adding any weight. To further increase the durability, the upper is fastened with a stitch-and-turn technique to protect the thread.

However, it is the midsole construction and the HGMS2® technology, that is the true Icebug innovation. Zeal provides torsional stability, but is still flexible with a soft and smooth running feeling. This is the impossible combo, made possible through the molded midsole cradle on the interior side of the shoe. The midsole not only adds superb fit and stability, it also turns into the reinforcement protecting the foot in serious terrain.

The height of the extremely soft and comfortable heel cup is slightly reduced at center back in order to relieve the Achilles tendon from pressure. The medium last is half lined with Quick dry mesh. The torsion and cushioning is the perfect balance, and together with the low sole profile, the ground control is just outstanding. The new outsole design gives better traction and feel to tackle the toughest trail and OCR course.

Upper: Woven kevlar-Polyester/PU
Lining: Half lined with QuickDry Mesh
Insock: None
Midsole: Lightweight EVA with HGMS2® technology
Outsole: RB9X
Torsion: Medium
Drop: 6 mm
Cushioning: Medium
Last: Medium
Weight: 270 gr US Men’s 9
Size: US Men’s 7-13

Price: $149.95 – Save 10% w/code MRG10 at

MRG’s Advice: Everything you’ve loved about the Zeal and Zeal2 is here, with a radical new sole design for added traction and a smooth ride over any conditions. With uncompromising traction, and a sole plate that can tackle nearly any abuse, the real reason you’d buy the 2017 Zeal is the revolutionary support from wrapping your foot with the EVA midsole. It’s unheard of that you can have this much stability (and even a tiny bit of cushioning) in a shoe that’s barely 270 grams. The durability of the entire Zeal line is legendary, I still have my original pair from late 2014, and they still perform flawlessly with very little wear.

Sizing & Fit: Built on a wider last than the Acceleritas5, the Zeal offers more room for slightly wider feet. If you like your racing shoes a little bit snug, stick with your standard size, for a little more room or wider feet, going up 1/2 size helps.


Distance Training Shoe (DTS), the name says it all. With this everyday trainer, we hit the mark in terms of comfort with soft padding in the collar and tongue and a foot shaped ergonomic last that your feet will love instantly. The new engineered mesh upper gives comfort and support. The high torsion and fully cushioned midsole result in a stable shoe that also protects from over-pronating along with providing incredible stability with our ESS system. Light and airy upper material keep the weight down and give a smooth feeling. The RB9X outsole provides superb traction even on wet surfaces, yet it matches the durability of an asphalt running shoe.

For who? From the avid runner to the light walker, the DTS3 RB9X provides comfort, stability, and traction to support all levels of everyday training.

This style tends to run small. For an accurate fit we recommend purchasing a 1/2 size larger than you typically purchase.

Colors: Russet/White
Upper: Engineered mesh/TPU
Lining: Half lined with QuickDry mesh
Insock: PU comfort foam
Midsole: Lightweight EVA with ESS stabilizer
Outsole: Rubber 9 Extreme (RB9X)
Torsion: Stability Flex
Drop: 12 mm
Cushioning: Full
Last: Wide
Weight: 315 gr (US Men’s 9) – 270g US Women’s 10.5
Size: US Men’s 8.5-13 – US Women’s 5.5-10.5

Price: 159.95 – Save 10% w/code MRG10 at

MRG’s Advice: The DTS3 is a stable, soft shoe with a lot of cushioning for longer miles, daily training, or racing for the athlete that needs some extra support or underfoot cushion. The upper is very flexible and stretches to fit nicely, flexes with your foot, and breathes quite well. The RB9X traction doesn’t let you down on trails, obstacles, or on the road. While this is a heavier shoe, it performs quite well given the amount of stability and cushioning it provides.

Sizing: Follow Icebug’s advice and go up 1/2 size for the proper fit. While it is a “wide” last, the shoe does not feel big or clunky on my normal-width feet, and even with all the cushioning the DTS3 is responsive for short, fast training runs or cushiony for longer mileage. (Review coming soon)

Our Icebug Reviews

2017 Icebug Acceleritas5 First Test – Acceleritas3 were my first introduction to Icebug trail shoes, and the fit, ground feel, traction, and durability quickly (almost instantly) made them one of my all-time favorite shoes. That first pair was worn for over a year of abuse on the sharp, rocky trails around my home in Northern Phoenix, AZ and held up exceptionally well. Due to their extreme flexibility and the RB9X sole’s pliability, the shoe can conform to nearly any surface and provides non-slip offroad traction paired with a minimalist fit that provides immediate feedback to underfoot conditions. Acceleritas are light, nimble, and snug; they almost “disappear” on your feet during a trail run and allow you to dig into the terrain with no fear of slippage. – read more

Icebug Oribi – Trail & Road Racer – With a thin weather-resistant upper, it would be a pretty easy assumption that the shoes don’t breathe all that well, but the perforated tongue and small vents in the instep help to allow excess heat and sweat to escape, making for an enjoyable run in even extreme temperatures. Because the upper is so light, air tends to travel around the foot a bit during shoe flexion, also aiding in sweat reduction. The sewn-in tongue is padded and perforated and held in-place by a thin strip of stretchy material, keeping it in the proper placement without a full sockliner to restrict foot movement (or add weight & heat). – read more

2015 Zeal: Icebug Zeal: OCR Weapon – Over, under, & through anything, these shoes are tough and stand up to an amazing amount of abuse. The water-resistant and mud-shedding upper helps shield your feet from moisture, while feeling almost like they were made of bulletproof kevlar while they take a beating during any adventure. – read more

2015 Icebug Lineup: Icebug Acceleritas & Mist – Quite possibly the most flexible shoe I’ve ever worn while simultaneously loaded with big ‘ol lugs that eat up all the mud, dirt, and loose rocks you can find out on the trail or during a mud run. – read more