Worldwide Event/OCR Company Provides Masks & Hope

365 Sports and Tenfed have teamed up to offer masks that not only help protect our communities from the spread of COVID-19, but also help solve world hunger - With each mask purchase, 10 meals will be provided to families in need.

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Endurance Sports Coalition: Weekly Update 5.8

America's Recovery Fund Coalition launched on Monday, with over 100 trade associations including the Endurance Sports Coalition signed on - read more

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2020 OCR Virtual World Series Announced

The World Series is six virtual races that crown the World Series champions after the final race in October. Points are awarded for each race and points from your top four races count toward the final standings.

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EPIC Series announces two virtual events to motivate runners during COVID-19

EPIC Series has announced two virtual events for runners who are looking for something to jump-start their motivation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Next Level Virtual OCR: Welcome to the World OCR League

With many sports getting in on the virtual racing, it was only a matter of time before OCR got a slice of the action. Whilst OCR athletes can’t take part in a race via VR they can compete virtually in a variety of ways, and thanks to the World OCR League they can now compare their performance on a worldwide stage.

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Events Post-Covid-19?

World Triathlon, the governing body for International Triathlon Union (ITU) released its 28-page Prevention Guidelines For Event Organizers document, the first major endurance sports event organizer or overseeing authority to do so.

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Bonefrog Opens Up Bonefrog Virtual Challenge 2.0

After a successful first version of the Bonefrog Virtual Challenge, Bonefrog opened up registration for the version 2.0 of their Bonefrog Virtual Challenge.

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Endurance Sports Coalition Update: Expanding partnerships to the live event space.

Endurance Sports Coalition updated their stakeholders this week on the progress they have made to lobby for more support for our industry.

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TicketSocket offers advice for the racing community as they face COVID-19

For Mark Miller, the CEO of Ticketsocket, the registration provider for multiple road and OCR races including Spartan and Savage Race the COVID-19 pandemic has seen an epic shift in the race registration mindset.

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Race Recap: Bonefrog Virtual Sprint Challenge

One part challenge, another part community, and swag to boot? The Bonefrog Virtual Challenge delivers exactly what this community needed in the face of shuttered events across the country.

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