Movie Review: My First Marathon

Our own Evan Perperis reviews (and makes a cameo in) this feature - It not only covers one man’s journey and is chocked full of good marathon tips but also dives into the psychology of distance running.

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Race Review: KC Timber Challenge’s XTC

Kim Welch (center) on his way across the low rig to a 2nd place finish. Kansas City’s only permanent obstacle course venue, KC Timber Challenge, recently held its final race of the 2020 season.  For many brands, COVID has decimated their ability to hold races, but a couple of brands in the Midwest [...]

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Gear Review: HYLETE Verge II Shorts

After wearing HYLETE Helix II shorts for the last couple of years (read the Mud Run Guide review here), I decided to try out some of their other shorts.  The first new style of shorts I tried for them was the Verge II.  Here is a quick rundown of the shorts and why it may [...]

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Tough Mudder and Marvel Team Up to Create an Unprecedented Digital Fitness Experience

Kicking off in October as part of the Tough Mudder Challenges series, participants will complete a series of physical, mental and skill-based challenges over the course of 21-days, tracking their progress in a bespoke digital platform, and supporting other participants from around the world in conquering their fitness goals.

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Freedom Reigns at Conquer The Gauntlet

Now might be a good time to take that long road trip to experience the multi-state brand with the most challenging obstacles in the USA.  You’ll get some good practice in for events like OCR World Championships with obstacles like Stairway to Heaven, Cliffhanger (rotating monkey bars on an incline/decline) and Tarzan Swing (their rig).

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Obstacle Course Racing Home Gyms

What's YOUR Ultimate OCR Home Gym?

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An OCR Love Story Part 2: The Wolfpak Wedding

John and Rachel exchanged "rings" and vows... along with monkey bars, ropes, and more!

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Design the Ultimate OCR Sock and WIN from Mudgear!

Show off your OCR-creativity and design the Ultimate OCR Compression Sock (and win too!)

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Gear Review: Atomik Liquid Chalk

Chalk is a great tool if you want to rapidly improve you grip strength by drying out your hands and creating a surface with more friction.  Although, in most Obstacle Course Races (OCRs), chalk is not allowed as per the rules.  However, I still think it can play an important role in your training on [...]

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Gym Review: ROKC

ROKC Olathe literally has the largest rock climbing wall I have ever seen in my life.  It is the largest regardless of how you measure it:  width, height or overall surface area.  I’ve included a picture but the photo doesn’t do it justice, you’ll be in awe at the size of this place.

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