Gear Review: HYLETE Helix II Shorts

These pockets make them perfect for your phone, wallet or some gels, especially since walking around after a race I’m often compelled to redo some of my favorite obstacles.

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Running OCR With My Five Year Old

For anyone looking to take their kids on a similar adventure with their kids, here’s a couple of tips that our own Evan Perperis has learned- some the hard way

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DRIVEN Launches 2 New Events

Mark Ballas, Green Beret and founder of DRIVEN announces two exciting new event formats

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VJ iRock 3 Shoe Review

Our resident "CTG Pro, Ninja Warrior, Pet Doc" Magic Pajcic provides her review of the VJ iRock 3 shoes

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World-Class OCR Courses Being Built Nationwide

Legacy Sports Park in Mesa Arizona will be the first of Legacy Sports USA parks to break ground this September featuring an enormous sports complex along with a full OCR Course within its Endurance Center.

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Conquer the Gauntlet Returns

The 2020 season is a wash for many brands, but a couple are still managing to hold events.  One of those is one of the oldest multi-state Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) series in the nation, Conquer the Gauntlet (CTG).  CTG has been holding races since 2012 and recently held their first post-quarantine event.  Here is [...]

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OCR Spotlight: Hardkour Performance

It's no secret that it's been a tough few months for all things OCR-related. The closure of many gyms due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the cancellation of most 2020 OCR and trail running events, has made it difficult for many fitness-related businesses to stay afloat. There are a few, however, that seem to [...]

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  • The Caber Carry- See what I mean about the pictures looking epic?
  • The Glowing Finisher Medal

Race Recap: Highlander Assault Dark Ages

The order of events was unique. At 7:00 pm the multi-lap runners were sent out. At 8:00 the open waves began. Everyone else was finished by the time the elites started at 10:30. The elite racers had the rare chance to test their abilities on a dark, messy course.

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Race Review: Family Timber Challenge

Family-style fun at KC Timber Challenge's "Family Timber Challenge"

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HYLETE Liner Tech Hoodie Review

"Seriously, this is the softest sweatshirt I own.  Whether you are lounging around the house, going for a walk or wearing it pre/post-race you will love the material."

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