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LAST WEEK IN OCR – September 19th 2016 Edition

By |September 19th, 2016|

Muddy Mud Guts and Glory Masters, Warrior Dash Warriors, Beasts Beasting the UltraBeast and Conquer the Gauntlet...Conquistadors? Okay - that last one was a stretch, but you get the gist. This last weekend had no lack of races, mud, pain or fun! Whether it was a fun run or a death march you craved, OCR delivered in spades.

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Amy Pajcic – Obstacle Ninja

By |September 7th, 2016|

Amy Pajcic at first glance is an unassuming athlete, she quietly has been a dominant female in the sport of OCR and American Ninja Warrior for years. Her first foray into OCR was jumping straight into World's Toughest Mudder after a friend convinced her it would be fun. Pajcic quickly asserted herself in the sport finishing 3rd in that event.

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LAST WEEK IN OCR – August 29th 2016 Edition

By |August 29th, 2016|

So to say this week was an emotional one for OCR is a bit of an understatement.... with some of the best racers we have out there giving it their all - those of us at home followed the action like the Olympics weren't over.

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Last Week In OCR – August 8 2016 Edition

By |August 8th, 2016|

Fires, tires and barbed wires... OCR does it again.

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Race Recap: What is Conquer The Gauntlet?

By |August 8th, 2016|

I have heard a lot about this race company Conquer The Gauntlet (CTG) who puts on races primarily here in the Midwest where I live. Until this weekend, however, I had never actually done one of their events. I had heard about how their obstacles are brutal and how only a select few can actually finish the races with their bands (it’s a belt in CTG). I guess your question could be, “were you nervous?” I am always nervous coming into a race, or more like fired up. Nervous isn’t a good way to explain the way I feel going into a race. Am I nervous about The Cliff at World’s Toughest Mudder? No but it does give me that feeling in my stomach when I look over the edge.

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Last Week in OCR: Tough Mudder Kicks off 2016 Season

By |April 18th, 2016|

If we needed any proof that the OCR season is underway, the last couple of weeks has surely proven it. Internationally, some of our favorite races peppered the globe, with London South England Dirty Dozen, Sydney Australia Raw Challenge, Madrid Spain Farinato Race, and Munich Germany Spartan Sprint. In the US, we were no slouches ourselves, hitting both coasts and plenty of states in between, our community took the country by storm and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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