List of all Active Race Series & Organizers of Mud Runs, Obstacle Races, and Adventure Runs

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100 Acre Challenge
4 Seasons Challenge
4H Mud Run
5K Adventure Series
5K Fun Mudder
5K The Hard Way
5KRunDead Zombie Run
6K Military Run
A Lil Crazy Run
ABF Mud Run
Abominable Snow Race
Abominable Winter Obstacle Adventure
AHS Eagle Dash
Airfield Anarchy
Almighty Mud Run
Alpha OCR Series
Alpha Warrior
Alpine Adventure Challenge
Alvin Stampede Mud Run
American Hotshots Extreme Run
American Mud Race
American Ninja Warrior
Anthony Rotary Mud Run
Apex Extreme Run
Arctic Warrior Race
Arkalon Assault
Armageddon Ambush
Armed Services YMCA Mud Run
Artopios Mission Run
Audubon Mud Run
Auvergnate Extreme
AZ Mudathon
Back 2 The Trenches
Backwoods Beast
Badass Dash
Badass Mucker
BAE Mini Mudder
Bantam Jeep
Barber Beast on the Bay
Battle at The Brazos
Battle of Maestricht
Battle the Beach
Battlefield Challenge
Battlemud Laurens County
Be Brave 24
Beach Warrior
Bear Grylls Survival Race
Beast Mode Challenge
Beast of the East
Beast of the East Fork
Beloit Dirty Dash
Benjamin Dash
Bermuda Triple Challenge
Berserker Challenge
Berserkr Games
Bethesda Mud Run
Big Dawg Dare
Big Dog Brag
Big Earls Extreme Race
Big Muddy Challenge
Big Nasty Mud Run
Big Red Challenge
Bigfoot Challenge
Billabong Ranch Brumby Run
Binder Lake Army Challenge
Bing Blazer
Black Swamp Runner
Blenheim Zombie Run
BlitzFitMe Extreme Fitness Challenge
Blizzard Blast
Blood and Guts
Bog Commander
Bold r Dash
Bonefrog Challenge
Boots on Ground
Born Survivor
Bounce And Not Break
Brave Heart Warrior Challenge
Brian R Bill Memorial Challenge
Bridging Abilities Obstacle Challenge
BSR Cable Park Run
Buffalo Battle
Buffalo Zombie Mud Run
Bulldog Mudrun Challenge
Camel Crawl
Camel Crawl Mud Run
Camp LePrat Mud Run
Cannonball Rush
Capitol City River Dash
Carbon County Fair
Case Creek Obstacle Mud Run
Cashiers Trail Mix
Catfish Crawl
Caveman Crawl
Cedarville Jersey Mud Run
Chamblee Family Fun Mudder
Chasing Squirrels
Chattanooga Mud Run
Chepstow Stampede
ChickFilA Family Mud Run
China Peak Mud Run
City Challenge Obstacle Race
Civilian Military Combine
CLC Mud Run
Collins Home Mud Run
Colorado Green Beret Challenge
Commander Run
Commando Series
Concrete Rush
Conquer the Fort
Conquer the Gauntlet
Courage Challenge
Coyote Games Outdoor Challenge
Cross Country Chaos
Cross Country Stampede
CrosSport Warrior Challenge
Crusher Race
Culpeppers Rebellion
Custers Challenge
Daniel Barden Highland Mudfest
Dash of the Titan
Day of Crisis
Dead End Race
Dead White and Chew
Del Mar Mud Run
Delivery Land
Delta Dash
Demon Run
Desafio Braves
Desafio de Guerrero
Desert Warrior Challenge
Devil Mud Run
Dhillbillies Mud Run
Diamond Surf n Turf
Dirt Runner
Dirty 30
Dirty 30 Family Mud Run
Dirty Beach Mud Run
Dirty Bird Mud Run
Dirty Creek Mud Run
Dirty Dan Dash
Dirty Devil Stampede
Dirty Dog Mud Run
Dirty Donkey Mud Run
Dirty Doyle
Dirty Dozen
Dirty Foot Mud Run
Dirty Girl Mud Run
Dirty Paws
DirtyBird Mud Run
Diva Dash
Doomsday Dash
Doors Dirty 5K
Down and Dirty Obstacle Course
Down and Dirty Obstacle Race
Down and Dirty Stampede
Down N Dirty Mud Run
Dragon OCR
Dubai Gladiators Challenge
Durham Muddy Mayhem
Eat Dirt Mud Run
Eau Claire Mud Jam
Edge the Ledge
Eggcellent Obstacle Race
Elbert Mud Run
Emerald Coast MudRun
Energy Adventure Challenge
Enfer Vert
Epic Grind
Epic Mud Run
EPIC Series
Escape Obstacle Run
Escape the Yak
Explore the Mud
Extreme Field Day
Families On Challenge
Family Promise Mountain Mud Run
Farm Run
Farmageddon Run
Filthy Five K
Filthy Fun Mud Run
Finger Lakes Mud Run
Finn McCool
Firetower Run-A-Muck
Fishermans Friend StrongmanRun
FIT Challenge
Force of Nature
ForeShore Adventure Run
Forest Warrior
Forge Through Hell
Franklin Lions Tuff Run
Frontline OCR
Fugitive Run
Fury at the Fairgrounds
Gaelforce Events
Gasconade Gauntlet
Gator Tuf Mud Run
Gauntlet Trail Run
Gaylord Gauntlet
Gelt Gladiator
Gem City Gauntlet
Get Mucked
Gettin Muddy For Kids
Glack Attack
Gladiator Assault Challenge
Gladiator Dash
Gladiator Girl Run
Gladiator Rock n Run
Gladiator Run
Gladiator Training Grounds
GoHard Obstacle Run
Goliath Challenge
Goliath Gauntlet
Goliath Mud Challenge
Gonka Gladiatorov
Goodwill Mud Run
GoPro Mountain Games
Got Mud
GR8 Escape Mud Run
Grail Quest
Grapes of Wrath
Great American Hero
Green Beret Challenge
Green Mountain Iron Dog
GreenZone Heroes
Gretna Gritty
Grit Events
Grit N Wit
Grit OCR
Gritty Chix Mud Run
Gritty Goddess
Gropen Extreme
Ground Zero Survival Run
Gung Ho
Habitat Mud Run
Halloween Park
Hannibal Race
Hard as Nails
Hardcore Mudd Run
Hartselle Zombie Chase
Hell and Back
Hell in the Harbour
Hells Hollow Mudd Run
Hells Run
Hero Challenge
Hero Mud Challenge
Hero Mud Run
Heroes and Villains Adventure Run
Heroes Challenge
Heroes for Hope
Heroes vs Villains Flag Gauntlet
Hidden Warrior
High Rock Challenge
Highbridge Hills
Highland Lakes Camp
Highland Mud Run
Highlander Assault
Hillbilly Hike
Hillbilly Mud Run
Hit and Run 5K
Hodges Family Farm Run
Hogwaller Mud Run
Holiday Valley Mudslide
Hollis Adams Mud Run
Holy Moly Mud Run
HookaMuck Challenge
Horton Lake Outbreak
Hot an Dirty Mud Run
Huff And Puff Racing
Hullabaloo Family
Humboldt County Mudrun
Hurricane Mud Flud Run
Ice Warrior Challenge
Iceman Run
IMPI Challenge Obstacle Trail Run
Indee Zombie Run
Independent Ninja Warrior Events
Indian Mud Run
Inferno Run
Insane Terrain Running
Insanity Run
Into the Mud Challenge
Iron Will Warrior Challenge
Irvine Lake
Its a Knockout
Jack Axe Games
Jail Break Challenge
Jail Break Mud Challenge
Jailbreak Brevard
JCB Mud Run
Judgement Day
Jump Climb Extreme
Jurassic Classic Mud Run
Just For The Mud of It
Kalamazoo Mud Run
KC Timber Challenge
Kendallville Warrior Run
Kentucky Mudfest
Kern Dash
Kickass Endurance
Kids Obstacle Challenge
King Muck
Krell Adventure Games
Kryptonite Challenge
KY Foam Run
KY Zombie Mud Run
La Conquete
Lago Mad Dash
Lake Eerie Zombie Mud Run
Lake Villa Chamber Mud Run
Le Defi des Coursoeufs
Le defi forestier
Left Right Repeat
Legend Race
Legends BattleCry
Legion Run
Leyton Warrior Challenge
Lil Mud Runner
Lions Chase
Little Rocks Dirtiest 5K
Lloydminster Muck Run
Loch Mountain Challenge
Long Island Adventure
Loon Mountain
Lords Gym Mud Run
Lost Tribe Expeditions
Luray MUDtoberfest
Mach One Mud Run
Macon Mud Run
Mad Anthony Mud Run
Mad Dash
Mad Mountain Mud Run
Mad Mud Run
Major Series
Man VS Mountain
Mankato Mud Run
Mankato Zombie Run
March MUDness
Marine Corps Marathon
Marine Corps Mud Run
Marine Mud Challenge
Marine Mud Run
Marmion Heroes Mud Run
Marquette Mountain Mud
Mavericks Mud Run
Max Tracks
McMurtry Mudder
Mean Streets
Medieval Mud
Medieval Rush
Memorial Beach Challenge
Men’s Health Urbanathalon
Mendon Zombie Run
Met Con Blue
Michigan Adventure Race
Michigan Zombie Run
Mighty Deerstalker
Mighty Mud Dash
Mighty Titan Adventures
Miles of Mud
Milton Mud Challenge
Mini Muckers
Mississippi Mud Run
Mogollon Monster Mudder
MOJO Challenge
Monroe Mud Madness
Monster Challenges
Monster Dash
Monster Mudster Run
Montessori Mudstacle
Montpelier Mud Run
Morgans Mud Gauntlet
Mosquito Dash
Mountain Grind
Mountain Mucker
Mountain Mudder
Mountain Tuff Mudd Run
Mountaineer Mud Run
Muck It
Muck MS
MuckFest MS
MuckRuckus MS
Mud and Chocolate
Mud and Guts Challenge
Mud and Muck Aid for Africa
Mud and Mucker Challenge
Mud and Sweat Mud Run
Mud Brigade
Mud Crazy
Mud Dog Challenge
Mud Dog Run
Mud Duck Mudder
Mud Endeavor
Mud Factor
Mud Gauntlet
Mud Gladiators
Mud Guts and Glory
Mud Heights
Mud Hero
Mud Madness Run
Mud Mania
Mud Masters
Mud Monsters Run
Mud Mountain Rock and Run
Mud Mulisha
Mud N Fun Viking Run
Mud Ninja
Mud on the Mountain
Mud Pack Challenge
Mud Run In The Sun
Mud Run Krusher
Mud Run Mayhem
Mud Run on the Farm
Mud Rush
Mud Stash
Mud Strong
Mud Sux Run
Mud Sweat and Beers
Mud Sweat and Boobs
Mud Titan
Mud Trax Run
Mud U
Mud Up Day
Mud With Landon
MudCross Challenge
Mudd, Sweat and Tears
Mudders Against Domestic Violence
Mudders Day Run
Muddin 4 Life
Muddy and Messy
Muddy Bottom Crazy Mud Run
Muddy Brute Challenge
Muddy Cheer Challenge
Muddy Dog Challenge
Muddy Duck Dash
Muddy Fanatic
Muddy Leprechaun
Muddy Mammoth
Muddy Mates
Muddy Mayhem
Muddy Miler Family Adventure
Muddy Mucker
Muddy Trail Run
Muddy Trials Original
Muddy Vike
Muddy Warrior Run
MuddyUp 5k Race
Mudman Race
MudRun Fun
Mudtastik Mud Run
MudZilla Mud Run
MudZilla Run
Mukwonago YMCA Family Mud Run
Muscle Acre
Muscle Up Obstacle Run
My Muddy Valentine
National Ninja League
Nebraska Mud Run
Newcastle Stampede
Next Level Mud Run
Niagara Obstacle Race
Nightmare Challenge
No Ego Challenge
NorCal Mud Run
Nordic Race
North American OCR Championships
Northwoods Bad Dash
NTB Mud Run
Nuclear Races
O2X Summit Challenges
Oak Runner Trail Run
Obstacle Elite
OC Bootcamp Games
OCR World Championships
OCs Fittest Trainer
Ohio Zombie Run
Oklahoma Zombie Run
Old Ironsides Mud Challenge
One King Mud Run
One Wicked Run
Orphan Love Mud Run
Orphan Mud Run
Outbreak 5K
Pangea Adventure Racing
Panic In The Dark
Panther Mud Grudge
Panther Run
Park Ratheniska GAA
Patriot Challenge
Patriot Highlander Challenge
Patriot Run
Pawpaw Gauntlet Run
Pelham Mudfest Challenge
Pensacola Mud Run
Phi Eta Mud
Pig Trail Mud Run
Pineapple Classic
Pirate Plunder Adventure Race
Pirate Plunge Mud Run
Pirate Zombie Mud Run
Play Dirty Adventure Run
Praetorian Race
Pretty Muddy
Primal Challenge
Prime Four Beast Race
Prison Break Race
Proving Grounds
Pukka Races
Pumpkin Patch Mud Run
Push It for the Peace
Quinte Zombie Zone
Race For a Reason
Race For Kids
Race for Life Pretty Muddy
Race for the ROC
Race Roll Dye
Race the Reaper
Race Your Neighbor
RAID Series
Rails To Entrails
Raleigh Zombie Escape
Ram Run
Rampage at the Ridge
Rat Race
Rathcormac Mud Challenge
Raw Challenge
Reach The Peak NH
Reaper Event
Red Dirt Mud Run
Redneck Romp Adventure Race
Reeses Obstacle Race Series
Reigate Rampage Run
Renegade Playground Challenge
Renegade Rage
Revival Run
Reviver Challenge
RhinO Course
Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge
Rise Up Challenge
River Warrior Mud Run
Robo Mud Run
Rock in the Mud Challenge
Rock On Adventures
Rock Solid Mud Run
Rock Solid Race
Rockabilly Riot Urban Challenge
Rocket Race
Rockfish Adventure Run
Rockin the Desert
Rocklin Ramble
RockMan Challenge
Rogue Alpha Rush
Romp at Riddle Point
Romp in the Swamp
Rough and Tumble
Rough Runner
Roughneck Mud Run
Roughneck Stampede
Rowdy Run
Royal Marines Commando Challenge
Royal Mud Man
Rubicon Race
Ruff Rampage
Ruffin Mudder
Rugged Maniac
Rugged Ranch Run
Rugged Runner Challenge
Rumble Run
Run A Muck
Run Amuck
Run and Gun
Run and Gun Race
Run For Our Lives
Run For The Hills
Run For The Hills Mud Run
Run For The King
Run for your Freakn Life
Run It Like Its Hot
Run Mucker Run
Run of the Dead
Run of the Living Dead
Run or Die
Run the Gauntlet
Run the Jailbreak
Run The Ranch
Run The Ridge
Runamuck Challenge
Running Wild Race
Running with the Cows
Russian River Mud Run
Safety Forces Endurance Challenge
Sam Michael Obstacle Course Race
Samurai Sprint Mud Run
Sand and Misery Challenge
Savage Dash
Savage Race
SBSD Mud Run
Scattered and Battered
Scavenger Dash
Scotland County Survival Run
Seabee Volkslauf Mud Run
Seamark Mudder
Shadeys Rugged Run
Shale Hill Adventure
Shasta Mud Run
Shropshire Mud Run
Slippery Saints Mud Run
Smorgasbord Race
Snake Hill Slam
Soldier Dash
Soldier Rush
South West Mudfest
Space Coast Mud Run
Sparta Mud Run
Spartan Race
Spartan Zombie Run
Special Operators Challenge
Special Ops Race
Special Ops Series
Special Z Games
Speedway Series
Splat Jr Mud Run
Sport Tasman Marlborough Muddy Buddy
Spring Daze Craze
Spring Fling Obstacle Run
Springfield Urban Warrior Challenge
Spud Mud Run
SSC City Challenge
St Giles Hospice Mud Challenge
St Lukes Hospice Mud Run
Step Up For Soldiers
Sterling House Down and Dirty
Storm the Fort
Strength & Speed’s OCR America
Strong Viking
Stronger Women Stronger World
Stronghold Challenge
Stunt Challenge
Suffolk Whole Hog
Summer Daze Craze
Summer Muddin
Summit Survivor
Super Human Challenge
Survival of the Fittest
Survival Race
Survival Run
Survival Sprint
Survive the Farm
Survivor Mud Run
Survivor Race
Swain Swamp Stomp
Swamp and Stomp Mud Run
Swamp Buggy Mud Blast
Swamp Dash and Bash
Swampfoot 4 Mile
Tactical Titan
Tame The Terrain
Tandem Race
Tater Dash
TEAAM Mud Run for Autism
Teach First Wolf Run
Terrain Racing
That Dam Mud Run
The 5K Foam Fest
The 5k Zombie Run
The Almighty
The Battlegrounds
The Beast Run
The Blitz
The Bravest
The Bull Challenge
The Burner
The Color Course
The DAM Mud Run
The Dirty Dash
The Dirty Farm Run
The Dirty Leprechaun
The Eliminator
The Few The Proud The Muddy
The Gauntlet Games
The Gauntlet Race
The General
The Great Escape Savannah
The Grizzly and Cub Run
The Heroes Mud Run
The Holt Bolt
The Hope Challenge
The Ice Cream Race
The Inferno
The Inflatable Run
The Mighty Run
The Mud Day
The Mud Run
The Muddy Patriot
The Mudnificent Seven
The Nuts Challenge
The Original Mud Run
The Ridge Run
The Rugged Run
The Sand Pit
The Siege Race
The Slime Run
The Stampede
The Stampede Australia
The Suffering Series
The Swanbourne Endeavour
The Trident Race
The Twilight Run
The Urban Jungle
The Urban Trials
The Victory Challenge
The Viking Challenge
The Walking Dead Escape
The Wild Stampede
The X Run
The Young and the Restless
The Zombie Dash
The Zombie Run
Thin Mint Sprint
ThrillSeeker 5K Stunt Run
Thunder Run
Tipperary Mud Run
Tippy Mud Run
Titan MOB
Titan5 Challenge
Titans Challenge
Tonka Mud Run
Top Ninjas
Torture Trails
Total Warrior
Tough Guy
Tough Knight
Tough Mudder
Tough Sht
Tribal Challenge
Tribal Extreme Mud Run
Tribal Quest
Trojan Dash
Trojan Race
Trojan Warrior Challenge
True Grit
Tuff Enuff
Tuff Scramblers
Twisted Tiger Bear Mountain Bash
Two Rivers Mudder Fudder
Udder Mud Run
Udderly Muddy Rugged Run
Uff Da Mud Run
Ultimate Athlete Games
Ultimate Mud Warrior
Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association
Ultimate Towner
Ultm8 Warrior
Ultra Challenge
Unbridled Mud Trials
United Hillandalers Challenge
Urban Assault
Urban Assault Ride
Urban Mud Assault
Urban Mudder
US Canine Biathlon
USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run
Verona Mud Fest
Viking Assault
Viking Obstacle Race
Viking Race
Vino and the Beasts
Viper Challenge
Vision Wild Run
Wairua Warrior
Wake Island Mud Run
Walkers 5K
War Horse Warrior Challenge
Warrior Adrenaline Race
Warrior Creek 5k
Warrior Dash
Warrior Princess Mud Run
Warrior Race
Warrior Run
Wash MO Mudder
Weekend Warrior Race
Wellington Warrior Challenge
White Gravel Mines
Whitko Extreme Challenge
Wichita Gladiator Dash
Wicked Mud Run
Wild Boar Challenge
Wild Rumpus Race
Wild Warrior Challenge
Wild West Mud Fest
Wild Woodlake Mudder
Wildcat Warrior Obstacle Challenge
Wilderness Survivor Games
Willow Warrior
Wilson Swamp Stomp
Windsor Marines Fun Mud Run
Winter Daze Craze
Winter Run or Obstalce Course
Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run
WOO WHO Urbanobstacle
Woodland Mud Run
World Famous Foam Run
WYLD Mud Run
X Warrior Challenge
XIP Bypass Mountain Climb
Xtreme Challenge Run
Xtreme Muck Ruck
Xtreme Mud Warrior
Xtreme Obstacle Challenge
Xtreme Obstacles
Yakima Valley
Yankee Lake Mud Monster
YMCA Adventure Warrior
YMCA Mississippi Mud Mania
Yorkshire Mud Run
Your First Mud Run
Yuba City Mud Run
Z Mud Run
Z Warrior Sprint
Zombie 5K
Zombie Apocalypse Run
Zombie Blood Run
Zombie Bolt
Zombie Challenge
Zombie Charge
Zombie Destruction Biathlon
Zombie Evacuation Race
Zombie Fun Run
Zombie Fun Run 4 Life
Zombie Insanity
Zombie Invasion Run
Zombie Mud Run
Zombie Mud Run Canada
Zombie Race LLC
Zombie Run
Zombie Run Running Scared
Zombie Rush
Zombie Survival Experience
Zombie Survivor
ZombieRush Netherlands
Zulu Challenge

List of all InActive Race Series & Organizers of Mud Runs, Obstacle Races, and Adventure Runs

It appears these events are no longer being held, if you have any questions, please contact the event directly.
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